1105 Seafood Restaurant Names: A Guide To Choosing The Perfect One

Choosing the perfect name for your seafood restaurant is essential to reflect the essence of the dining experience you aim to offer. With a well-thought-out name, you’ll be able to attract diners seeking a scrumptious seafood feast in an inviting atmosphere.

As you brainstorm, consider names that evoke images of fresh catches from the sea and cozy waterfront dining.

To make your search easier, take a look at the names of some of the highest-rated seafood restaurants to inspire you. Alternatively, explore the unique seafood restaurant name ideas up for grabs.

Remember, you want your restaurant name to resonate with patrons and stand out in the competitive market. So, dive into your creative side and let the nautical-themed names set the sail for your seafood restaurant’s success.

50 Fusion Cuisine Seafood Restaurant Names
55 Memorable Seafood Restaurant Names
218 Seafood Restaurant Names
87 Creative Seafood Restaurant Names
49 Funny Seafood Restaurant Names
37 Unique Seafood Restaurant Names
61 Fancy Seafood Restaurant Names
21 Trendy Seafood Restaurant Names
89 Vegan Seafood Restaurant Names
100 Specialty Inspired Seafood Restaurant names
33 Quirky Seafood Restaurant Names
86 Nautical Themed Seafood Restaurants Name
85 Elegant Seafood Restaurants Name
70 Cute Seafood Restaurant Names
64 Region Based Seafood Restaurant Names

Importance of a Good Seafood Restaurant Name

First Impression

Choosing the right name for your seafood restaurant is crucial because it creates the first impression for prospective customers. A good restaurant name should not only be interesting but also capture the essence of your eatery’s unique offerings.

Consider how a catchy and well-thought-out name could entice potential customers to step through your doors and discover what delicious seafood you have on offer.

Memorable and Catchy

Having a memorable and catchy seafood restaurant name is important in today’s competitive market. A memorable name can help your restaurant stand out among competitors, making it much easier for customers to remember you when they’re craving seafood.

Moreover, a catchy name can easily encourage word-of-mouth marketing, contributing to your business’s growth.

Conveying Values and Story

Your seafood restaurant’s name should also represent your eatery’s values and convey the story behind your business. This might include aspects such as your dedication to sustainable fishing practices, using only fresh ingredients, or your connection to the local community.

An effective name will help potential customers understand your restaurant’s background and core principles, which can go a long way toward building trust and loyalty.

Remember, taking the time to brainstorm and select a fitting name for your seafood restaurant is essential for establishing a strong presence in the industry.

From making an impactful first impression and creating a memorable, catchy moniker to conveying your values and unique story, the right name can prove beneficial to the long-term success of your business.

50 Fusion Cuisine Seafood Restaurant Names

Immerse yourself in a unique seafood dining experience where the freshest catch from the sea is transformed into culinary masterpieces. Discover the flavors of the ocean at Ocean’s Bounty, where every dish is a celebration of seafood excellence.

50 Fusion Cuisine Seafood Restaurant Names

1. Sushi Grill & Seafood Fusion
2. Baja-Med Seafood Grill
3. Caribbean-Asian Seafood House
4. Pacific Rim Seafood Kitchen
5. Latin-Asian Seafood Bistro
6. Cajun-Asian Seafood Shack
7. Mediterranean-Asian Seafood Spot
8. Thai-Mexican Seafood Cafe
9. French-Asian Seafood Brasserie
10. Indian Seafood House & Grill
11. Korean-Mexican Seafood Joint
12. Italian-Asian Seafood Eatery
13. Hawaiian-Asian Seafood Shack
14. Japanese-Peruvian Seafood Lounge
15. Vietnamese-Italian Seafood Bistro
16. Chinese-Mexican Seafood Restaurant
17. Malaysian-Thai Seafood Kitchen
18. Greek-Asian Seafood Taverna
19. Indian-Mexican Seafood Fusion House
20. Peruvian-Asian Seafood Grill
21. Korean-Japanese Seafood Bar
22. Thai-Italian Seafood Trattoria
23. Mexican-Asian Seafood Cantina
24. Jamaican-Asian Seafood Hut
25. Moroccan-Asian Seafood Cafe
26. Cuban-Asian Seafood Diner
27. Vietnamese-Greek Seafood Cafe
28. Chinese-Thai Seafood Spot
29. Japanese-Mexican Seafood Cafe
30. Italian-Mediterranean Seafood House
31. Filipino-Asian Seafood Bistro
32. Lebanese-Asian Seafood Grill
33. French-Peruvian Seafood Brasserie
34. Indonesian-Thai Seafood Cafe
35. Mexican-Peruvian Seafood Cantina
36. Indian-Thai Seafood House
37. Korean-Thai Seafood Restaurant
38. Japanese-Italian Seafood Eatery
39. Chinese-Japanese Seafood Restaurant
40. Caribbean-Mexican Seafood Shack
41. Peruvian-Mexican Seafood Lounge
42. Vietnamese-Thai Seafood Kitchen
43. French-Japanese Seafood Brasserie
44. Spanish-Asian Seafood House
45. Mexican-Thai Seafood Spot
46. Greek-Mediterranean Seafood Taverna
47. Italian-Mexican Seafood Trattoria
48. Indian-Japanese Seafood Fusion House
49. Thai-Malaysian Seafood Restaurant
50. Korean-Peruvian Seafood Bar

Different Types of Seafood Restaurant Names

Creative and Unique

When it comes to giving your seafood restaurant a name, you can think outside the box and come up with creative and unique ideas that stand out from your competition.

For instance, consider a maritime-inspired name like “Bikini Fish Market” or “Sail & Hook.” A restaurant with an oceanic flair could be named “L’Océanic” or “Ocean Reef Seafood.”

Simple and Timeless

Sometimes, simplicity is the best approach for naming your seafood restaurant. Stick to classics that are easy for customers to remember and communicate what you offer, like “Catch of the Day” or “Shrimp & Co.”

A well-chosen simple and timeless restaurant name such as “Fish and Chips Restaurant” or “Octopus Inn” reflects professionalism and tradition, creating a lasting impression on your guests.

