60 Taste Of Egypt: A Guide To Authentic Egyptian Restaurant Names

Delving into the world of Egyptian cuisine, you might be thinking of opening your very own Egyptian restaurant. Egyptian food is known for its rich flavors, diverse ingredients, and dishes that embody Egyptian culture and history.

Egyptian Restaurant Names As you embark on this exciting journey, one of the first and most important steps is to choose the perfect name for your restaurant.

60 Egyptian Restaurant Names

When selecting a name for your Egyptian restaurant, it’s important to find one that’s unique and memorable. This helps your restaurant stand out from the rest, making it easier for customers to remember and recommend to their friends. With the right name, you can create a powerful brand identity that embodies the very best of Egyptian cuisine.

To inspire you in your search, here are a few name ideas: Masrawy Egyptian Kitchen, The Falafel Garden, and The Shakshuka Restaurant. Remember, your restaurant’s name is crucial in setting the tone for your guests, so choose wisely and let your passion for Egyptian cuisine shine through. Good luck on your restaurant-naming adventure!

History and Origin of Egyptian Cuisine

When diving into the rich flavors of Egyptian cuisine, you’ll quickly notice how it’s a melting pot of various Middle Eastern and Mediterranean culinary influences. This fantastic mixture is a result of thousands of years of culinary innovations and historical developments.

Egyptian cuisine traces its origins back to the ancient Egyptian era, where some dishes and ingredients, like molokhia, date back thousands of years. For the uninitiated, molokhia is a delicious soup made from jute or jews mallow plant and can be considered a royal treat to your taste buds.

Visiting an Egyptian restaurant, you’d come across the staple of Egyptian Bread, “Eish Baladi“, which perfectly complements many mouthwatering delights. Egyptian cuisine joyously embraces Middle Eastern elements like falafel, hummus, kebabs, and shawarma. It also offers delicious vegetarian options like the country’s national dish, Koshari.

When choosing an Egyptian restaurant name, look for one that reflects the colorful history, the wholesome goodness, and the delightful Middle Eastern elements that give the cuisine its signature charm. Think about blending ancient Egyptian influences, regional diversity, and the warm, friendly atmosphere that invites you to satiate your cravings for vibrant and delectable flavors.

Types of Egyptian Restaurant Names

Based on Arabic Cuisine

When you think about Egyptian restaurant names, you might immediately picture those offering Arabic restaurant names and delicious dishes from the region. Some popular ones include:

Yalla Kitchen: A welcoming and cozy place to enjoy Arabic dishes.
Hummus House: A go-to spot for healthy hummus and vegetarian options.
Saffron Aroma: Offering a delightful atmosphere for enjoying the subtle flavors of saffron-infused dishes.

Inspired by Middle Eastern Food

Middle Eastern cuisine has a unique blend of flavors and influences, so it’s no wonder many Egyptian restaurant names are inspired by Middle Eastern restaurant names. Here are a few examples:

The Arabian Taste: A place where you can enjoy a wide variety of Middle Eastern dishes.
Red Lion Restaurant: Known for its rich flavors and authentic atmosphere.
Saffron Palace: Step inside this palace to sample an array of exquisite Middle Eastern cuisine.

Derived from Egyptian Culture

Finally, many restaurant names are directly influenced by Egyptian culture, landmarks, and historical figures. Restaurants in this category represent the essence of Egyptian identity:

Nefertiti Restaurant: Named after the famous Egyptian queen, this restaurant offers a royal dining experience.
The House of Giza: This restaurant pays homage to the ancient pyramids, offering a cultural dining experience.
Cairo Bistro: A casual and contemporary spot, offering a taste of Egypt’s bustling capital city.

So, when you plan to visit or open an Egyptian restaurant, remember these naming suggestions to help you get inspired and convey the right atmosphere!

Finding the Perfect Egyptian Restaurant Name

Considering Your Location

When choosing an Egyptian restaurant name, consider the location where your restaurant will operate. Is it in a historic or cultural district, or perhaps in a busy urban area? Reflecting your restaurant’s location within the name can create a strong connection with your target audience. 

For instance, names like “Cairo Bistro” and “Nile Street Cafe” emphasize the Egyptian origin, while “Oasis of Temptations” and “The Lion of the Nile” create an exotic and intriguing atmosphere.

Incorporating Your Restaurant’s Personality

Your Egyptian restaurant name should also capture the essence of your restaurant’s personality. Think about the menu, atmosphere, and overall dining experience that you want to provide for your patrons. 

Are you offering a luxurious dining experience or a casual, family-friendly environment? Names such as “Nefertiti Restaurant” and “Sultan’s Table” evoke images of royalty and sophistication, while “Hummus House” and “Yalla Kitchen” suggest a more cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Choose a name that best represents the unique qualities of your restaurant.

Choosing a Unique Name

A unique name will help your Egyptian restaurant stand out from the crowd and be memorable to your customers. Avoid generic names that could easily apply to any Middle Eastern or Mediterranean restaurant. Instead, use creative combinations or distinctive Egyptian terms that highlight your restaurant’s uniqueness.

Some ideas for unique Egyptian restaurant names include:

1. Saffron Aroma
2. The House of Giza
3. Sabas Kitchen
4. Chef Omar’s Pharaoh’s Delight
5. Memories of Alexandria

Don’t forget to check for similar names in your area to avoid confusion or potential legal issues.

Remember, the perfect name is a blend of location, personality, and uniqueness. So take your time, gather ideas, ask for feedback, and soon you’ll have a fantastic name to represent your distinctive Egyptian restaurant.

