Our First $10,000

Hi! I’m Case Erickson, and this is the first winner Eric Regan and me in 2013.

I am a former restauranteur and commercial real estate agent, and I originally created the event as a means to meet potential new clients/food truck owners who wanted to expand into a brick and mortar space (but the company/brand has since sprouted legs of its own).

My family and I moved to Austin in 2011, from the Washington, DC/northern Virginia area, and I was enthralled with the food truck scene here. I attended my first festival and was immediately confronted with my commitment issues.

Why did I have to pick just one food truck?

Why couldn’t I have just a little bit from each one?

Why, dear festival maker, must I have a full meal at a single vendor, and was there a, “Taste of the Food Trucks” event here?

Turns out there wasn’t, so I “threw it together” in what was a most memorable first year (check out my “Faith & Food Trucks” FB post if you like good stories).

Trucklandia began as a 6-day trailer food crawl under the name, Truck by Truckwest. The SXSW folks didn’t take too kindly to that, and at the same time it was kind of flattering, so we took a shot at getting the attention of the Portlandia people, and chose our new name in 2015 (still have yet to grab their attention though, so fingers crossed on that front).

My kids have a love/hate relationship with me when I take them/drag them to meet all my foodie clients. One day they’ll thank me.

And today, I thank YOU for supporting our great food truck community — PLEASE CONSIDER FOOD TRUCKS ALWAYS as a meal choice for yourself!

And to all our Austin vendors and supporters, we say cheers to our next $10,000!

~~ Case Erickson (and my angels)