421 Bubble Tea Shop Names Being Buzzworthy Business To Success 

Bubble tea shops have taken the world by storm, offering a delicious and unique beverage experience that delights taste buds everywhere.

Choosing the perfect name for your bubble tea shop is an important decision that can determine the success of your business. In this article, you’ll find inspiration and ideas for playful, bubbly names that will attract customers and build a strong brand.

39 Funny Bubble Tea Shop Names
5 Good Bubble Tea Shop Names
69 Bubble Tea Shop Names
149 Cute/ Cool Bubble Tea Shop Names
82 Catchy Bubble Tea Shop Names
47 Creative Bubble Tea Shop Names
30 Clever Bubble Tea Shop Names

When it comes to naming your bubble tea shop, you’ll want to consider the emotions and impressions you want to evoke. Think about the bubbly, refreshing nature of your drinks and how you can incorporate that same energy into your shop’s name.

Keep it simple, memorable, and easy to pronounce so that your customers will quickly recognize and remember your brand.

Remember, the right name will not only represent your shop but also set the tone for the whole customer experience – so choose yours with care and a touch of whimsy!

Importance of a Bubble Tea Shop Name

Easy to Pronounce and Remember

When choosing a name for your bubble tea shop, it’s essential to pick something that’s easy to pronounce and remember. A simple and catchy name can make it easier for customers to recall and recommend your shop to friends.

For instance, names like Splashy Pearls and Boba Break roll off the tongue and are easy to remember.

Unique and Memorable

Having a unique and memorable name can give your bubble tea shop a competitive edge. People are drawn to names that stand out and are different from the competition.

A creative name like The Boba Temple or Bubble Tea Time not only captures attention, but it also leaves a lasting impression.

Reflects the Brand

Your bubble tea shop name should represent your brand and the products you’re serving. This helps create a cohesive identity that customers can relate to. Choose a name that reflects the character or theme of your tea shop.

If you specialize in milk tea, a name like “Milk Moments” might work well, while “Boba & Squeak” suggests a fun and whimsical atmosphere.

Remember to consider your target audience and the message you want your brand to convey when selecting your bubble tea shop name. It’s crucial to leave a positive impression while also making your customers feel welcome and intrigued by your unique offerings.

Finding Inspiration for Tea Shop Names

Brainstorming Ideas

When coming up with tea shop names, start by brainstorming a list of words related to tea, the tea industry, and your brand’s personality. You can also get inspired by popular tea brands like Yogi Tea, Yorkshire Tea, and Twinings.

Take note of names that resonate with you and sound catchy, then play around with different combinations.

Types of Tea

With various types of tea available, consider incorporating iced flavors, tea blends, or tea styles into your tea shop name. Look to major brands like Lipton, Tetley, and PG Tips for inspiration.

Alternatively, you may want to feature specialty teas, like Tazo, or herbal blends such as Celestial Seasonings in your tea shop name.

Cultural Influences

Tea has deep cultural roots in various societies worldwide. Incorporate elements from tea-drinking traditions or regions renowned for tea, such as China, India, or Japan, into your tea shop name. For example, Dilmah takes inspiration from Sri Lanka, a top tea-producing country.

As you explore names through these lenses, remember to keep your target audience and brand message in mind. Happy naming!

39 Funny Bubble Tea Shop Names

Funny bubble tea shop names aim to bring humor and playfulness to the experience of enjoying this popular beverage.

39 Funny Bubble Tea Shop Names

1. Bubble Off
2. Bubble’s Over
3. Bubbly Buddy
4. Booblehead Bubble Tea
5. Boo Bubble
6. Giggle Tea
7. Bub’s Bubbles
8. Touch of Tea
9. The Bubble Project
10. Cha-Cha Chi-Chi Tea
11. The Bubbly Planet
12. Bubble Brew
13. Bonkers for Bubble Tea
14. Bubble Infusion
15. Bubble O’s
16. Jacked Up Bubble Tea
17. Tea-riffic
18. Bubble Tea Break
19. Cupid’s Cup
20. You Are My Bubble Tea
21. The Sweet Tooth
22. Frothy Monkey Bubble Tea
23. Restless Bubble Tea
24. Bubble Theory
25. Bubbly Good
26. Sugar Bubbles
27. Tapioca Tap
28. Bubbling with Joy
29. Blow Me A Bubble
30. Bubble Pops Tea Time
31. The Berry and Milk
32. Dragonball Bubble Tea
33. Mighty Bubble Tea!
34. Poppa Fresh Tea
35. Bouncing Bubble Tea
36. Bubble Teatopia
37. Buuuuuubble Tea
38. Bubble Creamy
39. Sleepy Bubbles

Bubble Tea Business Name Ideas

Sweet and Playful Names

If you’re looking for a delightful and entertaining bubble tea shop name, consider names that evoke a sense of joy, fun, and sweetness. For instance, Sweet Pop, Sugary Bubble, or Sweet Droplet might become your favorite choice.

