Something shifted in me after my conversation with John Brotherton, owner of Brotherton’s Black Iron BBQ in Pflugerville, TX.

I reached out to him for this interview because we are Facebook friends, and I admired his almost-decade-long journey of sobriety.

I had recently hit rock bottom — AGAIN, and recommitted (or so I thought) to my sobriety.

But it wasn’t until after our conversation that I really CHOSE to live a sober life.

And what I mean by “choosing” is, really embracing it.

Owning it.

Releasing the resistance that it was “supposed” to be anything other than what it was.


You’ll hear John at 18:55 talk about when it shifted for him as a father.

His child, who was 6 at the time, impersonated him as a slurring, stumbling man.

Even though almost a decade has passed, John visibly got choked up talking about it.

It was moving to see a man who understands who he is, as he occurs to his children.

I had wrestled with various forms of addiction throughout my life as well, which includes a near-death experience 8 years ago that landed me in the ER.

I had cut back significantly on my alcohol consumption, but still drank socially, even though I knew deep down that consuming it at all was out of alignment with who I was.

Just a couple of weeks before speaking with John, I took my children to the movies for Father’s Day.

I told myself I “deserved a treat,” and let myself have a margarita for lunch beforehand.

My 12-year-old son remarked that he didn’t feel safe.

Mind you, we we were just on the other side of the parking lot of the movie theater, and if anything I had more of a sugar high than a buzz, but this was the moment I went back to in my mind when John mentioned how he was occurring to his son.

And as I time-traveled in this interview back to that point with my son, I was done.

And not just done, but HAPPY to be done.

And because I am happy to be done, I have given myself permission to enjoy so many other things.

And ironically, produce food + beer events that I actually look forward to.

And I get to WORK…with clarity, focus, and productivity.

Just like my guy John.

I hope you are as inspired by his journey as I was.

Maybe it’s your time to lay off the juice, maybe it’s not — “TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE,” and with or without substances, deep down I want you to party.

And either way, it is DEFINITELY time to pay him a visit, feed your face, and spread the love!

~~ Case Erickson (Founder, Producer)


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