777 Captivating Korean Restaurant Names To Spice Up Your Dining Experience

Korean food has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years, and you might be considering opening your own restaurant with modern and authentic Korean Restaurant Names.

Choosing a name for your new venture, however, can be quite the challenge! To help you out, we’ve gathered information and ideas from various sources, so you can find the perfect name for your Korean eatery.

65 Unique Korean Restaurant Names
48 Classic Korean Restaurant Names
47 Creative Korean Restaurant Names
219 Korean Restaurant Names
95 Cute Korean Restaurant Names
68 Funny Korean Restaurant Names
48 Region Inspired Korean Restaurant Names
50 Healthy Food Inspired Korean Restaurant Names
44 Vegan Diet Inspired Korean Restaurant Names
45 Catchy Korean Restaurant Names
48 Ingredient Inspired Korean Restaurant Names

First, it’s essential to reflect the essence of Korean cuisine and culture in your restaurant’s name. You can start by brainstorming words, phrases, or images that capture the flavors, dishes, and spirit of Korean food.

For inspiration, there are already some creative Korean restaurant names out there that you may want to consider.

Once you have a great list of ideas, remember to keep it brief, simple, and easy to pronounce. Additionally, make sure the name reflects a positive image of your Korean dining experience, which will eventually attract more customers to enjoy the culinary journey you offer.

Good luck with your search, and we hope you create a name that you and your customers will love!

Korean Restaurant Names and Their Popularity

Influence of Korean Cuisine on Restaurant Names

Korean cuisine is gaining popularity, and so are Korean restaurant names. You might have noticed unique, catchy names inspired by the beloved dishes and ingredients of Korea. This creativity has made an impact in the food industry.

One major influence on Korean restaurant names is the celebration of iconic dishes.

For example, Bulgogi is a well-loved dish, and you’ll see it included in many restaurant names like “The Bulgogi Restaurant” and “RJ’s Korean Bowl-Gogi.” Such names attract fans who crave the delicious taste of this marinated, grilled meat.

Another popular dish is Kimchi, a staple in Korean cuisine. Restaurants might use this as inspiration, like “Fresh Kimchi” or “Korean Kimchi Business.” Including popular dishes in the name shows that they specialize in delivering authentic Korean flavors.

Korean restaurant names also pay homage to Korean culture and locations.

Names like “Heart and Seoul BBQ” and “Seoul Food” showcase the vibrant capital of South Korea. These names resonate with customers who are looking for a true Korean dining experience.

In summary, Korean restaurant names are influenced by the cuisine itself, iconic dishes, and Korean culture.

These unique and creative names contribute to the growing popularity of Korean restaurants. With such enticing names, it’s no wonder many people continue to explore Korean food and its delightful flavors!

65 Unique Korean Restaurant Names

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Korean Restaurant Names

1. Arirang BBQ
2. Beoseot Bistro
3. Chogajib
4. Doenjang Darling
5. Eodum Korean BBQ
6. Gochujang Grill
7. Hanok Kitchen
8. Jeju Island Eats
9. K-Pop Kitchen
10. Korean Cafe & Bar
11. Korean Comfort Kitchen
12. Korean Dreams
13. Korean Garden Grill
14. Korean Grill House
15. Korean Home Cooking
16. Korean Kitchen Express
17. Korean Mom’s Kitchen
18. Korean Soul Food
19. Korean Spicy House
20. Korean Table
21. Korean Tasting Room
22. K-Pot Korean Hot Pot
23. Maangchi’s Kitchen
24. Mandu Mavens
25. Mokja Korean Eatery
26. Myeongdong Street Food
27. Namu Korean BBQ
28. Ondal’s Secret Garden
29. Palace BBQ Buffet
30. Poom Seoul
31. Seoulmates Korean BBQ
32. Seoulful Kitchen
33. Shikdang Korean Comfort Food
34. Soban Korean Cuisine
35. Soseongri Korean Restaurant
36. Ssam Korean BBQ
37. Sun’s Korean BBQ
38. Taegukgi Korean BBQ
39. The Jip Korean Comfort Food
40. The Kimchi House
41. The Korean Pantry
42. The Namu Garden
43. The Seoul House
44. The Seoul Kitchen
45. The Seoul Spot
46. The Tasty Bowl Korean Food
47. The Yori Korean Kitchen
48. Tiger Den Korean BBQ
49. Yogi’s Kitchen
50. Yori Korean Dining
51. Yummy Yori
52. Zen Kimchi Garden
53. Ziggy’s Korean Kitchen
54. Zzang! Korean Kitchen
55. Korean BBQ Express
56. Korean Fusion Bistro
57. Myung Ga Won
58. Manna Korean Cuisine
59. Mokshae Korean BBQ
60. Oseyo Korean BBQ
61. Seoul Garden Korean BBQ
62. Seoul Spice
63. So Gong Dong Tofu & BBQ
64. Korean Mom’s Kitchenette
65. Korean BBQ Go! Go! Go!