Funny and Entertaining

If your seafood restaurant has a more light-hearted and casual atmosphere, you might consider funny and entertaining names that bring a smile to your customers’ faces.

Names like “The Clam Palace,” “Fishy Story,” or “Squid Smash” add some humor and character to your restaurant, making it more memorable and encouraging guests to share their experiences with friends.

As you choose a name for your restaurant, consider whether a creative, simple, or funny approach best represents your brand and atmosphere. By staying true to your restaurant’s vision and incorporating your unique flair, you’ll create a name that captures the essence of your seafood restaurant and makes your guests eager to return.

Brainstorming Techniques for Seafood Restaurant Names

Name Generators

Don’t hesitate to use online resources, such as seafood restaurant name generators. They can provide you with numerous unique and creative options to kickstart your brainstorming session. While you might not find the perfect name right away, it’s a great starting point to gather some initial ideas.

Collaborative Sessions

Another approach is to host collaborative brainstorming sessions with friends, family members, or even potential customers. By gathering different perspectives, you’ll be exposed to various opinions and ideas, which can be helpful when trying to identify a unique seafood restaurant name.

During your session, encourage participants to think outside the box and bounce ideas off one another.

Connecting with Emotions

To make a strong connection with your customers, your seafood restaurant’s name should evoke emotions and be memorable. Think about the feelings you want to associate with your restaurant, such as excitement, satisfaction, or adventure.

Incorporate elements that resonate emotionally with your target audience. For example, an ocean-inspired name might make them feel at ease or remind them of a beautiful trip to the beach.


It’s important to choose a name that conveys a sense of meaning for your seafood restaurant. Consider including elements in the name that reflect the restaurant’s unique features, such as the types of seafood you serve, the restaurant’s ambiance, or the region it’s in.

This will help your customers form a clear mental image of what they can expect when visiting your establishment, and it’ll make your restaurant standout from competitors.

55 Memorable Seafood Restaurant Names

Experience the trendiest seafood hotspot in town, where coastal vibes and mouthwatering flavors collide. Indulge in a seafood feast that captures the essence of the ocean and transports you to a beachside paradise.

55 Memorable Seafood Restaurant Names

1. Saltwater Gourmet
2. Catch 22
3. Ocean Blues
4. Crab & Go
5. The Red Snapper
6. Waterfront Grill
7. The Hungry Lobster
8. Hook & Line
9. Bay Bites
10. The Clam Box
11. Ocean View
12. Surf & Turf
13. Beachcomber Cafe
14. Seaside Eats
15. The Fresh Catch
16. Mariner’s Galley
17. Bluewater Bistro
18. Fish Market Cafe
19. The Fish Hook
20. Seafood Boulevard
21. The Clam Shack
22. The Catcher in the Rye
23. Crabby Joe’s
24. Salt & Surf
25. Seafood Corner
26. Oceanfront Cafe
27. The Oyster Pearl
28. Fish & Chips
29. Shrimp Express
30. Island Fish Fry
31. The Lobster Claw
32. The Wharf
33. Blue Horizon
34. The Seafood Hub
35. Seashore Grill
36. Crabby Shack
37. Beach House
38. Saltwater Cafe & Bar
39. Coastal Catch of the Day
40. Fisherman’s Cove
41. Seashell Shack
42. The Clam House
43. Coastal Comfort
44. Surf Shack
45. The Saltwater Spot
46. Ocean Breeze
47. Fisherman’s Net
48. The Crab Station
49. Salt & Surf Cafe
50. Pier 21
51. Oceanic Grill
52. Seaside Tavern
53. Crabby’s Seafood Bar & Grill
54. Ocean Blue Cafe
55. Seashore Cafe & Grill

Selecting the Perfect Seafood Restaurant Name

Matching with Seafood Industry and Values

When choosing a name for your seafood restaurant, it’s essential to consider how it aligns with the seafood industry and your unique values. Reflect on the types of seafood you’ll be serving, your target audience, and the overall vibe of your restaurant. For inspiration, check out these unique seafood restaurant name ideas.

Google Search and Availability Check

Before committing to a name, it’s crucial to perform a thorough Google search. This will help you identify any existing restaurants or businesses with a similar name. Additionally, checking domain availability is an important step to ensure you can secure a matching website for your seafood business.

Professional and Lasting Impression

Your restaurant’s name should leave a professional and lasting impression on your customers. Focus on creating a memorable name that’s easy to pronounce and spell. Consider names that evoke the freshness of the ocean, such as The Ocean Grill, or playful options like The Codfather.

Remember, no need for a conclusion or an overall statement. Have fun selecting your seafood restaurant name and best of luck with your new venture!

Examples of Great Seafood Restaurant Names

If you’re looking for some creative and catchy seafood restaurant names, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few ideas that really stand out and can help make your restaurant shine.

In your search for the perfect name, you might consider something like Aquafin. This name evokes a sense of freshness and high quality, which are key factors when it comes to seafood dining experiences.

Do you want to reflect an ocean atmosphere in your restaurant’s name? In that case, you could choose names like The Ocean Dragon or Salmon’s Nook. These names create an inviting, marine feel that instantly attracts seafood lovers.

For a more whimsical name, consider options like Bait and Switch Seafood Cafe or Reef & Firkin. These creative seafood restaurant names catch the eye and add a bit of fun to your brand.

Remember, it’s crucial to pick a name that reflects your restaurant’s unique offerings and character. Keep your target audience in mind and get inspired by the wide array of great seafood restaurant names available. You’ll soon discover the perfect name to reel in customers and ensure the success of your seafood venture.

Additional Considerations for Seafood Restaurant Names

When starting your seafood business, choosing a unique and memorable name is crucial for effective branding. One key element to consider is how your chosen name reflects your business’s identity and the type of cuisine you’ll serve.

Creativity plays a significant role in choosing a seafood restaurant name. A catchy and appealing name, like those suggested by Kitchen Business, can help increase customer curiosity and give your restaurant a distinctive identity.

For example, names like Pirate’s Cove, Moonfish, and Ocean Jumbo each evoke different images related to seafood while remaining welcoming and intriguing.