Emphasizing the lighthearted factors of bubble tea experience can also be found in names like Bubble Party, Tasty Tapioca, or Shaken Bubble. You can even play around with cute and quirky names like Bobastic, Tastea or Bobalicious to bring a charming vibe to your shop.

These names will surely pique your customers’ interest and make them excited to try your offerings.

Elegant and Refined Names

Your bubble tea shop could stand out among competitors by going for an elegant and refined name. Think of names that denote a sense of sophistication, such as Royal Bubble, Tea Lounge, or Pearl Pop.

Moreover, you can choose to represent the heritage of bubble tea with names like The Boba Art House, The Taste Bubble or Ancient Art Boba. These selections can display a prestigious and distinguished image while still offering the deliciousness of bubble tea to your customers.

Innovative and Modern Names

In order to reflect a contemporary and creative approach to your bubble tea business, consider names that showcase innovation and modernity. For example, the Bubble Lab, Boba Break, or Boba Life can highlight your shop’s unique and inventive style.

Additionally, you may want to present your bubble tea establishment as a place for relaxation, work, or socializing with names like Boba Workspace, Bubble Haven, or Connected Teas.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with original names to attract a new generation of bubble tea enthusiasts. Incorporating these name ideas can help create a memorable and delightful bubble tea experience, making your shop a must-visit destination.

5 Good Bubble Tea Shop Names

5 Good Bubble Tea Shop Names

1. Tasty Tapioca.
2. Poppy Pearls.
3. The Boba Temple.
4. Royal Bubble.
5. The Bobaman.

Other Tips & Tricks For A Successful Bubble Tea Shop

Pay Attention To Customer Feedback

Opening a successful boba tea shop or boba bar begins with listening to your customers. Take note of their preferences and suggestions, as this can help improve your offerings. Remember, happy customers often spread the word about your fantastic bubble tea.

Menu Adaptation

Keep your menu fresh and exciting by experimenting with new flavors and combinations. Don’t be afraid to try seasonal or limited-time offerings. A flexible menu will keep your customers coming back for more, eager to try the latest craze in the bubble tea world.

Finance Management

Managing the finances of your bubble tea shop is crucial for success. Make sure to keep track of your expenses, revenue, and set realistic financial goals. By staying on top of your numbers, you can ensure your boba tea shop’s long-term success and growth.

Trademark Search and Registration

Before settling on a catchy bubble tea shop name, it’s essential to ensure the name isn’t already trademarked. To do this, you can use the USPTO’s trademark database to perform a trademark search.

This ensures that you don’t infringe on an existing trademark, which can save you from potential legal troubles.Conducting a comprehensive search involves considering variations, misspellings, and similar phrases of your desired name.

Once you’ve found a unique and charming bubble tea shop name, move forward with the trademark registration process. This will protect your brand and give you exclusive rights to use the name for your business.

Registering a trademark involves several steps, such as filing an application, submitting the required fees, and providing documentation about your business.

Don’t worry if this process seems overwhelming; the USPTO website provides detailed information on registering and maintaining a trademark. Plus, you can always seek assistance from an experienced trademark attorney or professional.

With a registered trademark, your whimsical bubble tea shop name becomes a valuable asset to your brand’s identity, securing your place in the competitive market.

So, what are you waiting for? Begin your trademark search, and let your unique bubble tea shop name shine!

Utilizing Business Name Generators

When you’re looking for the perfect name for your bubble tea shop, business name generators can be your best friend. They provide a wealth of creative ideas that you can mix and match to fit your shop’s vibe.

To get started, simply input your desired keywords, like “bubble tea” or “boba,” and watch as the generator produces a range of unique names. If you want to add a personal touch, consider incorporating acronyms, local landmarks, or even your own name into the mix.

Another approach is to blend words or concepts that relate to your business. For instance, you could combine “milk” with “moments” to create “Milk Moments” or “tea” with “time” for “Matcha Tea Time.”

The possibilities are endless, and the generators will make it easier for you to find that sweet, unique name that’ll stick in your customers’ minds.

Don’t forget to use bullet points or tables to compare your generated names, as this will help you keep track of your favorites and make the final selection process more manageable. 