Creating the Perfect Korean Restaurant Name

Incorporating Korean Food Elements

When choosing a name for your Korean restaurant, consider incorporating elements of traditional Korean food. This can help customers instantly recognize what your business is all about. 

For example, adding words like “Kimchi”, “Bulgogi”, or “Samgyeopsal” to your restaurant’s name can help convey the type of cuisine you serve. Think about popular Korean dishes or ingredients that evoke a sense of familiarity and authenticity.

Adjectives and Name Ideas

Using adjectives or descriptive phrases can also make your Korean restaurant name more unique and memorable. For instance, you could use words like “Spicy”, “Sizzling”, or “Savory” to enhance your restaurant’s appeal. 

Additionally, you may consider integrating cultural aspects or trendy ideas such as “Kpop” or “Seoul” into your name. Check out this list of Korean restaurant names ideas for inspiration.

Importance of Brand Identity and Personality

Creating a strong brand identity and personality is essential for any business, including Korean restaurants.

Your restaurant name should reflect your brand’s values, ambiance, and target audience. In order to create a cohesive and memorable brand, think about the overall experience you want to provide to your customers. 

A strong brand identity can help you stand out in a competitive market and ultimately attract a loyal customer base.

Remember, when selecting the perfect name for your Korean restaurant, think about incorporating traditional food elements, using catchy adjectives and phrases, and focusing on your brand identity and personality. Happy naming!

48 Classic Korean Restaurant Names

Step into the house and be transported to the heart of Korea, where classic dishes are crafted with authentic flavors.


1. Arirang Korean Restaurant
2. Baekjeong Korean BBQ
3. Bok Chicken Korean Restaurant
4. Bulgogi Brothers Korean Restaurant
5. Cho Sun Ok Korean Restaurant
6. Dae Jang Geum Korean Restaurant
7. Dong Seoul Korean Restaurant
8. Gangnam Korean Restaurant
9. Gogung Korean Restaurant
10. Guksu Korean Restaurant
11. Heukdonga Korean Restaurant
12. Hwa Kyung Korean Restaurant
13. Ilmi Korean Restaurant
14. Jeonju Korean Restaurant
15. Jungsik Korean Restaurant
16. Kko Kko Nara Korean Chicken Restaurant
17. Koryo Korean Restaurant
18. Kyochon Korean Fried Chicken
19. Myeongdong Kyoja Korean Restaurant
20. Namdaemun Market Korean Restaurant
21. Oh! K-Dog Korean Restaurant
22. Palsaik Korean BBQ
23. Poom Korean Restaurant
24. Sariwon Korean Restaurant
25. Seorae Korean Restaurant
26. Seoul Garden Korean Restaurant
27. Songdo Korean Restaurant
28. Suji’s Korean Cuisine
29. Tae-Heung Korean Restaurant
30. Tosokchon Korean Restaurant
31. Wangbijib Korean BBQ
32. Wonjo Halmeoni Kalguksu Korean Restaurant
33. Yookssam Naengmyeon Korean Restaurant
34. Yuk Dae Jang Korean Restaurant
35. Soban Korean Restaurant
36. Hongik Sutbul Korean Restaurant
37. Goryeo Samgyetang Korean Restaurant
38. Haeundae Galbi Korean BBQ
39. Jirisan Korean Restaurant
40. Saebyukjib Korean Restaurant
41. Sosim Korean Restaurant
42. Wangsungeopsang Korean BBQ
43. Yetchon Korean Restaurant
44. Changchungdong Korean BBQ
45. Kyungridan Korean Restaurant
46. Kkakdugi Korean Restaurant
47. Mapo Jeong Daepo Korean Restaurant
48. Myeongdong Sundubu Korean Restaurant

Famous Korean Restaurant Names

International Examples

When naming your Korean restaurant, you may draw inspiration from popular Korean restaurants worldwide.

For instance, Jungsik , located in New York City, boasts a Michelin star and a modern approach to traditional dishes. There’s also the delightful Girin Korean Ssam Bar , where you can savor contemporary Korean cuisine in a casual atmosphere.

