611 African Restaurant Names To Stand Out For Success

When it comes to the culinary world, African cuisine is diverse, vibrant, and full of unique flavors. Opening an African restaurant is a fantastic opportunity to share the rich culinary heritage of the continent with your local community. But before you can welcome guests through your doors, you need to create a name that accurately represents the essence of your establishment.

In this guide, we’ll explore key aspects of naming and owning a successful African restaurant. We’ll delve into the importance of a great name, strategies for brainstorming the perfect moniker, and the practical considerations every restaurant owner should keep in mind.

100 Retro-Inspired African Restaurant Names
100 Fancy African Restaurant Names
87 Local Community Inspired African Restaurant Names
269 African Restaurant Names
38 Funny African Restaurant Names
100 Catchy African Restaurant Names
99 Cool/Cute African Restaurant Names
105 Creative African Restaurant Names

Why the Name Matters

The name of your restaurant is the first impression potential guests have of your establishment. It sets the tone for their entire dining experience and can influence their decision to give your place a try. To ensure that your restaurant name stands out, consider the following factors:


A great restaurant name should be easy to remember and pronounce. This ensures that customers can easily share their experiences with friends and family and find you on search engines or social media platforms.


Your restaurant’s name should be distinct from other establishments in the area, particularly if they also serve African cuisine. A unique name helps your restaurant stand out in a competitive marketplace and allows you to build a strong brand identity.

Cultural Significance

A well-chosen name can convey the essence of the African dining experience you aim to provide. This can include regional influences, key ingredients, or traditional cooking techniques. By incorporating elements of African culture into your restaurant’s name, you communicate your commitment to authenticity.

Emotional Connection

The best restaurant names evoke emotions and create a sense of anticipation. A great name should be evocative, conjuring up images and feelings that make potential guests eager to experience your offerings.

100 Retro-Inspired African restaurant names

Our carefully curated collection of names takes you back to an era of style and sophistication, infused with the warmth and vibrancy of African heritage. Get ready to savor the flavors of the past with a modern twist, making every meal a nostalgic celebration of taste and culture.

Retro-Inspired African restaurant names

1. Safari Supper Club
2. Afro Bistro
3. The Vintage Savanna
4. Soulful Spice
5. Jazzy Jollof
6. Mellow Mango
7. Rhythmic Roots
8. Golden Horn
9. Swinging Suya
10. Afrobeat Diner
11. Tropical Twist
12. Sabor Safari
13. Heritage Hut
14. Funky Fufu
15. Zambezi Delight
16. Retro Rhythms
17. Sizzling Sambusa
18. Jazzed Up Jollof
19. Afrofusion Grill
20. Soul Food Safari
21. Groovy Gazelle
22. Afro Delicacy
23. Retro Safari Kitchen
24. Safari Soul Supper
25. Afro Jazz Bistro
26. Malaika Melodies
27. Savory Spice Route
28. Vintage Vibe Cafe
29. Afro Oasis
30. Roots & Rhythms
31. Nostalgic Nando’s
32. Tribal Treats
33. Swaying Sapele
34. Afro Funk Grill
35. Soulful Serenade
36. Tropical Temptations
37. Harmony Hut
38. Retro Feast
39. Afrobeat Bites
40. Flavorful Fusion
41. The Afro Kitchen
42. Savory Serengeti
43. Rhythm & Spice
44. Zesty Zambezi
45. The Jazzy Jungle
46. Afro Bites & Beats
47. Nostalgia Nosh
48. Mellow Melodies
49. Roots Revival
50. Retro Safari Supper
51. Afrolicious Cuisine
52. Spice & Soul
53. Funky Flavors
54. Safari Serenade
55. Afrobeat Delight
56. Soulful Sambusa
57. Vibrant Vibes
58. Tropical Tastes
59. Melodious Meals
60.Rhythmic Retro
61. Afro Fusion Kitchen
62. Sizzling Savanna
63. Jazzed-Up Jungle
64. Heritage House
65. Afro Feast
66. Vintage Spice
67. Flavor Safari
68. Soulful Suya Spot
69. Rhythmic Recipes
70. Afrobeat Oasis
71. Mellow Morsels
72. Roots & Flavors
73. Retro Rhythms Cafe
74. Safari Supper Spot
75. Afro Jazz Joint
76. Spicy Soul Kitchen
77. Funky Fusion
78. Tropical Twist Grill
79. Melodic Meals
80. Rhythm Revival
81. Afrolicious Bistro
82. Savory Sambusa Shack
83. Vibrant Vintage
84. Retro Safari Lounge
85. Afrobeat Delicacies
86. Soulful Spice House
87. Jazzy Jungle Joint
88. Heritage Hangout
89. Afro Feast Hub
90. Vintage Vibes Eatery
91. Flavorful Safari
92. Sizzling Soul Spot
93. Rhythmic Retro Bites
94. Afrobeat Oasis Grill
95. Mellow Melodies Cafe
96. Roots & Flavor Shack
97. Retro Rhythms Diner
98. Safari Supper House
99. Afro Jazz Kitchen
100. Spicy Soul Fusion

