📸: Veganuary U.K

I first learned about Veganuary from work I did with Rebel Cheese, a vegan cheese and wine shop that recently opened in Mueller. One of the owners is from the UK, where Veganuary originated.

It is simply a month-long experiment of going plant based, and discovering for yourself what effects eliminating animal products has on you.

This is a list of my favorite vegan options (as an almost meat-eater), so if you feel like taking the journey on, you won't miss a beat with any of these mouth-watering dishes.

Also, ATX Vegans has a great resource with their Austin Vegan Guide, but for brevity's sake, these are my top 8 spots followed by my top 2 dessert places.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and spread some plant love in 2020!

~ Case Erickson

📸: Bouldin Creek Cafe

If you haven't been to Bouldin Creek Cafe, are you even an Austinite? They're one of my favorite south Austin gems. You can go vegan with the tofu scramble on any of their breakfast tacos, and they also offer a host of vegan cheese options as well. AND they will be opening an adorable coffee trailer on South 1st soon!

📸: Case Erickson

Austin/Mueller newcomer Rebel Cheese is a vegan wine & deli that I consulted with for about a year before they opened. They specifically did not want to produce a "vegan-ish" tasting cheese, as many products out there do not taste like cheese at all. And let me tell you, many, MANY people can not tell the difference between their cheese and their dairy-based counterparts. My favorite menu items are the Flake & Bake (breakfast only), or the Bacon, Brie, Me. Definitely check them out!

📸: Case Erickson

OK, so *technically* Happea Vegans is based out of San Antonio, BUT they come to many events in Austin, and even won the, "Best Vegan Dish" $500 award at Trucklandia Fest, so I felt I could not leave them off the list. Plus, they have MASTERED vegan comfort food. Buffalo shrimp po-boy, what? YES. Worth the trip down south, or give them a follow to meet up with them next time they're in town!

📸: Case Erickson

ATX Food Co is a must-stop-in for Zilker/Barton Springs residents. They always ask me, "Do you feel nourished?" when I dine there. They put all of the love into their dishes, and it shows. From smoothies to salads to inventive wraps, they cater to gluten free as well as vegan. Their cacao drinks will warm you UP!

📸: Plow Burger

Catering to meat eaters, Plow Burger does it right. Using Beyond Meat for most of their selections, I honestly don't miss the beef in their burgers. They have three locations now as well to appease your plant-based noms no matter what part of town you find yourself in!

📸: Arlo's Curbside

Arlo's. Just Arlo's! Mac n cheese, tots, and all of the things. Are you as hungry as I am now? Just go!

📸: Case Erickson

The Vegan Nom has nailed fish tacos as well as queso. Seriously, all of the things, none of the guilt. You can't go wrong with those two items, or the al pastor.

📸: Case Erickson

Curcuma recently got picked up in Snap Kitchen, but they still have their trailer on the east side! Their staple is their Golden Mylk (which I always add coffee to). Their food is Ayurvedic, which is a fancy term which I am pretty sure means something healthy, because I always feel great after a meal there. So happy that I can grab items at Snap now too!

📸: Sweet Ritual

Sweet Ritual takes the cake (or is it ice cream) as far as vegan sweet treats are concerned. Their products are coconut or almond based as well, so they are super creamy, and you honestly won't miss the dairy. Even in January, they are a go-to to satisfy your sweet tooth that will inevitably be in withdrawal from the holidays.

📸: Case Erickson

You seriously haven't lived if you haven't had the "Bananakin Skywalker" from Milky Way Shakes, a vegan milkshake trailer outside of Spiderhouse Ballroom.

Chocolate ice cream blended with bourbon caramel, caramelized banana, and brown sugar crumbles, topped with glitter banana chips.

With a CBD caramel on the side too, clearly!

Since I was keeping to a list of 10, big hats off/honorable mentions to my other faves, Casa de Luz, Counter Culture, and Citizen Eatery!

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