Considering business name ideas, remember that your name should not only match your brand’s personality, but also resonate with your target audience.

Research other seafood restaurants in your area, evaluate successful names, and consider any overlapping themes. This will give you insight into what names may resonate with your potential customers.

When brainstorming creative seafood name ideas, be sure to check the availability of corresponding domain names and social media handles for consistency across your branding. Additionally, make sure to verify no existing restaurants use the same or similar names to avoid potential legal issues.

A well-planned marketing strategy can further bolster your seafood restaurant’s success. This includes creating an appealing logo, crafting a versatile menu, building a user-friendly website, and utilizing social media to engage with customers.

Remember, the name you choose will represent your seafood restaurant, so consider these aspects thoughtfully to set a strong foundation for your business’s success.

218 Seafood Restaurant Names

At The Catch of the Day, we pride ourselves on serving the freshest and finest seafood that will exceed your expectations. Our commitment to quality ensures that every dish is a testament to the goodness of the ocean.

218 Seafood Restaurant Names

1. Catch of the Day
2. The Seafood Spot
3. Ocean’s Bounty
4. Sea Salt Grill
5. Fisherman’s Catch
6. Coastal Cuisine
7. Neptune’s Table
8. Captain’s Cove
9. Saltwater Cafe
10. Fresh Fish Co.
11. Shrimp Shack
12. Clam House
13. Seafood Delight
14. Lobster Land
15. Sea Star Restaurant
16. Tuna Time
17. Seaside Grill
18. Crab Corner
19. Oyster Bay
20. Fish Fry
21. Sail Away Seafood
22. Pier 39
23. The Lobster Pot
24. Under the Sea
25. Surf and Turf
26. The Crabby Shack
27. Catch & Cook
28. Shrimp ‘n’ Stuff
29. The Seafood Galley
30. The Fish Market
31. The Seashell
32. Coastal Crustaceans
33. Seafood Sensations
34. Ocean Blue Grill
35. The Fishmonger
36. Lobster Lounge
37. Seafood House
38. Fish Out of Water
39. The Crab Claw
40. The Fisherman’s Wharf
41. Saltwater Supper Club
42. Clam Bake
43. The Crab House
44. Seaside Sizzle
45. The Lobster Trap
46. Catch & Release
47. Seafood Shanty
48. Ocean View Cafe
49. Neptune’s Net
50. Shrimpy’s
51. The Shell Shack
52. Fresh Catch Cafe
53. Crabby Daddy’s
54. Fish ‘n’ Chips
55. The Seafood Kitchen
56. Bay Bistro
57. Lobster Landing
58. The Catch Co.
59. Saltwater Bistro
60. Clam Chowder House
61. Seafood Kingdom
62. Fish Tales
63. The Seabird
64. Seafood Station
65. Lobster Roll Co.
66. The Shellfish Station
67. The Fresh Fish Market
68. The Crab Cake Company
69. Seafood Junction
70. Fish ‘n’ Friends
71. The Crab Shack
72. Saltwater Kitchen
73. Clam Chowder Co.
74. Ocean’s Eleven
75. Crabtastic
76. The Fish House
77. Surfside Grill
78. The Clam Bar
79. Shrimpers
80. Coastal Catch
81. Seaside Cafe
82. The Seafood Connection
83. The Fish Basket
84. The Seaweed Cafe
85. Saltwater Tavern
86. The Crab Roll Co.
87. Seafood Oasis
88. Fisherman’s Daughter
89. The Shellfish Bar
90. Lobster Love
91. The Fish Market Cafe
92. The Clam Chowder Bowl
93. Seaside Oyster Bar
94. The Seafaring Cafe
95. Crabby’s Seafood
96. Saltwater Surf & Turf
97. Seafood Central
98. Neptune’s Cove
99. Shrimp House
100. Ocean Grill
101. The Lobster Club
102. Crab Shack Cafe
103. Seaside Snacks
104. The Fish Box
105. The Saltwater Table
106. The Clam Bake Company
107. Oyster House
108. Seafood Selections
109. The Fish Feast
110. The Seafarer’s Plate
111. Saltwater Seafood Co.
112. The Crab House Grill
113. Ocean’s Edge
114. Fin & Shell
115. Sea Spice
116. The Salty Crab
117. Sea Grille
118. Sea Salt & Vinegar
119. Hooked on Seafood
120. The Shrimp Boat
121. Tides & Tails
122. The Catch of the Day
123. The Lobster House
124. The Oyster Bar
125. The Mussel Pot
126. The Seaside Cafe
127. Seafood Paradise
128. Seafood Emporium
129. Seafood Haven
130. Seafood Palace
131. Seafood Retreat
132. Seafood Tavern
133. Seafood Treasure
134. Seafood Voyage
135. Seafood Pantry
136. Seafood Society
137. Seafood Symphony
138. Seafood Temptations
139. Seafood Wharf
140. The Blue Crab
141. The Mussels & More
142. The Oyster House
143. The Shark Pit
144. The Snapper Spot
145. The Squid & Octopus
146. The Starfish Grill
147. The Swordfish Tavern
148. Catch of the Bay
149. Fisherman’s Wharf
150. Fresh Catch
151. Harbor House
152. High Tide Seafood
153. King Crab Shack
154. Lobster Bay
155. Low Country Boil
156. Mermaid’s Cove
157. Pier Side Seafood
158. Seafood Connection
159. Seafood Cove
160. Seafood Kitchen
161. Seafood Shack
162. Seafood Stop
163. Seafood Supper Club
164. Seafood Terrace
165. Seaport Grille
166. Shoreside Seafood
167. Smuggler’s Catch
168. Surf & Turf Bistro
169. The Lobster Roll
170. The Mussel House
171. The Oyster Catcher
172. The Seafood Co.
173. The Seafood Factory
174. The Seafood Market
175. The Seafood Room
176. The Seashell Cafe
177. The Shrimp House
178. The Siren’s Song
179. The Squid Shack
180. The Starfish Cafe
181. The Steam Pot
182. The Surfside Grill
183. The Trawler’s Catch
184. The Wharfside Cafe
185. Underwater Delight
186. Waterfront Seafood
187. Wave Catcher
188. Yacht Club Seafood
189. Salt & Sea
190. Bluewater Grill
191. Ocean Bites
192. Seaside Catch
193. Fresh from the Sea
194. Shell & Scale
195. Tidal Wave Seafood
196. Seafood Safari
197. Bayou Seafood Co.
198. Ocean’s Finest
199. Pier 39 Seafood
200. Neptune’s Kitchen
201. Seafarer’s Galley
202. Fisherman’s Wharf
203. Sea Salt Kitchen
204. Seafood Harbor
205. Mariner’s Catch
206. Harbor House Seafood
207. Saltwater Grill
208. The Crustacean Co.
209. Oceanic Delights
210. Coastal Cravings
211. The Seaside Shack
212. Clam Bake Co.
213. The Lobster Tail
214. Fish & Chips Co.
215. Seafood Island
216. The Seafarer’s Table
217. Saltwater Seafood
218. Seafood Express