In Korea

In South Korea, some well-known restaurants have garnered attention both for their delicious food and unique names. Song Jook Heon carries a distinct flair, while Yong Su San showcases the art of Korean royal court cuisine. 

A creative twist like Si Wha Dam can showcase the beauty of the Korean food business. These names can spark new ideas for your own Korean restaurant endeavor! Remember, you can lean into the creative side and let whimsy guide your choices.

47 Creative Korean Restaurant Names

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Creative Korean Restaurant Names

1. BapStory
2. BonBon Korean Kitchen
3. Chopsticks & Kimchi
4. Dine & Dash Korean Kitchen
5. Gochu House
6. Hanguk Kitchen
7. JinJoo Korean Kitchen
8. K-Mex Kitchen
9. Korilla BBQ
10. Kung Fu Kitchen
11. Madam Kim’s Korean Kitchen
12. Mokomandy Korean Kitchen
13. Namsan Kitchen
14. Oishii Korean Kitchen
15. On & On Korean Kitchen
16. Seoul Fusion Kitchen
17. Seoul Train Korean Kitchen
18. Soju Story
19. Tofu House Korean Kitchen
20. Yellow Tree Korean Kitchen
21. Zenbap Korean Kitchen
22. Arisu Korean Kitchen
23. Bap & Beyond
24. BibimBop House
25. Bulgogi Hut
26. Chef’s Table Korean Kitchen
27. DaeBak Korean Kitchen
28. E-Kitchen
29. Flower Pig Korean Kitchen
30. HaeJangGuk Korean Kitchen
31. Jjigae House
32. Kimchi Nation
33. Kooksoondang Korean Kitchen
34. Little Korea Kitchen
35. MiMi Korean Kitchen
36. Noodle Tree Korean Kitchen
37. Onggi Korean Kitchen
38. Pig & Khao Korean Kitchen
39. Ssamjang Korean Kitchen
40. The Bulgogi Box
41. Waegook Kitchen
42. YongSuSan Korean Kitchen
43. Banchan Story
44. Cho’s Kitchen
45. Gangjung Kitchen
46. Guksu Story
47. Jumak & Co.

Korean Restaurant Names and Copyright

When you’re naming your Korean restaurant, it’s essential to consider the issue of copyright.

Creative and unique names can help your restaurant stand out, but you also need to ensure that you’re not infringing on anyone’s intellectual property rights.

Before finalizing your restaurant name, do thorough research to avoid potential copyright issues. Checking online databases, like the U.S. Copyright Office , can help make sure your desired name is not already registered.

Keep in mind that copyright protection doesn’t cover ideas—the protection is limited to the expression of ideas in a tangible form. So, it’s unlikely that a seemingly generic or descriptive restaurant name would be subject to copyright.

However, in the restaurant industry, trademarks play a significant role. A name can be protected by a trademark if it’s associated with a specific product or service.

Make sure to search for trademarks that could conflict with your Korean restaurant name through the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

In the end, finding the perfect name for your Korean restaurant is a creative and exciting process.

Just make sure to protect your business by doing your due diligence on copyright and trademark issues to avoid any unexpected surprises. Happy naming!