Naming Trends in Egyptian and Middle Eastern Restaurants

When it comes to naming your Egyptian or Middle Eastern restaurant, you want to choose a name that captures the essence and spirit of the unique cuisine. As you brainstorm ideas, consider leaning into the rich cultural heritage of Levantine Arab cuisine or the exotic flavors of Moroccan cooking.

One trend becoming increasingly popular is using authentic and traditional Arabic names for your restaurant. This adds a touch of nostalgia and authenticity for customers seeking the real taste of Middle Eastern cuisine. 

For example, names like “Pita Express” or “Hummus Corner” can be a perfect representation of Levantine Arab cuisine. On the other hand, names like “Sultan Tagine” or “Fatima Gourmet” highlight the delicious offerings from Moroccan restaurant concepts.

For those wishing to capture the spirit of halal food, why not use names like “Halal Haven” or “The Halal Feast”? Emphasizing the halal aspect of your restaurant can entice customers who are specifically seeking out halal dining options.

If your restaurant concept is geared towards the fast-paced, on-the-go market, try names that reflect Middle Eastern fast food offerings. Names like “Shawarma Express”, “Kebab Delight”, or “Falafel Factory” will immediately signal what type of cuisine your restaurant provides in a fun, whimsical manner.

Arabian coffee shops can also be creative with names that celebrate the rich coffee culture found throughout the Middle East. Names like “Al Jaz Cafe” or “Arabian Beans” create a welcoming, friendly atmosphere where customers can unwind and enjoy a leisurely coffee.

So, as you name your Egyptian or Middle Eastern restaurant, make sure to showcase the culinary delights awaiting your customers. Play with traditional names, use Arabic or regional terms, and don’t be afraid to have a little fun! With your unique name and delicious food, your restaurant will become a go-to destination for those craving the rich, exotic flavors of Egyptian, Levantine, Moroccan, and other Middle Eastern cuisines.

60 Egyptian Restaurant Names

An Egyptian restaurant name should reflect the essence of Egyptian cuisine, history, and culture, captivating customers with the promise of a unique dining experience.

60 Egyptian Restaurant Names

1. Eat Like An Egyptian
2. King Tut’s Restaurant
3. Sofra Restaurant and Cafe
4. Al-Sahaby Lane Restaurant
5. The Pharaoh’s Cuisine
6. Welcome to Egypt
7. The Three Pyramids Bistro
8. The Amazing Egyptian
9. All You Can Eat in Egypt
10. The Egyptian Eats
11. The Kushari Experience
12. The Egyptian Socialite
13. A Taste of Cairo
14. Ful Medames Extraordinary Cuisine
15. The Egyptian Flavor Explosion
16. Basbousa Cafe and Restaurant
17. Hawawshi Street Bistro
18. The Feseekh Restaurant
19. Eish Baladi Cafe and Lounge
20. Alexandria’s Best Flavors
21. The Liver Bistro
22. The Ta’meya Bistro
23. Pearl of the Nile Restaurant
24. The Lantern Diner
25. Flavors of Egypt
26. The Complete Fatta
27. The Molokhia Cafe and Restaurant
28. Eggah Central
29. The Rice and Stew
30. Hummus House
31. Empire Nile
32. Taste of Luxor
33. Saffron Temple
34. Memories Of Giza
35. The Saffron Kingdom
36. The Lion of the Nile
37. Yalla Kitchen
38. Pomegranate Paradise
39. The Lion & Tower
40. Nefertiti Restaurant
41. The Golden Pita
42. Noor’s Oven
43. Oasis of Arabia
44. The House Of Giza
45. Saffron Palace
46. Kamelian Express
47. Sultan’s Table
48. La Luxe Egypte
49. The Arabian Taste
50. Red Lion Restaurant
51. Hummus Oasis
52. Sabas Kitchen
53. Crescent Gourmet
54. Restaurant Anubis
55. Oasis of Temptations
56. Chef Omar
57. The Red Falcon
58. Sultan Oasis
59. Saffron Aroma
60. Saffron Brothers


In your quest to find the perfect Egyptian restaurant name, remember that uniqueness is key. Consider names that capture the essence of Egyptian cuisine and culture, like the ones found at Kebdet El Prince and Salahadeen. You can also take inspiration from Arabian and Middle Eastern names, such as Saffron Palace or Babylon Deli.

1. Kebdet El Prince
2. Salahadeen
3. Saffron Palace
4. Babylon Deli

As you brainstorm ideas for your Egyptian restaurant name, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Combine your personal flair with cultural elements for a truly memorable name. Focus on creating a whimsical and friendly atmosphere that reflects the warm and inviting spirit of Traditional Egyptian cuisine.

So, have fun coming up with creative Egyptian restaurant names that will entice customers and leave a lasting impression!

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is the Egyptian restaurant name for creating an authentic dining experience?

The Egyptian restaurant name plays a vital role in creating an authentic dining experience for customers. It sets the tone and expectations for the cuisine, ambiance, and overall theme of the restaurant. A well-chosen name can transport diners to the enchanting world of Egypt, evoking a sense of culture and tradition that enhances their dining experience.

Should my Egyptian restaurant name incorporate Egyptian language or cultural references?

While it’s not necessary for your Egyptian restaurant name to incorporate Egyptian language or cultural references, doing so can add an authentic touch and resonate with customers seeking an immersive experience. Consider incorporating Egyptian words, symbols, or references to iconic landmarks, mythology, or historical figures to capture the essence of Egypt’s rich heritage.

How can I ensure that my Egyptian restaurant name stands out and appeals to a wide audience?

To ensure your Egyptian restaurant name stands out and appeals to a wide audience, strike a balance between authenticity and accessibility. While incorporating Egyptian elements is important, choose a name that is easy to pronounce, spell, and remember for non-Egyptian customers. 

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