87 Creative Seafood Restaurant Names

Neptune’s Table is where creativity meets the sea. Our innovative dishes reimagine seafood classics, infusing them with contemporary flair and unexpected flavors. Join us for an enchanting dining experience that pushes the boundaries of seafood cuisine.

87 Creative Seafood Restaurant Names

1. The Lobster Potluck
2. The Clam Bakehouse
3. The Shrimp Shack
4. The Crab Corner
5. The Seafood Cove
6. The Fisherman’s Galley
7. The Scallops and Shells
8. The Seafood Surfer
9. The Sea Salt Grill
10. The Beachside Bistro
11. The Mermaid’s Catch
12. The Anchor’s Away
13. The Mariner’s Table
14. The Seafood Siren
15. The Neptune’s Garden
16. The Coastal Kitchen
17. The Oceanic Cafe
18. The Seafaring Tavern
19. The Saltwater Kitchen
20. The Captain’s Catch
21. The Fish and Chips Shoppe
22. The Seafood Safari
23. The Crabby Cafe
24. The Seashore Shack
25. The Seafood Serenade
26. The Clam Chowder Co.
27. The Oceanfront Oasis
28. The Seaside Sushi Bar
29. The Lobster Lounge
30. The Fisherman’s Fare
31. The Seafood Sensation
32. The Shrimp and Scallops Spot
33. The Crab Catcher
34. The Surf and Turf House
35. The Saltwater Seafood
36. The Seafood Symphony
37. The Seaside Grill
38. The Shellfish Showdown
39. The Catch and Cookery
40. The Seafarer’s Table
41. The Seafood Story
42. The Oyster Opus
43. The Oceanic Odyssey
44. The Fishmonger’s Folly
45. The Seafood Sensations
46. The Catch and Cook Cafe
47. The Fishy Feast
48. The Crab Claw Cafe
49. The Seaside Snack Bar
50. The Shrimp and Scallop Station
51. The Clam Catcher
52. The Seafood Sanctuary
53. The Oceanic Oasis
54. The Shellfish Sanctuary
55. The Fishy Friends
56. The Lobster Lodge
57. The Seaside Savor
58. The Seafood Secret
59. The Saltwater Supper
60. The Seaside Supper Club
61. The Fish Market Grill
62. The Seaside Supper
63. The Seafood Sonata
64. The Shrimp Sensations
65. The Clam Caper
66. The Oceanfront Oyster
67. The Seaside Sizzle
68. The Seafood Showdown
69. The Shellfish Serenade
70. The Catch and Clam
71. The Lobster Love
72. The Seaside Supperhouse
73. The Crab and Clam Chowder
74. The Saltwater Sunset
75. The Seafood Spectacle
76. The Fish Market Feast
77. The Seaside Splendor
78. The Shrimp and Scallop Symphony
79. The Clam and Crab Cake Co.
80. The Seaside Seafood Shop
81. The Shellfish Shoppe
82. The Catch of the Coast
83. The Lobster Loft
84. The Seaside Spread
85. The Seafood Stand
86. The Saltwater Shores
87. The Shrimp and Scal

49 Funny Seafood Restaurant Names

Join us at Crabby Tales, where seafood and fun go hand in hand. Dive into a world of playful flavors and cheerful ambiance, where the joy of cracking crabs and savoring succulent shrimps will make you smile with every bite.

49 Funny Seafood Restaurant Names

1. Holy Mackerel
2. Cod’s Gift
3. Octo-Pie
4. Squid Pro Quo
5. Crabbiness
6. The Lobster Mobster
7. Abra-Cadabra Crab
8. Fishy Business
9. Crabby Patty’s
10. Salmon Run
11. Sushi Bandit
12. Clam Jam
13. The Codfather
14. Shrimply Delicious
15. Sea-esta
16. The Fishin’ Hole
17. Holy Smoked Fish
18. The Seafood Bandit
19. The Codpiece
20. The Great Krill
21. Crustacean Nation
22. Clam Busters
23. The Squid Squad
24. The Octopus’s Garden
25. The Shrimp Shackleton
26. The Crab Cabana
27. Sushi Samba
28. Lobster Lovers Lane
29. The Flounder Foundry
30. The O-Fish-Al
31. The Salmon Slam
32. The Mussel Hustle
33. The Shark Tank
34. The Tuna Turnpike
35. The Seaweed Seduction
36. The Oyster Outpost
37. The Whale’s Tail
38. The Fishy Follies
39. The Cod Crusade
40. The Seafood Shenanigans
41. The Crab Cake Conspiracy
42. The Haddock Hideaway
43. The Shrimp and Grits Gang
44. The Lobster Lounge Lizard
45. The Clam Chowder Cartel
46. The Shellfish Shakedown
47. The Krill Krushers
48. The Tuna Tumble
49. The Sushi Snoopers

37 Unique Seafood Restaurant Names

Welcome to Seas & Gourmet, the place where seafood magic happens. Immerse yourself in a culinary adventure that blends the treasures of the sea with gourmet finesse. Prepare to be amazed by flavors that will transport you to gastronomic paradise.