219 Korean Restaurant Names

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1. Kogi Korean BBQ
2. Seoul Garden
3. Bibigo
4. Jinjuu
5. Haeundae Kitchen
6. Mandu
7. Myeongdong Kyoja
8. Bap & Chicken
9. Gaonnuri
10 Hanjan
11. Sobahn
12. Danji
13. Gogijip
14. Baekjeong
15. Bonchon
16. Jungsik
17. Oiji
18. Jipbob
19. Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong
20. Kunjip
21. Arang
22. Arisu
23. Bann
24. Bistro Korea
25. Bulgogi Brothers
26. Busan Galbi
27. Cho Sun Ok
28. Chosun Galbi
29 Chumon
30. Coreanos
31. Dak & Bop
32. Doma
33. E-mo
34. Eonju Korean BBQ
35. Gam Mi Ok
36. Gochujang
37. Golden Pouch
38. Gukbab
39. Gwang Yang BBQ
40. Han Bat Sul Lung Tang
41. Han Cook In
42. Han Il Kwan
43. Hanjip
44. Haru Ulala
45. Hodo Kwaja
46. Hwanggane Food
47. Insadong Korean BBQ
48. Jang Su Jang
49. Jang Teo Bossam
50. Jongro BBQ
51. Ju Shin Jung
52. Kabooki Sushi
53. Kang Suh
54. Kaya Korean Restaurant
55. Keum Sung Food
56. Kkakdugi
57. Koam
58. Kobawoo House
59. Koko Korean BBQ
60. Korea House
61. Korean Kitchen Hibiscus
62. Korean Palace Restaurant
63. Korean Tofu House
64. Koryo Kalbi Korean BBQ
65. K-Pub BBQ
66. K-Town BBQ
67. Kun Jip
68. L’Azia
69. Madangsui
70. Man Bok Korean BBQ
71. Mapo Korean BBQ
72. Maru
73. Miga Korean BBQ
74. Mirak
75. Miss Korea BBQ
76. Moo BBQ
77. Myung Dong Kyoja
78. Nam Kang
79. Ne Ne Chicken
80. Ondal 2
81. Park’s BBQ
82. Pei Wei Asian Diner
83. Pho 79
84. Pocha 32
85. Pojangmacha
86. Seoul Korean BBQ & Sushi
87. Seorabol Korean Restaurant
88. Shilla Korean BBQ
89. Shin Jung Korean BBQ
90. Shinsun House
91. Sik Gaek
92. Siroo
93. Soot Bull Jeep
94. Ssyal
95. Sura Korean Cuisine
96. Surisan
97. Tofu House
98. Tonkatsu by Ma Maison
99. Tosokchon Samgyetang
100. Umami Shabu Shabu
101. Vatos Urban Tacos
102. Won Jo Kokerang Agurang
103. Yakitori Totto
104. Yangji Gamjatang
105. Yang San Bak Korean BBQ
106. Yoo’s Family
107. Yong Su San
108. Yongsusan
109. Yoocheon Korean Rice Porridge
110. Yuchun Korean Cuisine
111. Yu Chun Chic Naeng Myun
112. Zen Korean BBQ
113. Zzamong
114. Cote Korean Steakhouse
115. Dduk Fusion
116. Doo Roo Ae
117. Gohyang Sushi & Korean Food
118. Hansol Noodle
119. Hanwoori Korean Restaurant
120. Song Song’s Zhouzi
121. Arang & Co.
122. Arirang Korean BBQ
123. Artisan Katsu
124. Bap Story
125. Bebe Fusion
126. Bistro Hatz
127. Bonchon Chicken
128. Bossam & Rice
129. Bull Pan Korean BBQ
130. Butcher’s Cut
131. Cacaotea Cafe
132. Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory
133. Cho Sun Hwa Korean BBQ
134. Cho Won Garden
135. Chongro Dakgalbi
136. Chuncheon Dakgalbi
137. Cloud Kitchen
138. Come On Restaurant
139. Commissary Korean Kitchen
140. Craving Korean BBQ
141. Dak Korean Fried Chicken
142. Dan Sung Sa
143. Dong Il Jang
144. Duck and Buvette
145. E-DO Fusion
146. E-Mo Korean BBQ
147. East Village Lighthouse
148. EJJI Ramen
149. Empress Korean BBQ
150. Encounter Korean BBQ
151. Eunju Korean Restaurant
152. Flushing Food Court
153. Gangnam Asian BBQ Dining
154. Genwa Korean BBQ
155. Gogi Street
156. Golden BBQ
157. Gopchang Story
158. Goraebul Korean Seafood
159. Gourmet Katsu
160. Gumi Korean BBQ
161. Hahm Ji Bach
162. Han River Korean BBQ
163. Hanami Japanese & Korean Restaurant
164. Hangawi
165. Hea Korean BBQ
166. Hei Hei Chicken
167. Hello Chicken
168. Ho Ho Korean BBQ
169. Hoban Korean BBQ
170. Hong Kong Banjum 0410
171. Hometown Korean BBQ
172. Honey Pig Korean BBQ
173. House of Dumplings
174 Howlin’ Chicken
175. Hwa Ga Korean BBQ
176. Hwa Ro Korean Kitchen
177. Hwaro Korean Steak House & Raw Bar
178. Hyo Dong Gak
179. I Am Korean BBQ
180. Il Mi Restaurant
181. Insadong Korean BBQ & Sushi
182. Jang Soo BBQ
183. Jangteo
184. JeJu Noodle Bar
185. Jibek Jibek
186. Jino’s Pars
187. Jjan Korean BBQ
188. Joong Boo Market
189. Juicy Spot Cafe
190. Kalbi House
191. Kaya Sushi & Korean BBQ
192. Keun Ju Kimbap
193. Kimganae Korean BBQ
194. Kojima Sushi
195. Koko’s Korean BBQ
196. Kokoro Ramen
197. KOKO’s Sushi Bar & Lounge
198. Kookminhakgyo
199. Koryodang Bakery
200. K-Town Korean BBQ
201. Kunjip Korean Restaurant
202. Kyochon Chicken
204. Leann’s Cafe
205. Little Alley
206. Little Dokebi
207. Love Letter Pizza & Chicken
208. Mad for Chicken
209 Manjoo Korean Restaurant
210. Mapo Tofu
211. Matsu Sushi
212. Mokja
213. Morning Calm Korean Restaurant
214. Mr. BBQ
215. Muk Eun Ji
216. Myung Ga Tofu & BBQ House
217. Namwon Korean BBQ
218. Noodle Village
219. Nuri’s Kitchen