69 Bubble Tea Shop Names

Bubble tea shop names are specifically tailored for establishments that specialize in serving bubble tea, also known as boba tea. 

69 Bubble Tea Shop Names

1. Moonflower Bubble Tea
2. Milk Note Boba
3. The Boba Dragon
4. Tapioca and Milk
5. Milky Pearl Tea
6. Gemstone Teahouse and Boba
7. Diamond Pearl Tea
8. Pink Petals Boba
9. Dragon Fruit Bubbles
10. Bejeweled Tea Shoppe
11. Friendship Bubble Tea
12. Royal Empress Boba
13. Ancient Art Boba
14. Boba Tea Leaves
15. Boba Bulbs
16. Bubble Wand Boba
17. Tao of Boba
18. Sweet Bubbles Teahouse
19. 7th Heaven Boba & Tea
20. Bubble Cafe & Tea Lounge
21. The Taste Bubble
22. The Bubble Xplosion
23. (Your Name’s) Bubble Tea
24. Mr. Cool Boba
25. Jasmine Pearl Milk Tea
26. The Happy Teahouse
27. The Sugar Bubble
28. The Brown Sugar Cafe
29. Pearls Tea and Coffee
30. St. Paul Milk Tea
31. Milk + Tea
32. Half & Half Tea House
33. Master Mountain Bubble Tea
34. Teaspoon of Boba
35. Bon Bon Tea House
36. ShareTea
37. The Shaken Bubble Tea
38. The Happy Tea Center
39. Panda Bubble Tea
40. The Oolong Milk Tea Shop
41. Chibi’s Boba Tea
42. The Urban Tea Company
43. Mr. and Mrs. Tea House
44. Over the Rainbow Tea Bar
45. White Monkey Tea Shop
46. Tea N Me
47. Belly Good Cafe and Boba
48. Tea For Me
49. Jolly Tea
50. Gong Cha
51. Palm Tea Place
52. Teapot Time
53. Boba Almigh-tea
54. Tea
55. Super Cue Cafe
56. Cozy tea
57. Sip Matcha
58. ViVi Bubble Tea
59. T Time
60. Boiling Point
61. Boba Bear
62. Tidal Tea
63. Five Degree Tea House
64. Stash Tea
65. Drive Thru Boba
66. Honest Herbal Tea
67. Muse Tea
68. Brew Fest
69. Tempt By Tea

149 Cute/ Cool Bubble Tea Shop Names

Cute/cool bubble tea shop names are charming and trendy, reflecting a fun and youthful vibe. These names aim to evoke a sense of playfulness, style, and delight, appealing to a wide range of customers. 