37 Unique Seafood Restaurant Names

1. Saltwater Symphony
2. Tide Table
3. The Catch House
4. Nautical Nibbles
5. Seaside Supper Club
6. Shoreside Shack
7. The Pearl of the Sea
8. The Wharfside Grill
9. The Salted Anchor
10. Deep Blue Dining
11. Siren’s Song Seafood
12. Hooked Seafood Co.
13. Fresh Catch Kitchen
14. Surf and Turf Junction
15. Aqua Grill
16. Poseidon’s Plate
17. Salt and Surf
18. Driftwood Diner
19. Ocean’s Edge Cafe
20. Seabird’s Nest
21. Seashell Cafe
22. The Clam Bake
23. The Anchor Inn
24. The Reef Restaurant
25. Sea Salt Cafe
26. Catch 22 Seafood
27. Blue Ocean Grill
28. Seabreeze Restaurant
29. The Seafood Hut
30. Tidepool Tavern
31. Ocean’s Harvest
32. Sea Smoke Grill
33. Sandbar Cafe
34. The Surf and Sand
35. The Salted Rim
36. Harbor House Restaurant
37. The Blue Crab Restaurant

61 Fancy Seafood Restaurant Names

At The Catch of the Day, we pride ourselves on serving the freshest and finest seafood that will exceed your expectations. Our commitment to quality ensures that every dish is a testament to the goodness of the ocean.

61 Fancy Seafood Restaurant Names

1. Oceanus
2. Neptune’s Harvest
3. Marlin & Sail
4. Seabourn
5. Aqua Mare
6. The Reef Room
7. The Shores
8. Pacifica
9. The Finery
10. Sea Salt Society
11. Seafood by the Bay
12. Crustacean
13. The Shell Room
14. Mermaid’s Garden
15. Nautical Nosh
16. Salty’s
17. Seascape
18. Oceanic Cuisine
19. The Cove Restaurant
20. Sea Scape Restaurant & Lounge
21. Saltwater Brasserie
22. Fisherman’s Galley
23. The Shellfish Club
24. Seaside Dining
25. The Captain’s Table
26. Seafood on the Pier
27. Coastal Kitchen
28. The Catch Seafood Restaurant
29. Seabreeze Grill
30. Seafood Bistro
31. Blue Crab Restaurant & Bar
32. Lobster & Crab
33. Seafood Lagoon
34. The Catch on the Beach
35. Water’s Edge Restaurant
36. Harbor Fish Market
37. The Salted Crab
38. Oceanaire
39. Seaside Bistro
40. Ocean View Restaurant
41. The Lobster Spot
42. Saltwater Cafe & Grill
43. The Fish Bowl
44. Fresh Catch Restaurant
45. The Crab Barn
46. The Shell House
47. Seashell Bistro
48. The Salted Shrimp
49. Oceanic Elegance
50. The Fish Plate
51. The Salted Sea
52. The Lobster Shack
53. Seafood Villa
54. The Fishery
55. The Salted Cod
56. Salt & Vinegar
57. The Lobster Clubhouse
58. The Wharfside
59. The Clam Chowder House
60. Seafood Buffet
61. The Catch of the Bay

21 Trendy Seafood Restaurant Names

Embark on a culinary journey with Shell & Fin, where we celebrate the rich variety of shellfish and finned delicacies. Our kitchen is a canvas of seafood wonders, combining the freshest ingredients with innovative techniques to create unforgettable flavors.

21 Trendy Seafood Restaurant Names

1. The Pearl Oyster Bar
2. Catch 21 Seafood
3. Fin & Pearl
4. Lobster & Beer
5. Ocean Prime
6. The Shrimp Box
7. The Saltwater Grill
8. Siren Seafood
9. The Fish Camp
10. Blue Crab Seafood
11. The Fishmonger’s Wife
12. The Catch Seafood
13. Red Crab Seafood
14. Lobster & Crab Shack
15. The Crab Spot
16. The Saltwater Bistro
17. The Fishmonger’s Market
18. The Oyster Room
19. The Fish Club
20. Saltwater Society
21. The Seafood Emporium

89 Vegan Seafood Restaurant Names

Experience the sizzle of the sea at our seafood haven, where each dish is a testament to the tantalizing flavors of the ocean. Dive into a world of seafood perfection that will leave you craving for more.

89 Vegan Seafood Restaurant Names

1. Ocean Blue Vegan
2. Plant-Based Seafood
3. Vegan Catch
4. Seaweed and Siren
5. Vegan Tides
6. Faux Fish
7. Plant-Based Crab Shack
8. Sea Salt Vegan
9. Vegan Shrimp Scampi
10. Neptune’s Garden Vegan
11. Vegan Seafood Bistro
12. Seafoam Vegan
13. Vegan Caviar
14. The Fishless Fryer
15. Seashell Vegan
16. Vegan Lobster Shack
17. The Tunaless Tuna Melt
18. Seaside Vegan
19. Vegan Sushi Bar
20. Vegan Lobster Roll Co.
21. The Crabless Crab Cake
22. The Vegan Shrimp Co.
23. The Plant-Based Fishmonger
24. Sea Creature Vegan
25. Vegan Scallops and Clams
26. The Mermaid’s Vegan Kitchen
27. The Oceanic Vegan
28. Seaworthy Vegan
29. The Vegan Fish Fry
30. Vegan Seafood Delight
31. Fish-Free Bistro
32. The Seaweed and Cucumber Co.
33. Vegan Oyster Bar
34. The Vegan Seafood Market
35. Vegan Seafood Grill
36. Sea Star Vegan
37. The Vegan Seafood Emporium
38. The Seaside Vegan Cafe
39. Vegan Shrimp Cocktail
40. Vegan Sushi Spot
41. The Plant-Based Crab Cake Co.
42. Vegan Fish Tacos
43. The Seaweed Market
44. The Vegan Fish Counter
45. Vegan Lobster Bisque
46. The Seaside Siren
47. Vegan Shrimp Po’ Boy
48. Vegan Seafood Paella
49. Seaweed Vegan Grill
50. Vegan Calamari and Chips
51. The Fishless Seafood Shack
52. Seaside Vegan Bar and Grill
53. The Vegan Fish and Chips Shop
54. Vegan Seafood Curry
55. The Seaweed Grill and Bar
56. Vegan Clam Chowder
57. The Vegan Seafood Joint
58. The Oceanic Vegan Cafe
59. The Seashell Shack
60. The Vegan Fish and Chips Co.
61. Vegan Seafood Pho
62. Seaweed Vegan Cuisine
63. The Vegan Crab Shack
64. Vegan Lobster Mac and Cheese
65. The Seaweed and Veggie Co.
66. Vegan Shrimp Gumbo
67. The Plant-Based Oyster Bar
68. Vegan Seafood Medley
69. Seaside Vegan Tapas
70. The Vegan Seafood Takeout
71. The Seashore Cafe
72. Vegan Fish Fillet Co.
73. The Seaweed Diner
74. Vegan Seafood Chow Mein
75. The Plant-Based Shrimp Co.
76. The Seaside Grill and Pub
77. Vegan Crab Cakes and Cocktails
78. Vegan Clam Strips and Fries
79. The Vegan Fish and Chips Cafe
80. Seaweed Vegan Sushi
81. The Seashell Cafe and Bistro
82. Vegan Shrimp Stir Fry
83. The Plant-Based Fish Co.
84. Vegan Seafood Linguine
85. The Seaside Bistro
86. The Vegan Seafood Platter
87. Vegan Seafood Salad
88. The Seaweed and Tofu Co.
89. Vegan Lobster Salad

