25 Delicious Street Food Recipes To Make At Home

Quick Answer: What Are The Best Street Food Recipes To Make At Home?

The best street food recipes to make at home include jiaozi, fried rice, doner kebab, chicken shawarma, currywurst, carne asada tacos, churros, elote in a cup, aaloo tikko, falafel, Italian flatbread, gyros, dolma, patatas bravas, Jerusalem bagel, New York Pizza, Korean street toast, sweet potato and black bean empanadas, frankies, masala chana chaat, vegan tofu tacos, taro balls, papaya milk, pho and Tex-Mex wet burritos. 

Street food is not just a quick bite on the go, it’s a culinary experience that brings together bold flavors and diverse cultures. Explore street food recipes to make at home!

But what if we told you that you could bring that same experience to the comfort of your own home? 

Making street food at home is not only a fun way to experiment with new flavors and cuisines, but it’s also a great way to control the ingredients and make it healthier. 

With the right equipment and some simple recipes, you can turn your kitchen into a street food paradise. 

So, let’s get started on this delicious journey and discover the world of street food straight from your own kitchen!

Best Street Food Recipes To Make At Home: Quick Table

RecipeCalories Per ServingPreparation Time 
Jiaozi 58030 Min
Fried Rice 61210 Min
Döner Kebab 42020 Min
Chicken Shawarma 41155 Min
Currywurst 2610 Min
Carne aAsada Tacosn/a1 Hour 15 Min
Churros 29515 Min
Elote In A Cup 35010 Min
Aaloo Tikko n/a15 Min
Falafel 24620 Min
Italian Flatbread 31730 Min
Greek Chicken Gyros 96815 Min
Dolma 5325 Min
Patatas Bravas n/a25 Min
Jerusalem Bagel 30025 Min
New York Pizza n/a20 Min
Korean Street Toast 56110 Min
Sweet Potato & Black Bean Empanadas 9315 Min
Frankies 49040 Min
Masala Chana Chaat 56430 Min
Vegan Tofu Tacos 57710 Min
Taro Balls n/a40 Min
Papaya Milk 13510 Min
Pho 17820 Min
Tex-Mex Wet Burritos n/a10 Min

1. Jiaozi (Chinese Dumplings)


Step into the world of Chinese cuisine with these succulent Pork and Chive Dumplings. 

These dumplings are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just want to enjoy a comforting meal at home. 

Calories Per Serving: 570

Total Preparation Time: 30 Minutes 

 2. Fried Rice


Say goodbye to ordering take-out and hello to this delicious and easy-to-make fried rice recipe that will satisfy your cravings for Chinese cuisine. 

This recipe is packed with flavor from a variety of ingredients like soy sauce, sesame oil, and scrambled eggs, and makes for a perfect weeknight dinner. 

Calories Per Serving: 612

Total Preparation Time: 10 Min

 3. Doner Kebab


Speaking of foreign cuisine, with a large Turkish population, Germany is also home to the beloved Doner kebab. 

Doner kebabs consist of juicy, flavorful kebab meat, cooked on a vertical rotisserie and combined with your favorite toppings. 

This recipe tastes as good as the real thing, but uses a slightly different method. 

Calories Per Serving: 420

Total Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

4. Chicken Shawarma


Although chicken shawarma is a Middle Eastern dish, it also plays a significant role in the world of German street food. 

Shawarma provides a combination of juicy, flavorful chicken and fresh vegetables, all packed into a pita bread and topped off with a delectable sauce. 

This shawarma recipe is easy, delicious and makes for a satisfying and delicious home-cooked meal.

Calories Per Serving: 411

Total Preparation Time: 55 Minutes

5. Currywurst


Currywurst is a popular German street food that consists of sliced bratwurst sausage served with a spicy curry sauce. 

If you’re looking for a quick snack, a juicy currywurst will definitely hit the spot. 

For a heartier meal, try serving it with fries or bread. 