95 Cute Korean Restaurant Names

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 Cute Korean Restaurant Names

1. A+ Korean Kitchen
2. Abap Korean Street Food
3. Ai’s Kitchen
4. Alchon Korean Comfort Food
5. Bean Sprouts
6. Bear Cheese Korean BBQ
7. Bibi’s Korean Kitchen
8. Bing Soo Cafe
9. Boriya Korean Kitchen
10. Bum’s Korean Chicken & Waffles
11. Butterbean Korean Fried Chicken
12. Canele
13. Chajang Boy
14. Charim Korean Restaurant
15. Chingu Korean Kitchen
16. Chirp Chirp Korean Chicken
17. Chirping Chicken
18. Cho Sun Galbee
19. Chomp Chomp Korean BBQ
20. Coco Puffs Bakery
21. Cocobang Korean Fusion
22. Comal Korean Kitchen
23. Daebak Korean BBQ
24. Ddukbokki Korean Street Food
25. Dong Bang Grill
26. Dumpling Monster
27. Eats on Main
28. Eggloo
29. Endless Korean BBQ
30. Eonju Korean Kitchen
31. Evergreen Korean BBQ
32. Fat Pig Korean BBQ
33. Fire Chicken Korean BBQ
34. Fluffy Dreams Cafe
35. Gaja Korean Kitchen
36. Golden Pig Korean BBQ
37. Good Bowl
38. Granny’s Korean Kitchen
39. Gyeongbokgung Palace Korean BBQ
40. Happy Day Cafe
41. Hello Sushi
42. Hohyeon Myeongga Korean Restaurant
43. Honey’s Kitchen
44. Hooni’s Kitchen
45. Hungry Bunny Korean BBQ
46. Jangchungdong Soondae
47. Jib Bop Korean Kitchen
48. Joomak Korean Restaurant
49. Juk Story
50. Kalguksu Story
51. Kimbap Paradise
52. Kimchi Kafe
53. King of the Sea Korean BBQ
54. Kkotjib
55. Kogii Korean BBQ
56. Koi Sushi & Korean BBQ
57. Kook Soondang Bakery
58. KooZi Chicken
59. K-Pop Cafe
60. Ktown Food Gallery
61. Lighthouse Korean Restaurant
62. Little Korean Kitchen
63. Little Tokyo Korean BBQ
64. Love Potion Cafe
65. Mabukuh Korean Cuisine
66. Maehyang Korean Restaurant
67. Mama J’s Kitchen
68. Manchurian Legend Korean BBQ
69. Meat the Korean BBQ
70. Mokbar
71. Mr. Bulgogi Korean BBQ
72. Mr. Kimchi Korean BBQ
73. Myeong Ga Tofu & BBQ House
74. Nana’s Green Tea Cafe
75. Nene Chicken
76. Oh My Gogi!
77. Onggi Jib Korean Restaurant
78. Onion Cafe
79. Oppa’s Kitchen
80. Oseyo Korean Kitchen
81. Oyster Chicken
82. Pojangmacha Korean Street Food
83. Potato Corner
84. Prince Street Pizza & Korean Fried Chicken
85. Rame Nagi
86. Rice Kitchen
87. Rockin’ Wings Korean BBQ
88. Seoul Cafe
89. Seoul Station Korean BBQ
90. So Gong Dong Tofu House
91. Soy House
92. Spring Shabu-Shabu Korean BBQ
93. Sun Nong Dan
94. Sweet Cup Cafe
95. Tea-Rex Cafe

68 Funny Korean Restaurant Names

Laugh your way through a delicious meal at your kitchen, where the flavors are as bold as the jokes.