149 Cute/ Cool Bubble Tea Shop Names

1. Splashy Pearls
2. Bubble Expressions
3. Popping Bubbles
4. Bubbling Over
5. Totally Tapioca
6. Berry Blooms
7. Bubbly Dreams
8. Pearl Tea
9. Bubble Goodness
10. Fresh Delight
11. Cherish Zone
12. Fruity Island
13. Bubble Town
14. Milk Blossom
15. Bubble Yum Yum
16. Milk the Moment
17. Bobble Bubble
18. Honey Bubble
19. Aloha Tea Time
20. Bubble A Cuppa Chai!
21. Bubbly Cat Cafe
22. Bubble Dialogue
23. Cham Cham Teahouse!
24. Bubble Beezy
25. Sweetie Bubbles
26. Boon Bubble Tea
27. Milk Tea Mom
28. Spoonful of Sugar
29. Sweet Cow
30. Milk Tea Kingdom
31. Cafe Bubblez
32. Dragon Milk Tea
33. The Milky Way
34. Planet Bubble
35. Tangy Tapioca
36. Frothy Fruity Fizz
37. Chu Chu Bubble
38. Sweet Boba
39. Milk is Enough
40. Bobo By The Bay
41. Bubbling Beverages
42. Tapioca King
43. Oolala Bubble Tea
44. Sugar Smacks
45. Bubble Tea Beach
46. Milk in the Middle
47. Milk Shack
48. Flowing River of Milk Tea
49. Milky Way Tea House
50. Sweet Berry Milk Tea
51. Yummy Bubble Tea
52. Bubble ‘n’ Chill
53. Sip Me Up
54. Tapioca Lane
55. Foam Bloops
56. Double Bubble
57. Milkalicious Temptation
58. I Love Milk Tea
59. Sweet Love
60. Bubble Blossom Tea
61. Bubble Tea Ninja
62. Poke-A-Bubble
63. The Bold Bubble
64. Lotus Bubble Tea
65. Pearls and Berries
66. Rockit Bubble Tea
67. Bubble Temptations
68. Cheeky Monkey Teahouse
69. Bubble Latte Café
70. Bubblez Bubblez
71. Bubble Burst
72. Crème de la Bubble
73. Tapioca Heaven
74. Bursting with Tapioca
75. Cultured Concoctions
76. Sipping To Go
77. Drink Up!
78. The Pearberry
79. Bubble Baby
80. Berry Teapot
81. Luv-a-Tapioca
82. Yummy Sweetness!
83. A Pinch of Sunshine
84. Candylicious Bubble Tea
85. Lime-A-Rita Bubble Tea
86. Bubbles Zone
87. Very Berry Bubble Tea
88. Toot My Tapioca
89. Bubbly Emporium
90. Rainbow Blends
91. Zealous Treats
92. Tea, Please
93. Cool Brews
94. Chill Times
95. Fruity Tea Place
96. Tealicious Bubble Tea
97. Tapioca Palace
98. Purple Haze
99. Riches on Ice
100. Get Fresh Bubble Tea
101. Sweet & Ting
102. Bubble Teas R Us
103. Tapioca Mania
104. Cuppa-Licious
105. Geeky Teas
106. The Naked Cup
107. Fruit Spin
108. Flaming Tea-ze
109. Purple Pearl
110. Peachy Keen
111. Grape Escape
112. Boba Shower
113. Happy Buddha Tea
114. Bubblebee’s Tea House
115. Bubble Over
116. B-Luv
117. Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar & Gift Shop
118. Pearl’s Finest Teas
119. Boba Blends
120. Happy Evening
121. Keemun Bubble Tea
122. Liu’an Boba Seed Tea
123. TeaMam
124. Coffee Tree Poke
125. The Sweet Pop
126. Organic Leaves
127. Millions of Milk Tea
128. Tea Paradise
129. Tea Castle
130. Urban Ritual Cafe
131. Pu-erh Tea
132. Oolong Milk Tea Shop
133. Real Leaves
134. Mermaid Tea
135. Tapioca Xpress
136. Red Rose Tea
137. Smoothyology
138. Tapioca Lounge
139. Pim’s Honey Toast N Tea
140. Pearly T.
141. Sweet Seduction.
142. Banana Boba.
143. Bubble Joy.
144. Pearl Pop.
145. BobaLife.
146. Orbit.
147. Bobalicious.
148. Buddha Bubble.
149. BobaGemz.

82 Catchy Bubble Tea Shop Names

Catchy bubble tea shop names are designed to be memorable, attention-grabbing, and distinctive. 

82 Catchy Bubble Tea Shop Names

1. Dr. Bubble
2. Aurora Bubbles
3. Bubble Tapioca Bar
4. Fizzy Lizzy’s
5. The Bustle Cafe
6. Bubble Bobble
7. The Great Bubble Tea
8. Pink Powerhouse Bubble Tea
9. Bubble Double Seven
10. Bubblelicious Cafe
11. The Bubble Bar
12. Bubble Station
13. Cha Cha Teas
14. Blue Ocean Bubble Tea
15. Cool Breeze Bubble Tea
16. Tapioca Ambrosia
17. Bubble in A Cup
18. Bubbling Temptations
19. Loopy’s Bubble Tea Shop
20. Jackpot Bubble Tea
21. Bubble Blow Teas
22. Boba Dash
23. The Bubble Tea Pitstop
24. Get Your Kicks
25. Pearl Tapioca
26. Boba Is For Me
27. Boba Loca
28. Bubble Tea Passion
29. Boba Guys
30. Bubble Cuppa
31. Float On
32. Bora Bora Bubble Tea
33. Jiggle Jungle Teas
34. Gotta Tease!
35. Get That Bubble Tea
36. Bubbly Tapioca
37. Fluffy Boba
38. Bubble Chai House
39. Bubble Tea Love Story
40. The Bubble Tea Place
41. Tapioca Bliss
42. Black Pearl Bubble Tea
43. I Want Some Boba
44. Amoeba Bubble Tea
45. My Boba Tea
46. Fruitopia
47. Bubbly
48. Untold Tale of Tea
49. Wonder Tea Shop
50. Coral Bubble
51. Love My Boba
52. Bubble And Go
53. Tapioca Pearls
54. Popping Boba Cafe
55. Plunge Bubble Tea
56. Tearoom of The Gods
57. Happy Teahouse
58. Yummy Bubble Tea House
59. Flowering Tea
60. Drink Me Up
61. Magic Spell of Bubbles
62. Chai Fusion
63. Bouncing Bubbles
64. Chilled Brew Bubble Tea
65. Boba Queen
66. The Royal Tea Boutique
67. Dragon Ball Bubble Tea
68. Grab A Tease!
69. White Tiger Bubble Tea
70. Orchid Bubble Tea
71. Blackberry Bubble Tea
72. Volcanic Bubble Tea
73. Cuppa Bubbles
74. Dragon Pearl Tea
75. Kick-Ass Bubble Tea
76. Bubble Tea Addiction
77. Bubble Tea King
78. Boba Bon Bon
79. Lovemore Bubble Tea
80. Iced Picnic Bubble Tea
81. Bubblin Tea Hut
82. Bubble Republic