Brainstorming the Perfect Name

To create a name that ticks all the boxes mentioned above, follow these brainstorming strategies:

Research African Cuisine and Culture

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of African food and culture. Study the different regional cuisines, ingredients, and cooking techniques. Understand the history and traditions behind each dish. This knowledge will provide you with a treasure trove of inspiration for your restaurant’s name.

Consider Your Target Audience

Who are your ideal customers? Are you aiming to attract adventurous foodies or provide a taste of home for the local African diaspora? Knowing your target audience helps you craft a name that speaks directly to their desires and expectations.

Create a List of Keywords

Based on your research and target audience, create a list of keywords that represent the essence of your restaurant. These could include regional influences, traditional dishes, and key ingredients. Use this list as a starting point for brainstorming potential names.

Experiment with Word Combinations

Combine your chosen keywords in various ways to create a unique and evocative name. Play with alliteration, rhyme, and rhythm to make your restaurant’s name memorable and easy to pronounce.

Get Feedback

Share your list of potential names with friends, family, or colleagues who are familiar with African cuisine. Their feedback will help you refine your ideas and identify any potential cultural or linguistic issues.

100 Fancy African Restaurant Names

These names are designed to create an upscale and refined image for the restaurant, attracting customers who appreciate a high-end dining experience. Fancy African restaurant names often use words and phrases that convey elegance, exclusivity, and a sense of luxury.

Fancy African Restaurant Names

1.Zuri Gastronomy
2. Le Safari Élégant
3. Luxe Afrique
4. Épices Exotiques
5. Le Manoir Africain
6. Savoureux Delices
7. Le Palais de Saveurs
8. Sérénité Saharienne
9. L’Oasis d’Afrique
10. Étoile du Désert
11. La Perle Noire
12. Terroir d’Ébène
13. Le Château du Sahara
14. L’Émeraude Africaine
15. Le Festin Royal
16. Harmonie Épicurienne
17. Le Refuge des Saveurs
18. Éclat de Zanzibar
19. Le Secret du Sahel
20. Villa Afrique
21. Les Délices d’Afrique
22. L’Art Culinaire
23. Le Temple de la Gastronomie
24. Soirée Étoilée
25. Le Palais des Saveurs
26. L’Exquisité Africaine
27. La Résidence Gourmande
28. Élégance Épicée
29. L’Enchantement de l’Afrique
30. Le Charme du Continent
31. Gastronomie en Or
32. Le Bistro d’Afrique
33. L’Essence du Savoir-Faire
34. Le Diamant Noir
35. Le Jardin des Délices
36. Le Joyau Culinare
37. Raffinement Africain
38. La Table Royale
39. L’Exotisme en Bouche
40. Le Manoir des Saveurs
41. Délices en Afrique
42. Le Rendez-Vous Gourmand
43. Le Mirage Africain
44. L’Élégance de la Cuisine
45. La Cascade des Saveurs
46. Le Caprice Culinaire
47. Le Palais Étoilé
48. L’Ambiance Exquise
49. L’Art de la Table
50. Le Temple de l’Épice
51. La Symphonie des Saveurs
52. L’Escapade Gourmande
53. Le Repaire des Gourmets
54. L’Envolée Culinaire
55. Le Manoir Exquis
56. Le Secret du Terroir
57. Le Reflet d’Afrique
58. L’Inspiration Épicée
59. Le Château des Saveurs
60. La Douceur Africaine
61. Le Bal des Papilles
62. La Réserve des Plaisirs
63. Le Sillage Culinaire
64. Le Sentier Gourmand
65. L’Alliance Exotique
66. Le Palais de l’Épice
67. L’Art du Festin
68. L’Étoile du Continent
69. Le Charme Culinaire
70. Le Relais des Saveurs
71. Le Spectacle Gastronomique
72. L’Excellence d’Afrique
73. Le Mirage Culinaire
74. Le Château Étoilé
75. L’Odyssée des Papilles
76. L’Essence Africaine
77. L’Épicurien Élégant
78. Le Raffinement en Bouche
79. L’Envie Exquise
80. La Symphonie Épicée
81. Le Palais Éternel
82. La Magie des Saveurs
83. L’Élégance en Cuisine
84. Le Délice du Continent
85. Le Boudoir Culinaire
86. L’Éclat de l’Afrique
87. Le Sanctuaire Gourmand
88. Le Passage des Saveurs
89. La Table d’Ébène
90. L’Exquis Moment
91. Le Royaume de l’Épice
92. La Renaissance Culinaire
93. L’Artisan du Goût
94. Le Festin Étoilé
95. L’Évasion Gastronomique
96. L’Eden des Saveurs
97. Le Panorama Africain
98. La Féerie Culinaire
99. Le Chemin des Délices
100. L’Éclat de l’Exotisme