Calories Per Serving: 26

Total Preparation Time: 10 Minutes 

6. Carne Asada Street Tacos


Carne asada tacos are one of the most classic Mexican street foods and are made with grilled beef and served in a small corn tortilla. 

Try this DIY recipe and make it your own by adding your favorite toppings, such as cilantro, onions, and salsa. 

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

 7. Churros


Although they originated in Spain, churros are also an important part of the Mexican street food world. 

If you’re a fan of golden brown fried dough and sugary sweetness, you’ll definitely want to try this pastry. 

Don’t forget to serve them with chocolate! 

Calories Per Serving: 295

Total Preparation Time: 15 Minutes 

8. Elote In A Cup


Mexican street corn, also known as elote en vaso, is a delicious treat made with sweet corn mixed with tangy lime and chili seasoning. It is then topped with queso fresco and cilantro. 

This version of the dish is served in individual casserole cups, allowing it to be easily enjoyed on the go.

Calories Per Serving: 350

Total Preparation Time: 10 Minutes 

9. Aaloo Tikko


Aaloo tikki is a popular Indian street food made with boiled and mashed potatoes mixed with spices and herbs, formed into small patties, and then shallow-fried until crispy and golden. 

This recipe from The Twin Cooking Project adds some flavorful fun to the standard aaloo tikki by including ginger, green chilies, and coriander leaves in the potato mixture, and serving it with a spicy tamarind chutney for dipping.

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 15 Min

10. Falafel


This recipe is not only vegan, but it’s also gluten-free and oil-free, making it a great option for those with dietary restrictions. 

And the best part? These falafel are super easy to make and can be served in a variety of ways – in a pita, on a salad, or as a snack on their own.

Calories Per Serving: 246

Total Preparation Time: 20 Min

11. Italian Flatbread


This recipe for piadina is a traditional Italian flatbread that is easy to make and perfect for when you need to get a meal on the table quickly. 

It’s traditionally filled with cured meats and cheeses, but can be customized with your favorite fillings for a delicious and versatile dish.

Calories Per Serving: 317

Total Preparation Time: 30 Min

12. Greek Chicken Gyros


Experience more of the flavors of Greece in your own home with these mouthwatering chicken gyros! 

Tender pieces of marinated chicken are grilled to perfection and nestled inside a warm pita with crisp vegetables and a creamy tzatziki sauce. 

These gyros are sure to become a new family favorite for dinner or a summertime BBQ

Calories Per Serving: 968

Total Preparation Time: 15 Minutes 

13. Dolma


For another taste of the Mediterranean, these delicious and aromatic dolma-stuffed grape leaves are a must-try. 

Tender grape leaves are filled with a flavorful mixture of rice and herbs, then simmered in a tangy tomato broth. 

These tasty little packages are the perfect appetizer or side dish for any meal.

Calories Per Serving: 53

Total Preparation Time: 25 Min

 14. Patatas Bravas


Add some spice to your tapas spread with these delicious patatas bravas! 

Crispy cubes of potato are smothered in a bold and fiery bravas sauce, making them the perfect snack or appetizer. 

Serve them alongside other classic Spanish tapas, or enjoy them as a satisfying vegetarian main dish.

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 25 Min

15. Jerusalem Bagel


Enjoy a taste of Israel’s rich culinary culture with this street food favorite. 

These soft and chewy bagels are flavored with a blend of aromatic spices, including za’atar and sesame seeds, making them a unique and flavorful twist on the classic bagel.

Calories Per Serving: 300

Total Preparation Time: 25 min

16. New York Pizza


Get ready for a slice of heaven with this authentic New York Style Cheese Pizza recipe

Perfectly crispy crust, gooey melted cheese, and just the right amount of tangy tomato sauce make this pizza a true crowd-pleaser.

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 20 

17. Korean Street Toast


Take a trip to the bustling streets of Korea with every bite of these delicious and satisfying Korean street toasts. 

This vegetarian recipe is easy to follow and yields fluffy, golden sandwiches filled with a variety of tasty vegetables. 