Funny Korean Restaurant Names

1. A-yo Korean Tacos
2. Banchan Baby
3. Bibimbapocalypse
4. Bok Bok Chicken
5. Bulgogi Boys
6. Chop Chop Korean BBQ
7. Chum Churum Chicken
8. Dak Galbi Gang
9. Dong Chim Korean BBQ
10. Dumpling Gang
11. Gangnam BBQ Style
12. Gimbap Got Back
13. Grillenium Falcon
14. Ha Ha Korean BBQ
15. Hangry Chicken
16. Happy Bibimbap
17. Holy Mackerel Korean BBQ
18. Hotteok Pockets
19. I’m Soy Hungry
20. It’s Raining Kimchi
21. Kimchi & Chill
22. Kimchi Chronicles
23. Kimchi Gone Wild
24. Kimchi Me Up
25. Kimchi-licious
26. Kimchilada
27. Kimchilogy
28. K-Popcorn Chicken
29. K-Town Fried Chicken
30. Lechon Korean BBQ
31. Let’s Bap
32. Makgeolli Mamas
33. Miso Hungry
34. Mmm Yum Yum Korean BBQ
35. Mr. Bibimbap
36. Noodle Nerd
37. Not Your Mama’s Korean BBQ
38. Oppa Gangnam Style BBQ
39. Pajeon Party
40. Pickle Me Kimchi
41. Psy’s Korean BBQ
42. Rice Rice Baby
43. Seoul Delicious
44. Seoul Sista’s Korean BBQ
45. Seoul Train BBQ
46. Shabu Shabu-Doo!
47. Shin Ramyun Noodle House
48. Slap Yo Mama Korean BBQ
49. Soju Crew
50. Soy Diva
51. Ssam What?!
52. Sumo Korean BBQ
53. Sweet and Sour Korean BBQ
54. Takoyaki Takedown
55. The Dumpling King
56. The Kimchi Hut
57. The K-Town Krew
58. The Tofu Ninja
59. Tuk Tuk Korean BBQ
60. Urban BBQ Co.
61. Wok and Roll Korean BBQ
62. Wok This Way
63. Yakitori Yak
64. Yakiya Korean BBQ
65. Yum Yum Kimchi
66. Zen Kimchi
67. Zen Yum Yum Korean BBQ
68. Zzang! Korean BBQ

48 Region Inspired Korean Restaurant Names

Embark on a culinary journey to the coastal city where we serve up fresh seafood and regional specialties.

Region Inspired Korean Restaurant

1. Busan BBQ House
2. Daegu Delights
3. Gangwon Galbi Grill
4. Gyeonggi Gourmet
5. Incheon Kitchen
6. Jeju Island Kitchen
7. Jeolla Jjigae
8. Gwangju Garden Grill
9. Gyeongsangnam-do Deli
10. Andong Jjimdak House
11. Chungcheongnam-do Kitchen
12. Gyeongsangbuk-do Grill
13. Jeonju Jip
14. Mokpo Kitchen
15. Pusan Perfection
16. Seoul BBQ House
17. Suwon BBQ Grill
18. Yangpyeong Yummy House
19. Yeosu Yori
20. Jeju Island Seafood Grill
21. Gyeongsang-do Dining
22. Chuncheon Kitchen
23. Gangneung Grill
24. Gyeongju Gourmet
25. Sejong Spicy Kitchen
26. Suncheon Soul Food
27. Ulsan Utopia
28. Wonju Wok
29. Daejeon Dining
30. Gochang Grille
31. Mungyeong Munchies
32. Pyeongtaek Palace
33. Sancheong Sizzle
34. Cheonan Comfort Kitchen
35. Namwon Noodles
36. Pohang Pantry
37. Sangju Satisfy
38. Tongyeong Taste
39. Yeongju Yum
40. Ganghwa Gourmet
41. Gimpo Grill
42. Haeundae House
43. Hampyeong Heaven
44. Icheon Irie
45. Jinju Joy
46. Naju Nibbles
47. Seogwipo Seafood
48. Wando Wok

50 Healthy Food Inspired Korean Restaurant Names

Savor the goodness of Korean cuisine without compromising on health where fresh ingredients and balanced flavors are our focus.