Practical Considerations for Restaurant Owners

Once you have settled on a name for your African restaurant, there are several practical considerations to keep in mind. These include:

Trademark and Legal Issues

Conduct a thorough search to ensure that your chosen name isn’t already in use by another business, particularly in the restaurant industry. Consult with an attorney to determine if your name is eligible for trademark protection, and if so, register it to safeguard your brand.

Domain and Social Media Availability

Check if your chosen name is available as a domain name for your website and on popular social media platforms. Having a consistent online presence is crucial for marketing your restaurant and reaching a wider audience.

Logo and Branding

Develop a visually appealing logo that complements your restaurant’s name and represents the essence of your brand. Your logo and branding should be consistent across all marketing materials, from menus to signage to your online presence.

Menu Development

Craft a menu that reflects the culinary traditions and flavors of the African regions you wish to showcase. A well-curated menu will reinforce your restaurant’s brand identity and help create a memorable dining experience for your guests.

Authenticity and Quality

The name of your restaurant should be supported by the quality and authenticity of your cuisine. Source high-quality ingredients, employ skilled chefs with experience in African cuisine, and prioritize consistency in your dishes to ensure a positive dining experience.

Interior Design and Ambiance

The atmosphere of your restaurant should complement the essence of your brand, as conveyed by its name. This includes everything from the interior design and décor to the lighting and music. Create an inviting space that transports your guests to the African regions your cuisine represents.

Staff Training and Cultural Sensitivity

Ensure that your staff understands the cultural significance of the dishes you serve and can educate guests about the flavors and traditions of African cuisine. Invest in staff training to foster an environment where employees feel knowledgeable and confident in representing your brand.

Community Outreach and Marketing

Once you’ve established your restaurant’s name and brand identity, it’s essential to engage with your local community and target audience. Host events, offer special promotions, and participate in local food festivals to build relationships and raise awareness of your restaurant.

Networking with Other African Restaurants

Connect with other African restaurant owners and industry professionals to share knowledge, resources, and collaborate on projects. Building a supportive network can help you navigate the challenges of the restaurant industry and foster a sense of camaraderie.

Continued Growth and Adaptation

The restaurant industry is ever-evolving, and it’s crucial to stay informed about trends, customer preferences, and emerging African culinary talent. Regularly assess your restaurant’s performance, adapt your menu and marketing strategies, and continue to learn from your guests and industry peers.

87 Local Community Inspired African Restaurant Names

These names draw inspiration from the local community and culture of African regions. These names often reflect the unique flavors, traditions, and heritage of specific African communities or countries. They also aim to celebrate and honor the diverse culinary traditions and local communities found across the African continent.