100 Specialty Inspired Seafood Restaurant names

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of The Lobster Pot, where our speciality lies in crafting delectable dishes starring the king of crustaceans. Experience a culinary journey dedicated to celebrating the unparalleled taste and texture of lobsters.

100 Specialty Inspired Seafood Restaurant names

1. Cajun Crustaceans
2. Pacific Rim Seafood
3. The Lobster Pound
4. Gulf Coast Grill
5. New England Catch
6. Chesapeake Bay Seafood
7. Caribbean Seafood Kitchen
8. Baja Fish Tacos
9. Deep Sea Delights
10. Mediterranean Seafood Market
11. Florida Keys Fish House
12. Nordic Seafood Co.
13. Alaskan Seafood Co.
14. Sushi Zen
15. Gulf Shrimp Company
16. Pacific Northwest Seafood
17. Southern Seafood Company
18. Chesapeake Crab Shack
19. Caribbean Fish Fry
20. Gulf Coast Gumbo
21. New England Lobster Co.
22. Hawaiian Seafood Grill
23. Cajun Seafood Shack
24. Pacific Rim Fish Co.
25. Mediterranean Seafood Bar
26. Atlantic Seafood Co.
27. Baja Seafood Tacos
28. Seafood from Down Under
29. New Orleans Seafood Kitchen
30. Cape Cod Clam Shack
31. Nordic Fish and Chips
32. Alaskan Crab House
33. Pacific Sushi Bar
34. Gulf Coast Oyster Bar
35. Southern Seafood Kitchen
36. Chesapeake Seafood Market
37. Caribbean Seafood Buffet
38. Pacific Northwest Fish Co.
39. Florida Keys Crab House
40. Hawaiian Fish Fry
41. Cajun Shrimp Boil
42. Mediterranean Fish House
43. Atlantic Fish Market
44. Baja Fish Grill
45. Down Under Seafood and Wine
46. New Orleans Fish House
47. Cape Cod Seafood Co.
48. Nordic Seafood Grill
49. Alaskan Seafood Grill
50. Pacific Rim Seafood Bistro
51. Gulf Coast Seafood Buffet
52. Southern Fish and Chips
53. Chesapeake Bay Crab House
54. Caribbean Lobster House
55. Pacific Northwest Oyster Bar
56. Florida Keys Seafood Shack
57. Hawaiian Fish House
58. Cajun Seafood and Grill
59. Mediterranean Fish and Chips
60. Atlantic Seafood Bistro
61. Baja Seafood Market
62. Down Under Seafood Cafe
63. New Orleans Seafood Shack
64. Cape Cod Clam Bake
65. Nordic Seafood Market
66. Alaskan Salmon Grill
67. Pacific Rim Fish Market
68. Gulf Coast Crab Shack
69. Southern Seafood Buffet
70. Chesapeake Bay Fish House
71. Caribbean Fish and Chips
72. Pacific Northwest Crab House
73. Florida Keys Fish Market
74. Hawaiian Seafood Bistro
75. Cajun Crawfish Co.
76. Mediterranean Seafood Restaurant
77. Atlantic Seafood Grill
78. Baja Seafood Cafe
79. Down Under Seafood Restaurant
80. New Orleans Seafood Bistro
81. Cape Cod Seafood Shack
82. Nordic Seafood Buffet
83. Alaskan Halibut House
84. Pacific Rim Oyster Bar
85. Gulf Coast Shrimp Boil
86. Southern Seafood Cafe
87 Chesapeake Bay Lobster House
88. Caribbean Seafood and Grill
89. Pacific Northwest Clam Shack
90. Florida Keys Seafood Buffet
91. Hawaiian Fish Grill
92. Cajun Seafood Restaurant
93. Mediterranean Fish Fry
94. Atlantic Seafood Cafe
95. Baja Fish Restaurant
96. Down Under Seafood and Grill
97. New Orleans Fish and Chips
98. Cape Cod Lobster House
99. Nordic Seafood Restaurant
100. Alaskan Seafood Bistro

33 Quirky Seafood Restaurant Names

Welcome to Fishy Business, where we take seafood to new playful heights. Dive into a world of quirky flavors and unexpected combinations that will challenge your taste buds and leave you delightfully surprised.