Calories Per Serving: 561

Total Preparation Time: 10 Minutes 

 18. Sweet Potato & Black Bean Empanadas


These Latin American empanadas are not only delicious, but they’re also packed with nutrients from the sweet potatoes and black beans. 

If that’s not good enough, the homemade dough gives them a crispy and flaky texture that can’t be beat. 

Calories Per Serving: 93

Total Preparation Time: 15 Min 

19. Frankies


Looking for a new twist on the classic wrap? 

Try this delicious Indian Frankie recipe, featuring flavorful spiced potatoes and your choice of protein all wrapped up in a warm roti. 

Plus, it’s easy to customize with your favorite fillings and toppings!

Calories Per Serving: 490

Total Preparation Time: 40 Min

20. Masala Chana Chaat


This classic Indian street food is not only vegan and gluten-free but is also easy to make and is perfect for a quick snack or as a side dish for a larger meal. 

Chickpeas, spices and various toppings come together to create the perfect balance of spicy, sweet, and tangy flavors that will have your taste buds dancing with every bite!

Calories Per Serving: 564

Total Preparation Time: 30 Min

21. Vegan Tofu Tacos


These vegan tofu tacos are packed with protein and flavor, making them the perfect plant-based meal.

With a simple marinade and just a few ingredients, you can whip up these tasty tacos in no time.

Calories Per Serving: 577

Total Preparation Time: 10 Min

22. Taro Balls


These taro balls are a delicious and unique addition to any meal. 

The texture is soft and pillowy and the flavor contains a subtle sweetness from the taro that pairs perfectly with the savory meat filling.

Can someone say yum!

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 40 Min

 23. Papaya Milk  


Refresh and rejuvenate with this delicious and nutritious Papaya Milk recipe. 

Made with fresh papaya, milk, and a touch of honey, this smoothie is not only delicious but also packed with vitamins and antioxidants. 

Calories Per Serving: 135

Total Preparation Time: 10 Min

24. Pho


Experience the flavors of Vietnam in your own kitchen with this authentic Pho noodle soup recipe.

Perfectly balanced with savory broth, tender beef, and a medley of spices, it will warm your soul and leave your taste buds singing.

Calories Per Serving: 178

Total Preparation Time: 20 Minutes 

25. Tex-Mex Wet Burrito


Indulge in the flavors of Tex-Mex cuisine with this delicious Tex-Mex Wet Burrito recipe. 

The flavorful beef filling, spicy enchilada sauce and melted cheese are truly irresistible! 

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 10 Min 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is Some Essential Equipment Needed To Make Street Food At Home?

To make street food at home, you will need some basic equipment such as a stove or grill, a deep fryer or a large pot for deep-frying, a wok or pan for stir-frying, a blender or food processor for making sauces and marinades, a spatula, tongs, and a set of knives.

What Are Some Popular Street Food Dishes That Can Be Easily Replicated At Home?

Some popular street food dishes that can be easily replicated at home include:

  • Tacos al pastor, a Mexican dish made with marinated pork, pineapple, and spices,
  • Pad thai, a Thai dish made with rice noodles, vegetables, and a flavorful sauce,
  • Falafel, a Middle Eastern dish made with chickpeas, herbs, and spices,
  • Gyoza, a Japanese dish made with ground meat or vegetables wrapped in a wonton wrapper and deep-fried or pan-fried.

How Can I Make The Street Food At Home Healthier?

To make street food at home healthier, you can try the following:

  • Use lean cuts of meat or meat substitutes like tofu or tempeh
  • Use whole wheat flour or other whole grain alternatives for wraps and doughs
  • Use less oil when cooking and opt for healthier oil options like olive oil or avocado oil
  • Add more vegetables to your dishes to increase fiber and nutrient content
  • Make your own sauces and marinades instead of using store-bought versions, which may contain added sugar and preservatives.

25 Delicious Street Food Recipes To Make At Home

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