Local Community Inspired African Restaurant Names

1. Ubuntu Delights
2. Township Taste
3. Mama’s Kitchen
4. Village Spice
5. The Heritage Table
6. Community Cookhouse
7. Neighborhood Nosh
8. Homegrown Delights
9. The Gathering Spot
10. Market Square Bistro
11. Township Tavern
12. Community Cuisine
13. Village Vibe
14. The Homestead Grill
15. Cultural Kitchen
16. Corner Cafe
17. Street Food Junction
18. Community Feast
19. Local Harvest
20. Neighborhood Bites
21. Township Fusion
22. Village Eats
23. The Gathering Place
24. Tribal Tastes
25. Market Fresh Deli
26. Homestyle Diner
27. Cultural Delights
28. Cornerstone Cafe
29. Heritage Hub
30. Street Flavors
31. Community Cookery
32. Local Spice Shack
33. Neighborhood Nibbles
34. Township Traditions
35. Village Greens
36. The Community Table
37. Tribal Treatings
38. Market Square Delights
39. Homestead Hearth
40. Cultural Connections
41. Corner Bistro
42. Heritage Hideaway
43. Street Food Fusions
44. Community Kitchenette
45. Local Gastronomy
46. Neighborhood Nourishment
47. Township Taste Journey
48. Village Vineyard
49. The Community Hearth
50. Tribal Temptations
51. Market Fresh Fare
52. Homestyle Haven
53. Cultural Cuisine Corner
54. Corner Delights
55. Heritage Hideout
56. Street Food Serenade
57. Community Culinary
58. Local Roots
59. Neighborhood Kitchen
60. Village Vibes
61. The Community Cafe
62. Tribal Table
63. Market Square Grill
64. Homestead Harvest
65. Cultural Comforts
66. Cornerstone Kitchen
67. Heritage Hotspot
68. Street Food Stories
69. Community Catering
70. Local Flavor Fusion
71. Neighborhood Noshery
72. Township Tastes
73. Village Vegetation
74. Market Fresh Feasts
75. Homestyle Hideaway
76. Corner Cuisine
77. Street Food Stalls
78. Local Spice Haven
79. Township Treats
80. Village Vittles
81. The Community Kitchen
82. Tribal Tastemakers
83. Homestead Haven
84. Corner Bites
85. Street Food Sensations
86. Community Culinary Corner
87. Local Roots Cafe

269 African Restaurant Names

These names are often designed to evoke the rich cultural heritage, diverse culinary traditions, and unique flavors associated with different regions of Africa. These names are meant to capture the essence of African culinary experiences.