33 Quirky Seafood Restaurant Names

1. The Seafood Station
2. The Clam Jam
3. The Scallop Shell
4. The Octo-Bar
5. Sardine Shuffle
6. The Oyster Cult
7. The Tuna Turner
8. Squid Squad
9. The Fish Market Mafia
10. The Prawn Shop
11. Shell Shocked
12. Fishin’ Frenzy
13. The Crustacean Connection
14. The Mussels from Brussels
15. The Mermaid’s Den
16. The Seafood Sleuth
17. The Fishy Business
18. Clam Chowder Chalet
19. Catch of the Day Cafe
20. The Sushi Siren
21. The Seaweed Lounge
22. The Shrimp Scampi Station
23. The Fisherman’s Friend
24. The Seafood Swirl
25. The Mussel Mania
26. The Seafood Secret Society
27. The Crab Cake Corner
28. The Sardine Society
29. The Scallop Squad
30. The Tuna Tangle
31. The Shrimpy Spot
32. The Mermaid’s Tail
33. The Fish Folly

86 Nautical Themed Seafood Restaurants Name

Step aboard Anchors & Oysters and set sail on a culinary voyage inspired by the sea. Immerse yourself in the nautical ambiance as you indulge in a feast of fresh oysters and other oceanic delights that will transport you to coastal bliss.

86 Nautical Themed Seafood Restaurants Name

1. The Helm
2. Captain’s Table
3. Seafarer’s Galley
4. The Anchor Room
5. The Trawler’s Net
6. The Seaworthy Grill
7. The Portside Cafe
8. The Ship’s Wheel
9. The Mermaid’s Galley
10. The Salty Dog
11. The Crabby Captain
12. The Nautical Nook
13. The Sailmaker’s Bistro
14. The Mariner’s Cafe
15. The Yacht Club
16. The Seaside Bar & Grill
17. The Boathouse
18. The Ocean’s Bounty
19. The Sea Chest
20. The Rusty Anchor
21. The Lighthouse Cafe
22. The Seafoam Cafe
23. The Seashell Bistro
24. The Ocean’s Edge Cafe
25. The Sea Glass Restaurant
26. The Seafaring Eatery
27. The Mermaid’s Cove
28. The Coastal Cafe
29. The Nautical Nosh
30. The Sea Breeze Grill
31. The Anchor’s Away Cafe
32. The Seaside Retreat
33. The Saltwater Cafe
34. The Seabird Bistro
35. The Nautical Mile
36. The Coastal Cove
37. The Harbor Cafe
38. The Beachcomber Cafe
39. The Sea Turtle Cafe
40. The Seabreeze Bistro
41. The Mariner’s Galley
42. The Seaside Deli
43. The Ship’s Hold
44. The Ocean View Cafe
45. The Seafarer’s Cafe
46. The Seashore Grill
47. The Coastal Cuisine Cafe
48. The Seabird’s Nest
49. The Seashell Room
50. The Seaside Lounge
51. The Saltwater Grille
52. The Seabreeze Lounge
53. The Mariner’s Pub
54. The Ocean’s Galley
55. The Mermaid’s Harbor
56. The Nautical Nest
57. The Anchor’s Inn
58. The Seashell Bar
59. The Ocean’s Bounty Cafe
60. The Seaside Cafe & Bar
61. The Harbor House
62. The Mermaid’s Cove Cafe
63. The Seafarer’s Pub
64. The Saltwater Room
65. The Seaweed Bistro
66. The Coastal Club
67. The Seaside Tavern
68. The Ocean’s Delight
69. The Mariner’s Lounge
70. The Seashore Cafe & Bar
71. The Seashell Lounge
72. The Anchor’s Tavern
73. The Saltwater Lounge
74. The Ocean’s Cove
75. The Nautical Cafe
76. The Harbor View Cafe
77. The Seashell Pub
78. The Ocean’s Edge Bistro
79. The Seafarer’s Den
80. The Saltwater Pub
81. The Seashore Room
82. The Coastal Cafe & Bar
83. The Mermaid’s Lagoon
84. The Seaside View Cafe
85. The Seafaring Den
86. The Ocean’s Harbor

85 Elegant Seafood Restaurants Name

Discover a haven of elegance at The Pearl Shell, where we invite you to experience fine dining with a seafood twist. From sophisticated presentations to refined flavors, our restaurant offers an exquisite dining experience that embodies timeless elegance.

85 Elegant Seafood Restaurants Name

1. The Catch
2. The Scallop House
3. The Octopus Garden
4. The Caviar House
5. The Sushi Bar
6. The Seafood Palace
7. The Ocean’s Blue
8. The Seabreeze Room
9. The Coral Reef
10. The Seafoam
11. The Starfish
12. The Seahorse
13. The Mermaid’s Tale
14. The Anchor
15. The Seaside Grotto
16. The Wave
17. The Tide
18. The Neptune
19. The Poseidon
20. The Triton
21. The Nautical
22. The Maritime
23. The Sea Spray
24. The Sea Mist
25. The Sea Glass
26. The Sea Pearl
27. The Sea Jewel
28. The Sea Sapphire
29. The Sea Opal
30. The Sea Diamond
31. The Sea Emerald
32. The Sea Topaz
33. The Sea Garnet
34. The Sea Amethyst
35. The Sea Ruby
36. The Sea Coral
37. The Sea Anemone
38. The Sea Urchin
39. The Sea Lion
40. The Sea Otter
41. The Sea Turtle
42. The Sea Horse
43. The Sea Dragon
44. The Sea Witch
45. The Sea Queen
46. The Sea King
47. The Sea Prince
48. The Sea Princess
49. The Sea Duchess
50. The Sea Duke
51. The Sea Baron
52. The Sea Baroness
53. The Sea Count
54. The Sea Countess
55. The Sea Marquess
56. The Sea Marquis
57. The Sea Viscount
58. The Sea Viscountess
59. The Sea Earl
60. The Sea Baronet
61. The Sea Baronetess
62. The Sea Knight
63. The Sea Dame
64. The Sea Lady
65. The Sea Lord
66. The Sea Gentleman
67. The Sea Ladyship
68. The Sea Bishop
69. The Sea Canon
70. The Sea Dean
71. The Sea Archdeacon
72. The Sea Pastor
73. The Sea Reverend
74. The Sea Vicar
75. The Sea Chaplain
76. The Sea Prelate
77. The Sea Monsignor
78. The Sea Abbot
79. The Sea Abbess
80. The Sea Prior
81. The Sea Prioress
82. The Sea Superior
83. The Sea Brother
84. The Sea Sister
85. The Sea Friar

70 Cute Seafood Restaurant Names

Get ready to fall in love with the charm of Shrimp Shack, where we serve up adorable bites bursting with flavor. Join us for a cute and delightful seafood experience that will make you smile with every shrimp-filled moment.