47 Creative Bubble Tea Shop Names

Creative bubble tea shop names are imaginative, unique, and reflect the innovative approach of the establishment towards bubble tea. 

47 Creative Bubble Tea Shop Names

1. Bubbly Bees
2. Jellybean Tea
3. Tapioca Tease
4. Bubble Gang
5. Fizzy Lips
6. Bubble Tea Smiles
7. Bubble Box
8. Crazy Bubblety
9. Big Trouble Bubble Tea
10. Charming Sugar
11. Bubble Wonder
12. Boho Bubble Tea
13. Blend-In Bubble Tea
14. The Hipster Tea
15. Tropical Delight
16. Cool Breeze
17. Yum-O! Bubble Tea
18. Yummy Fun
19. Ting Ting Bubble Tea
20. Jolly Bubble Tea
21. Sunrise Bubble Tea
22. Dragon Pearls
23. A Little Tapioca on the Side
24. Tea Me Up
25. Bubble It
26. Bubble Berry
27. Fruity Burst
28. Fresh Tapioca
29. Minty Refreshments
30. Beach Bubbles
31. Bubble Towne
32. Berry it Up!
33. Rainbow Nectar
34. Bubblelandia
35. Bubbleology
36. Love at First Sip
37. Sippy Sipkins
38. Bubble Land
39. Float World
40. Sweet and Sour
41. Fruit Teas
42. Bubble Power
43. Bubbleo
44. Gubble Bubble
45. Bubble Tea Joy
46. Bubble Tea Pride
47. House of Tapioca

30 Clever Bubble Tea Shop Names

Clever bubble tea shop names are witty and inventive, playing with words, puns, or clever references related to bubble tea. These names aim to engage customers’ attention, spark curiosity, and leave a lasting impression.

30 Clever Bubble Tea Shop Names

1. Purple Kow Boba tea
2. Royaltea
3. Plentea
4. Heavenly Beverages
5. DrinkabiliTea Cafe
6. Morning Brew Coffee & Tea
7. Wild Sippers
8. LuckyChap Tea
9. Tea Social
10. 22 Below
11. Tea Bar
12. The Red Gate
13. Baihao Yinzhen Milk Tea
14. Happy Bubble Tea
15. Hummingbird Tea Room & Bakery
16. Serene Aromas
17. Tealiteful
18. Tea Guru
19. Tea Temptation
20. Teaholic
21. Temptation Teas
22. Hubble Tea
23. Bubblementm
24. Chai Time
25. Gong Fu Cha Boba Tea
26. The Bubble Party.
27. Trinity Pearls.
28. Hastea.
29. Starchaï.
30. Teagan’s.


In conclusion, choosing the right name for your bubble tea shop can be a crucial factor in its success. By considering factors such as the target audience, location, and brand identity, you can come up with a name that reflects the personality of your shop and appeals to your customers. So take the time to brainstorm, do your research, and find a name that will help your bubble tea shop become the next big thing in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bubble tea a trend?

Yes, bubble tea has gained significant popularity and can be considered a trend in recent years. Bubble tea, also known as boba tea or pearl milk tea, originated in Taiwan in the 1980s and has since become a global phenomenon.

Bubble tea is a beverage that typically consists of a tea base, milk or fruit flavors, and chewy tapioca pearls or other toppings. It gained attention for its unique combination of flavors, textures, and the novelty of the chewy tapioca pearls.

Is boba at Starbucks?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Starbucks does not universally offer boba or bubble tea on its standard menu. While Starbucks occasionally introduces limited-time specialty drinks, they typically do not include traditional bubble tea with tapioca pearls as a permanent item.

How is tea named?

Teas are named in various ways, and the naming process can differ based on factors such as the origin, type, processing method, and cultural traditions associated with the tea. Certain teas are named after the specific cultivar or variety of the tea plant used to produce them. Some teas are named based on their appearance or the way they are processed.

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