African Restaurant Names

1. Fufu & Friends
2. Dakar Cafe
3. Cairo Cuisine
4. Ghanian Grill
5. Bangui Bites
6. Casablanca Eats
7. Abidjan Delight
8. Nairobi Nosh
9. Lagos Lunch
10. Addis Ababa Bistro
11. Ouagadougou Kitchen
12. Kinshasa Taste
13. Akwaaba Restaurant
14. Kigali Cafe
15. Yaounde Yum
16. Dakar Diner
17. Harare’s Grill
18. Somali Supper
19. Juba’s Joint
20. Dar es Salaam Bites
21. Zanzibar Table
22. Kano Kitchen
23. Asmara’s Eating House
24. Bamako Bites
25. Abuja Feasts
26. Luanda Cuisine
27. Tunis Treats
28. Brazzaville Bistro
29. Maputo Delights
30. Mombasa Meals
31. Lome’s Lunch
32. Abijan’s Eats
33. Ndjamena Nosh
34. Banjul Bites
35. Monrovia Munchies
36. Conakry Cuisine
37. Luanda’s Lunch
38. Algiers Eats
39. Rabat Restaurant
40. Kampala Cafe
41. Ouagadougou Diner
42. Windhoek Bites
43. Antananarivo Bistro
44. Libreville Grills
45. Cairo’s Cuisine
46. Yaounde’s Yums
47. Freetown’s Feasts
48. Khartoum’s Kitchen
49. Mogadishu’s Munchies
50. Kigali’s Kafe
51. Asmara’s Eatery
52. Banjul’s Bites
53. Gaborone’s Grills
54. Mbabane’s Meals
55. Kinshasa’s Kitchen
56. N’Djamena’s Nosh
57. Windhoek’s Wafers
58. Lome’s Lunchbox
59. Dakar’s Delights
60. Addis Ababa’s Eats
61. Abidjan’s Appetizers
62. Accra’s Cuisine
63. Lagos’ Lunchtime
64. Luanda’s Lusciousness
65. Bamako’s Bites
66. Harare’s Home Cookin’
67. Maputo’s Meals
68. Monrovia’s Munchies
69. Cairo’s Comfort Food
70. Yaounde’s Yummies
71. Juba’s Joint
72. Kampala’s Kitchen
73. Khartoum’s Kafe
74. Mogadishu’s Munchies
75. Kigali’s Kravings
76. Abijan’s Appetizers
77. N’Djamena’s Nosh
78. Asmara’s Afro-Fusion
79. Accra’s African Cuisine
80. Dakar’s Delicacies
81. Addis Ababa’s Eats
82. Lagos’ Lunch Platter
83. Luanda’s Luxury Fare
84. Bamako’s BBQ
85. Harare’s Hot Pot
86. Maputo’s Meats
87. Monrovia’s Mealtime
88. Cairo’s Cuisine
89. Yaounde’s Yumminess
90. Kampala’s Kitchen
91. Khartoum’s Kravings
92. Mogadishu’s Munchies
93. Kigali’s Kafe
94. Abijan’s Appetizers
95. N’Djamena’s Nosh
96. Asmara’s Afro-Fusion
97. Accra’s African Cuisine
98. Dakar’s Delicacies
99. Addis Ababa’s Eats
100. Lagos’ Lunch Platter
101. Suya Plate
102. Taste of Congo
103. West African Table
104. Fresh
105. Authentic Africa
106. The Organic Lifestyle
107. Jollof and More
108. Delightful Africa
109. The Vegan Way
110. Flavors (Bar and Grill)
111. Taste of Africa
112. Kebab World
113. Everything Ghana
114. Red
115. Naija Cooking
116. The Big Bowl
117. Colors
118. Stew 101
119. African Travels
120. Peri Peri Your Way
121. Wraps
122. Couscous Friends
123. Heart of Africa
124. Nems
125. Jol
126. Dig In!
127. Big Nigeria
128. Taste of Chad
129. And Fufu
130. Bowls and More
131. Flame
132. Tropical House
133. Heart of Naija
134. Spice Grill
135. The Motherland
136. The Red Rice
137. African Special
138. Tasteful Africa
139. African Delicious
140. Homemade Queen
141. Chow Tasty
142. Hearty Village
143. Africa Grub
144. Joll of Good
145. The Yummy Authentic
146. Homeland Delicious
147. Chow Cuisine
148. Cafe Queen
149. Kenyan Safari Kitchen
150. Taste Afrikan
151. Egusi Hut
152. Sumbala African Grill
153. Braai’d Bar
154. Potjie Goodness
155. Piri Piri Palace
156. Game Gourmet
157. Sizzle Ocean Cookery
158. The Namibian Plate
159. Koshari Queen
160. House o’ Jambalaya
161. Furaha Kula
162. B’stilla & More
163. Chakalaka Cuisine
164. Union Square Cafe
165. Shaker + Spear
166. Drink And Dive
167. LAVO Italian Restaurant
168. Bar Pitti Cafe
169. Buddakan
170. Canton Lounge
171. Hot Box Restaurant
172. Green Curry
173. Rosemary’s
174. Richmond Station
175. Restaurant Rebels
176. Plane Grill
177. Vegans Come Here
178. The Smoking Goat
179. Rector Street Food Enterprises
180. PM Fish & Steak House
181. Oceana Restaurant
182. California Shack
183. Greenanic Smoothies
184. All The Lights
185. Little London
186. Mediterra Seafood
187. Edulis Restaurant
188. Mamma Maria
189. Fine Dining Delivered
190. Gringos Locos
191. San Carlo Osteria Piemonte
192. Sole Di Capri
193. Ocean Prime
194. Midtown Goodies
195. The Carbon Bar
196. STATE Grill and Bar
197. Havana Central Times Square
198. Poke’ Bar
199. Emerald Grill
200. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
201. On The Dime Dining
202. Resourceful Restaurants
203. Haven Rooftop
204. Dante NYC
205. Dining Room Resource
206. Locanda Verde
207. Chops N’ Drinks
208. Loi Estiatorio
209. Restaurant Recs
210. Luke’s Lobster Upper West Side
211. Benoit New York
212. Project Juice
213. Sugar Blast
214. Chow Down
215. Manresa
216. Good Taste
217. Italian Restaurant Names
218. Mexican Restaurant Names
219. Manhattan Proper
220. Divine lunch
221. Chez Panisse
222. Pure Thai Cookhouse
223. Whiskey Tavern
224. Like Home Restaurant Group
225. Hell’s Kitchen
226. Grandma’s Sweets
227. Blue Hill
228. Excellent Experience
229. Foodies Unites
230. Café N’ Chill
231. Piccola Cucina
232. Spicy Foods
233. Palomino
234. Bacon Babe Burgers
235. Junior’s Restaurant & Bakery
236. Luke’s Lobster Midtown East
237. Spicella Spanish Kitchen
238. Kitchen Office
239. Girl & the Goat
240. August Restaurant
241. Hanoi House
242. Joe’s Pizza
243. The French Laundry
244. The Smoking Fish
245. Your Cook
246. Maza Grill Kabob
247. Piccola Cucina Osteria Siciliana
248. Mama’s Fish House
249. Casa restaurant
250. L’Appart
251. Fare Start
252. Napkin Know How
253. Woods Restaurant & Bar
254. Merchants River House
255. Harlem Tavern
256. Last Cake
257. King and Queen
258. Dining Divas
259. Lunch Chow
260. California Pizza kitchen
261. Hole In The Wall
262. That Restaurant
263. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
264. The Food Place
265. Saltie Girl
266. Kindred
267. Alpine Meadow
268. Red Dragon
269. Donatello Restaurant