 Healthy Food

1. BibimBap Bowl
2. Chogaejang Cuisine
3. Doenjang Delight
4. Gimbap Goodness
5. Japchae Joint
6. Korean Quinoa Cafe
7. Mung Bean Mansion
8. Namul Nourish
9. Seaweed Savvy
10. Tofu Temple
11. Veggie Village
12. Wild Mushroom Way
13. Zen Bowl Korean Kitchen
14. Kimchi Krunch
15. Gochujang Garden
16. Bibimbowlery
17. Grilled Tofu Terrace
18. Green Tea Garden Grill
19. Healthy Habits Korean Kitchen
20. Healthy Koreana
21. Hearty Greens Grill
22. Nutritious Namul
23. Sauteed Spinach Spot
24. Soba Seoul
25. Superfood Spot
26. The Healthful Korean Kitchen
27. Whole Grain House
28. Yellow Squash Shack
29. Zen Garden Grill
30. Zen Kitchen Korean Cuisine
31. Healthy Bap Bowl
32. Healthy Kitchen Korean BBQ
33. Healthy Plate Korean Food
34. Healthy Vegetarian Korean Cuisine
35. Koreatown Health Kitchen
36. Nourishing Noodle House
37. Organic Korean Kitchen
38. Power Protein Palace
39. Seoul Garden Health Food
40. Seoul Salad Spot
41. The Healthy Korean Spot
42. The Korean Green Kitchen
43. The Nutritious Korean Kitchen
44. The Veggie Patch Korean Kitchen
45. Vitality Vegan Kitchen
46. Green Grill Korean BBQ
47. Healthy Korean BBQ House
48. Healthy Korean Kitchenette
49. Healthy Korean Sushi House
50 Healthy Korean Tofu House

44 Vegan Diet Inspired Korean Restaurant Names

Discover the beauty of plant-based Korean cuisine at Kitchen, where we create flavorful and satisfying vegan dishes.

 Vegan Diet Inspired Korean Restaurant

1. Banchan Bliss
2. Bean Sprout Bistro
3. Gimbap Garden
4. Kimchi Kingdom Vegan Kitchen
5. Lotus Leaf Korean Kitchen
6. Namul Nibbles
7. Seaweed Sanctuary
8. Vegan Bibimbap Bowl
9. Vegan Kimchi Kitchen
10. Vegan Korean Kitchenette
11. Vegan Namul Nourish
12. Vegan Tofu Terrace
13. Veggie Village Korean Kitchen
14. Wild Mushroom Way Vegan Kitchen
15. Zen Bowl Korean Vegan Kitchen
16. Buddha Bowl Korean Kitchen
17. Vegan Gochujang Garden
18. Grilled Tofu Terrace Vegan Kitchen
19. Healthy Habits Vegan Kitchen
20. Healthy Koreana Vegan Kitchen
21. Hearty Greens Vegan Kitchen
22. Nutritious Namul Vegan Kitchen
23. Organic Korean Vegan Kitchen
24. Power Protein Vegan Palace
25. Seoul Salad Spot Vegan Kitchen
26. The Healthy Korean Spot Vegan Kitchen
27. The Korean Green Vegan Kitchen
28. The Nutritious Korean Vegan Kitchen
29. The Vegan Korean Spot
30. The Veggie Patch Vegan Kitchen
31. Vegan Korean BBQ House
32. Vegan Korean Sushi House
33. Vegan Korean Tofu House
34. Vegan Plate Korean Food
35. Vegan Vegetarian Korean Cuisine
36. Koreatown Vegan Kitchen
37. Nourishing Noodle House Vegan Kitchen
38. Superfood Spot Vegan Kitchen
39. Whole Grain House Vegan Kitchen
40. Yellow Squash Shack Vegan Kitchen
41. Zen Garden Vegan Kitchen
42. Zen Kitchen Korean Vegan Cuisine
43. Vegan Bap Bowl
44. Vegan Kitchen Korean BBQ

45 Catchy Korean Restaurant Names

Join the buzz where the flavors of Korea come alive in a vibrant and exciting atmosphere.