70 Cute Seafood Restaurant Names

1. The Happy Crab
2. The Sea Lion Cafe
3. The Seafood Shack
4. The Oyster Shack
5. The Fish Fry
6. The Beach House
7. The Mermaid Cafe
8. The Sandbar
9. The Surf and Turf
10. The Tide Pool
11. The Crabby Patty
12. The Surf Shack
13. The Scallop Spot
14. The Shrimp Spot
15. The Fish Tank
16. The Lobster Bar
17. The Sea Bistro
18. The Fish and Chips Shop
19. The Ocean Cafe
20. The Seafood Cottage
21. The Crab House Cafe
22. The Shrimp House Cafe
23. The Fish House Cafe
24. The Lobster House Cafe
25. The Clam House Cafe
26. The Seaside Cafe House
27. The Crab and Claw
28. The Clam Digger
29. The Seafood Grotto
30. The Seafood Haven
31. The Oceanfront Cafe
32. The Mermaid’s Cafe
33. The Beachside Cafe
34. The Surfside Cafe
35. The Crabby Corner
36. The Shrimp Bar
37. The Fish and Oyster Bar
38. The Clam Chowder Cafe
39. The Seafood Market Cafe
40. The Fisherman’s Cafe
41. The Crab Catch
42. The Scallop Cafe
43. The Shrimp Catch
44. The Fish and Grill
45. The Lobster House Grill
46. The Oyster Bar and Grill
47. The Seafood Market Grill
48. The Shellfish Cafe
49. The Fish and Seafood Bistro
50. The Clam and Lobster Cafe
51. The Shrimp Spot Cafe
52. The Fish and Oyster Shack
53. The Lobster Roll Cafe
54. The Crab and Claw Cafe
55. The Scallop Shack
56. The Seaside Cafe and Grill
57. The Clam and Fish Cafe
58. The Shrimp and Crab Cafe
59. The Seafood and Grill
60. The Mermaid and Fish Cafe
61. The Oceanfront Bistro
62. The Seaside Fish Cafe
63. The Shellfish and Oyster Cafe
64. The Fish and Chips Cafe
65. The Lobster and Crab Cafe
66. The Clam and Scallop Cafe
67. The Shrimp and Fish Cafe
68. The Seaside Fish and Grill
69. The Crab and Shrimp Cafe
70. The Fisherman’s Bistro

64 Region Based Seafood Restaurant Names

Embark on a culinary journey to Louisiana at Cajun Catch, where we bring the flavors of the bayou to your plate. Savor the spices and soulful taste of Cajun cuisine with our expertly prepared seafood dishes that pay homage to this vibrant region.

64 Region Based Seafood Restaurant Names

1. Gulf Coast Seafood Kitchen
2. New England Clam Shack
3. Pacific Northwest Seafood House
4. Louisiana Bayou Seafood Shack
5. Carolina Lowcountry Seafood Joint
6. Floridian Seafood Cafe
7. Gulf of Mexico Seafood Spot
8. Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab House
9. Maine Lobster Shack
10. Pacific Coast Seafood Cafe
11. Atlantic Ocean Seafood House
12. Gulf Shrimp & Crab Co.
13. Bay Area Seafood Grill
14. Cape Cod Clam House
15. Puget Sound Seafood Shack
16. South Carolina Seafood Joint
17. Key West Seafood Cafe
18. Maryland Crab Shack
19. Northeast Seafood House
20. Oregon Coast Seafood Spot
21. Mississippi Delta Seafood Grill
22. Maui Seafood House
23. Everglades Seafood Cafe
24. Virginia Beach Seafood Shack
25. North Atlantic Seafood Kitchen
26. San Francisco Bay Seafood Grill
27. Massachusetts Lobster Shack
28. Washington State Seafood House
29. Georgia Coast Seafood Joint
30. Honolulu Seafood Cafe
31. Delaware Bay Seafood House
32. Olympic Peninsula Seafood Spot
33. Alabama Gulf Seafood Grill
34. Chesapeake Bay Crab Cake House
35. Maine Coast Seafood Kitchen
36. Puget Sound Clam Shack
37. South Carolina Lowcountry Seafood Joint
38. Maui Island Seafood Cafe
39. Outer Banks Seafood House
40. Oregon Dunes Seafood Grill
41. Texas Gulf Seafood Spot
42. Cape May Seafood Shack
43. Monterey Bay Seafood Kitchen
44. Monterey Bay Seafood Kitchen.
45. Martha’s Vineyard Lobster Shack
46. San Diego Fish Market
47. Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Kitchen
48. Gulf of Maine Seafood Spot
49. New Orleans Gumbo Shack
50. Outer Banks Clam Chowder Shack
51 Alaska King Crab House
52. Cape Cod Fish & Chips Cafe
53. Seattle Sockeye Salmon Grill
54. Florida Keys Conch Fritters Seafood Joint
55. Maine Lobster Roll Cafe
56. North Carolina Coastal Seafood Joint
57. Mississippi Gulf Coast Seafood Spot
58. Maui Poke Bowl Cafe
59. Louisiana Cajun Seafood Kitchen
60. San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf Seafood House
61. Pacific Northwest Halibut Spot
62. Virginia Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes Kitchen
63. Georgia Coastal Oyster House
64. Alabama Gulf Coast Seafood Kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our seafood restaurant special?

Our seafood restaurant stands out for its speciality in crafting exquisite dishes with a focus on a specific seafood, offering a unique and memorable dining experience that caters to seafood enthusiasts.

Do you have vegetarian or non-seafood options available?

Absolutely! While seafood is our specialty, we understand the need to cater to diverse preferences. Our menu includes vegetarian options and non-seafood dishes, ensuring there’s something delicious for everyone.

Is your seafood sourced sustainably?

Yes, we prioritize sustainable sourcing practices and work closely with trusted suppliers to ensure the seafood we serve is responsibly caught or farmed, helping to preserve marine ecosystems and support long-term seafood sustainability.

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