38 Funny African Restaurant Names

These restaurant names incorporate humor, playfulness, or clever wordplay while highlighting the African theme. These names aim to bring a lighthearted and entertaining element to the restaurant’s branding and can be catchy and memorable.

Funny African Restaurant Names

1. Fire Starters
2. Just Falafels
3. African Grub
4. Mister Spicy
5. Kitchen Chow
6. Good Time
7. Project Africa
8. Home-style Africa
9. Mama’s Kitchen
10. Chef’s Kiss
11. Of Rice and Men
12. Pride Rock
13. Hungry Safari
14. Backyard Eats
15. Stew Me Up
16. Big Portions
17. The Cultural Bowl
18. Mouthful
19. The Sizzling Grill
20. The African Experience
21. Sahara
22. Flame On
23. Desert Bar
24. African Times
25. Sun and Moon
26. African Dining
27. Jameela Bistro
28. Dear Africa
29. Local Flavors
30. Everything Africa
31. Hot Piri Piri
32. Distinct Flavors
33. For The Love of Plantains
34. The Red Chili
35. Hot Hot Hot
36. Maize
37. Scoop!
38. The African Influence

100 Catchy African Restaurant Names

Catchy names are unique and memorable names that attract attention and pique curiosity. They often incorporate elements of African culture, cuisine, or languages while being creative and engaging.

Catchy African Restaurant Names

1. The Ainsworth Fidi
2. Freddy’s Stove
3. East Meets West
4. Los Tacos No. 1
5. Breakfast House
6. Serious Service
7. Feel Hungry Cafe
8. House on Parliament
9. The Pennsy Food Hall
10. Crusty Chicken
11. Dine Dime
12. Sea Miracle
13. Song’ E Napule NYC
14. Pappardella
15. Foodconnect
16. Curcuma Restaurant
17. Ready Restaurants
18. Pig and Khao
19. Dining Delight
20. Great Eastern Restaurant
21. Buca Osteria & Bar
22. Quick Eats
23. Coffee and Cake
24. Last Time
25. Bite-Sized
26. Sparta Taverna
27. Batifole
28. Beerburgers
29. Finest Dining
30. American Pie
31. Nish Nush
32. Grit And Griddles
33. Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
34. The Palm Court
35. Big Bills
36. Remedy Diner
37. Cafe Mogador Williamsburg
38. Veganic Corner
39. Nine Seas
40. The Modern
41. Luscious Blue Caffino
42. Weheartfood
43. Homestyle Hawaiian
44. The Capital Grille
45. Peking Inn
46. Cafe Polonez
47. Red Hook Lobster Pound
48. Morning Bliss
49. The Restaurant
50. Bouley at Home
51. American Whiskey TriBeCa
52. Farmhouse Inn Restaurant
53. Porter House Bar and Grill
54. The Kitchen
55. Yia Yia’s- Homemade Greek Food
56. Lamano Chelsea
57. Le Crocodile
58. Lionfish
59. Edward’s
60. White Napkin Restaurants
61. Delicious Bites
62. Smyth
63. Shanghai 21
64. Tasty Time
65. Sushi Nakazawa
66. Gaonnuri
67. Food Court
68. Sea Breeze
69. Bubby’s
70. Andrews Coffee Shop
71. The Hideaway Seaport
72. Unique Meals
73. Season 53
74. Eat Your Heart Out
75. Mario’s Restaurant
76. Open Kitchen
77. Restaurant Warehouse
78. Doscominos
79. Mysteries of the East
80.Eatmore Fried Chicken
81. Table Tops
82. Oceanus
83. Bareburger Lower East Side
84. The Chef in the Hat
85. Steak House
86. PLANTA Queen
87. Patsy’s Italian Restaurant
88. Crabby Dick’s
89. Staple & Fancy
90. Del Posto
91. Serafina Tribeca
92. Gofoodie
93. Blue Collar
94. Food O’Clock
95. Five Oceans
96. Fish Thursday
97. Raclette
98. Green Land
99. Time Out Market New York
100. Mad Chicken