Catchy Korean Restaurant Names

1. BibimBites
2. BokBok Korean Kitchen
3. Bulsae Korean BBQ
4. Chingu’s Korean Kitchen
5. Dumpling Haus
6. Gogi Brothers Korean BBQ
7. Hana Korean Eatery
8. Jumak Korean Tavern
9. Kimbap Cafe
10. K-Town Kitchen
11. Mad for Mandu
12. Oh! My Gogi
13. Seoul Food
14. Sizzle Korean BBQ
15. Sticky Rice Korean Kitchen
16. Takorea Korean BBQ
17. The Kimchi Spot
18. Umami Bowl Korean Kitchen
19. Woori Korean Kitchen
20. Bowl & Bap Korean Kitchen
21. Crave Korean BBQ
22. East Meets West Korean Kitchen
23. Flavor Fusion Korean Kitchen
24. Happy Bibimbap House
25. Hwaroro Korean BBQ
26. Jjigae Jjigae
27. Kimchi & Noodles
28. Krazy Korean Kitchen
29. Nara Korean Kitchen
30. Noodle Nara Korean Kitchen
31. Seoulful Korean Kitchen
32. Sip & Bite Korean Kitchen
33. Smokin’ Seoul Korean BBQ
34. Spicy Seoul Kitchen
35. Sumo Korean Kitchen
36. Tofu Tofu Korean Kitchen
37. Twisted Korean Kitchen
38. Wok & Roll Korean Kitchen
39. Zen Korean Kitchen
40. Banchan Bistro
41. Bonchon Korean Kitchen
42. Crunchy Rice Korean Kitchen
43. Dragon Bowl Korean Kitchen
44. Galbi Grill Korean BBQ
45. Hot Stone Korean Kitchen

48 Ingredient Inspired Korean Restaurant Names

Indulge in the spicy goodness of Korean chili peppers where every dish is infused with the fiery flavor.


1. Bulgogi House
2. Dolsot Bap Korean Kitchen
3. Gochujang Korean Kitchen
4. Jjajangmyeon Korean Kitchen
5. Japchae House
6. Kalbi Korean Kitchen
7. Kimchi Garden
8. Kongnamul Korean Kitchen
9. Mandu Korean Kitchen
10. Meokja Meokja Korean Kitchen
11. Naengmyeon Korean Kitchen
12. Patbingsu Korean Kitchen
13. Samgyetang Korean Kitchen
14. Soondubu Korean Kitchen
15. Tteokbokki Korean Kitchen
16. Dakgalbi Korean Kitchen
17. Haemul Pajeon Korean Kitchen
18. Jeyuk Bokkeum Korean Kitchen
19. Kkakdugi Korean Kitchen
20. Mul Naengmyeon Korean Kitchen
21. Nakji Bokkeum Korean Kitchen
22. Ojingeo Bokkeum Korean Kitchen
23. Sundae Korean Kitchen
24. Yukgaejang Korean Kitchen
25. Bibim Naengmyeon Korean Kitchen
26. Dubu Kimchi Korean Kitchen
27. Galbitang Korean Kitchen
28. Haemul Tang Korean Kitchen
29. Jeonbokjuk Korean Kitchen
30. Kalguksu Korean Kitchen
31. Mul Kimchi Korean Kitchen
32. Nakji Jeongol Korean Kitchen
33. Oi Naengguk Korean Kitchen
34. Saengseon Gui Korean Kitchen
35. Yubuchobap Korean Kitchen
36. Chogochujang Korean Kitchen
37. Gyeran Jjim Korean Kitchen
38. Japchae Brothers
39. Mandu Master
40. Oi Muchim Korean Kitchen
41. Ssambap Korean Kitchen
42. Tteokbokki Town
43. Yachae Juk Korean Kitchen
44. Daegu Tang Korean Kitchen
45. Gochu Pajeon Korean Kitchen
46. Jokbal Korean Kitchen
47. Kimchi House
48. Mul Mandu Korean Kitchen


In the end, selecting the perfect name for your Korean restaurant is an exciting journey.

A creative and memorable name, such as Seoul Vibes Bistro or Jinju Hoegwan, not only reflects the essence of your restaurant but also leaves a lasting impression on customers.

To make your restaurant stand out, consider incorporating aspects of Korean culture and cuisine into your name.

For example, using words like “kimchi,” “bibimbap,” and “bulgogi” can showcase the uniqueness and authenticity of your menu. As you brainstorm names, make sure they resonate with your target audience and convey a sense of warmth, and connection.

Remember that your restaurant’s name is an extension of your brand, so make sure it is captivating, easy to pronounce, and reflective of the experience you want to create for your guests.

Ultimately, a well-chosen name will set the tone for your Korean restaurant and help you attract a loyal following of food lovers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I come up with a unique name for my Korean restaurant?

Consider incorporating Korean cultural elements, regional references, or ingredients in your restaurant name to make it stand out and reflect the essence of Korean cuisine.

Should my Korean restaurant name be in Korean or English?

It depends on your target audience and the overall theme of your restaurant. Using Korean words can add an authentic touch, while English names may be more accessible to a broader range of customers.

How can I make my Korean restaurant name memorable and catchy?

Use alliteration, rhymes, or wordplay to create a memorable and catchy restaurant name. Incorporating vibrant imagery or evoking emotions associated with Korean cuisine can also leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

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