99 Cool/Cute African Restaurant Names

Cute names are designed to be attractive, memorable, and often have a fun or playful vibe. They aim to create a positive and inviting atmosphere that appeals to a wide range of customers and reflects the vibrant and diverse nature of African cuisine and culture.

Cute African Restaurant Names

1. La Pizza & La Pasta at Eataly Downtown
2. Food Republic
3. Red Tablecloth
4. Island Grill
5. Sloppy Eats
6. Mini Kabob
7. The Disaster Café
8. Benares
9. Adega Restaurante
10. By Grandma
11. Blue Plate
12. Indian Food
13. Sweet Escape
14. Curated Cuisine
15. est Restaurant
16. Big Chef
17. Javelina Cafe
18. CANO Restaurant
19. Lox Stock & Bagel
20. by CHLOE. – Rock Center
21. Caliente Cab Co
22. Geronimo Restaurant
23. Hometown Bar-B-Que
24. Trattoria Dell’Arte
25. El Diablo “The Devil”
26. Jungsik Cafe
27. Restaurant Resources
28. American Cut Steakhouse Tribeca
29. Maxwell’s Cafe
30. Smoque BBQ
31. Tre Sorelle
32. Perfect Place
33. The National Bar & Dining Rooms
34. Bareburger
35. Spice Villa
36. Pakistan Tea House
37. Carmine’s Italian Restaurant
38. Balthazar
39. Bleecker Street Pizza
40. The Russian Tea Room
41. City Vineyard
42. Unique Restaurant Names
43. Burgers And Stuff
44. Brick House Stackhouse
45. Silver River
46. The Polo Bar
47. Jean-Georges
48. Goodbite
49. Pink’s Hot Dogs
50. Benjamin Steakhouse Prime
51. Burger King
52. La Fenice
53. Tina’s Cuban
54. Spicy Pizza Kitchen
55. Dine Fine
56. Love Shack Foods
57. Homey Hospitality
58. Hog Island Oyster
59. The Marine Room
60. Catch 35
61. Fumo Harlem
62. The Clocktower
63. Evviva Breakfast and Lunch
64. Party Fowl
65. Hot Lunch
66. Food Villa
67. Industry Kitchen
68. Blue Cuttlefish
69. Atlantic Fish
70. The Mushroomhead
71. Dragon Eats
72. Pie’S Up
73. Food Galore
74. Norma’s
75. Super Supper
76. Akimoto Sushi
77. Yummy Delights
78. Warm Delight
79. Sweet Dreams
80. Minetta Tavern
81. Chiado Restaurant
82. Don Angie
83. Nerds Eat First
84. Amelie Wine Bar
85. Sottocasa Pizzeria Harlem
86. Baar Baar
87. Zoftig Eatery
88. Thai The Knot
89. STK Downtown
90. Sweet Snow
91. Casa Taqueria
92. Sushi Yasaka
93. Empellon Al Pastor
94. Schnipper’s
95. The Tuck Room
96. Momofuku Noodle Bar
97. Juan in a Million
98. Flame On
99. Pronto Pizza

105 Creative African Restaurant Names

Our creative African restaurant names embody the essence of innovation and celebration of diverse cultures. Indulge your senses with a fusion of traditional and contemporary dishes that showcase the culinary treasures of the continent.

Creative African Restaurant Names

1. Tall Oaks Café
2. Malatesta Trattoria
3. Slate NY
4. Scarpetta
5. Tamarind Tribeca
6. Buenos Aires
7. Sandwich corner
8. Clinton Hall
9. Michael’s
10. Whispering Bamboo
11. Tabletop Restaurants
12. Before The Bistro
13. Luke’s Lobster Upper East Side
14. Parallax Restaurant
15. King Dumplings
16. Boucherie West Village
17. Ai Fiori
18. Meijin Ramen
19. Bottino
20. Spice Symphony
21. GEORGE Restaurant
22. Old Lisbon
23. Umami Burger
24. Little Park
25. Foodland
27. At Your Service
28. Bangalore Spices
29. Xi’an Famous Foods
30. Goldfinch Tavern
31. Spinasse
32. Quickly
33. Long Eel
34. The Rowdy Ones
35. Tartine Manufactory
36. Superiority Burger
37. Charlie Bird
38. Moonlight Eats
39. Rustica Restaurant & Lounge
40. Skate And Stay
41. Mess Hall
42. Macchina
43. Eternity
44. New York Bo Ky
45. Thai Me Up
46. Pisillo Italian Panini
47. Very Homemade Food
48. Matera
49. Nippon
50. Perry St
51. Good Morning
52. Soup&Gyro Turkish Mediterranean Food
53. Tasty Meals
54. Veselka
55. Trios Bistro
56. Tasty Dots
57. Green House
58. Little Owl
59. Coaster Saloon
60. Tanner Smith’s
61. Piccola Cucina Estiatorio
62. The Terrace
63. Michael’s On Simcoe
64. Pancake World
65. Gran Morsi
66. Restaurant Reel
67. Schnippers
68. Fish Cheeks
69. Public Village
70. Chinese Tuxedo
71. The Standard Grill
72. Daniel
73. Bread And Butter
74. Heidelberg
75. Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen
76. Big Mountain
77. 1803 NYC
78. Frenchette
79. Big Table
80. Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar
81. Stella 34 Trattoria
82. Gramercy Tavern
83. Osteria della Pace
84. Perfect Setting
85. Gem Café
86. Cuisine Catered
87. The Smith
88. Mama’S Diner
89. Olmsted
90. Crown Crest
91. Delightful Dining
92. Breakfast Champs
93. Vietnamese Street Food
94. Ember Restaurant
95. Cafe Du Soleil
96. Dining Room Ready
97. Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant
98. Murray’s Cheese Bar
99. Grub And Hud
100. Five Star
101. Cafe Luxembourg
102. El Vez and Burrito Bar
103. Great Meals
104. Melt Shop
105. Thai Jasmine


Creating the perfect name for your African restaurant is an essential first step in establishing a successful brand. By considering factors such as memorability, uniqueness, cultural significance, and emotional connection, you can develop a name that resonates with your target audience and communicates your commitment to authenticity. Remember to incorporate practical considerations such as trademark protection, domain availability, and branding into your planning process.

As a restaurant owner, your journey doesn’t end with the perfect name. Strive for excellence in all aspects of your business, from menu development to staff training and community outreach. By combining a memorable name with a commitment to quality, authenticity, and adaptability, you can create a thriving African restaurant that becomes a beloved destination for food lovers in your community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a unique restaurant name?

Choosing a unique restaurant name requires creativity, research, and consideration of several factors. Some steps to help you choose a unique restaurant name are defining restaurant identity, keywords, researching competitors, creative and memorable names, legal considerations and much more. A unique restaurant name can help differentiate your establishment and create a lasting impression.

What makes a good menu?

A good menu is a crucial aspect of a successful restaurant. Some elements that contribute to making a good menu include variety and balance, clear organization, descriptive and appetizing language, seasonal ingredients, signature dishes, dietary considerations, eye-catching design and also regular updates. A good menu can enhance the dining experience and contribute to the overall success of the restaurant. 

Is a restaurant name a brand?

Yes, a restaurant name can be considered a brand. The name of a restaurant often serves as a key element in establishing its identity and creating a brand image. It represents the restaurant’s unique identity, values, and offerings. It helps customers recognize and remember the establishment, creating a sense of familiarity and trust. A strong and cohesive brand is crucial for building customer loyalty, generating brand recognition, and establishing a positive reputation in the market.

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