596 Burger Restaurant Names To Choose The Perfect One

Choosing the perfect burger restaurant names can be a fun and exciting process. Your establishment’s name is the first thing customers see, so it should be something that captures their attention and hints at the irresistible, juicy hamburgers you serve.

A well-chosen name can help your burger joint stand out from the competition and entice hungry patrons to discover what makes your burgers special.

As you embark on this creative journey, remember to focus on the key elements that make your burger restaurant unique. Are your hamburgers famous for their gourmet toppings, or do you serve an innovative fusion of flavors?

Customize your restaurant name to reflect the qualities that set your eatery apart while also keeping it easy to remember.

So, relax and let your imagination run wild as you brainstorm burger restaurant names! Remember, you’re seeking a name that embodies your establishment’s personality while intriguing customers to enter your doors and taste your delicious hamburgers. Happy naming!

59 Creative Burger Restaurant Names
53 Unique Burger Restaurant Names
259 Burger Restaurant Names
146 Catchy Burger Restaurant Names
132 Cool Burger Restaurant Names
146 Funny Burger Restaurant Names
60 Good Burger Restaurant Names

Starting Your Burger Restaurant


When you’re ready to embark on your burger restaurant journey, the first essential step is picking the perfect name. A catchy and memorable burger restaurant name will instantly draw attention and entice customers to give your scrumptious creations a try.

There are numerous examples of burger restaurant names out there to get you inspired, ranging from “Flippin’ Burgers” to “Cheeseburger in Paradise” and beyond.

In the initial stages, consider the theme and atmosphere you want your burger eatery to convey. Should it be fun, classic, or trendy? Identifying your target audience and location is also crucial, as these factors will influence your overall branding and help you stand out from the competition.


As your burger joint gains popularity, it’s essential to think about how you’ll grow and expand. Consider incorporating exciting new burger recipes and a range of delicious side dishes to keep customers coming back for more.

Your burger shop name will play a pivotal role in attracting customers and creating buzz around your mouthwatering menu.

To make your restaurant more enticing, you could also collaborate with local breweries or offer unique beverages, enticing customers with offerings like “The Bigger Better Burger Joint” and “C & D Burger Shoppe.”

When considering expansion, don’t forget the power of social media in promoting your burger restaurant names and generating a loyal customer base.

Fun and engaging campaigns not only help create brand awareness but also showcase your whimsical style and friendly atmosphere in the ever-popular burger industry.

Remember, when starting and growing your burger restaurant, a well-thought-out name, an irresistible menu, and excellent customer service will propel you towards mouthwatering success.

So, get your creative juices flowing and embark on your burger restaurant adventure with confidence!

Burger Names and Inspiration

Creative Burger Names

Looking for some creative burger names to inspire you? Here are a few suggestions that capture the imagination and tempt taste buds:

The Meltdown: A cheesy delight with your choice of toppings

The Picasso: An artistic arrangement of colorful veggies and sauces

Midnight Snack: Bacon, caramelized onions, and a fried egg atop a juicy patty

The Zen Master: A plant-based option with avocado, sprouts, and creamy tahini sauce

These amazing burger restaurant name ideas offer even more inspiration for your menu.

59 Creative Burger Restaurant Names

Creative burger restaurant names are imaginative and unique, reflecting the innovative approach of the establishment towards burger cuisine. 

59 Creative Burger Restaurant Names

1. Burgers Queen
2. Salty Burgers
3. Hamburger Herbst
4. The Burger Bombadil
5. Mmm Burgers
6. El Bull Burger
7. KRAGH Burger Grill
8. Big Shots Burger
9. Red Zone Burgers
10. Big Burrito Express
11. Dough House Burgers
12. Holy Rollz
13. Au Burgers King
14. Stonerice Hot Burger
15. Scratch Me Burger
16. Just Eats Burgers
17. Loco Burger Express
18. Flame Burger Company
19. Burger’s N’ Roll
20. Big Boy’s Burger Bar
21. A & B Burger Shoppe
22. Walking Daisies
23. My Big Fat Burger
24. Great Value Burgers
25. Top Chef Burgers
26. Brunch City Express
27. Cheese Crème Bleu
28. Burgers ‘n Things
29. Burgers N Bottles
30. Slug It Burgers
31. I Hate Burgers
32. Smokey’s Burgers Bar
33. The Break Burgers
34. Eats & Burgers Fast
35. Red Bowl Burgers
36. The Original Burgers
37. The Burgundy Burgers
38. Burgers N Bites
39. Grilled to The Limit
40. Burgers Bunch
41. The Burger Special
42. Burger of the World
43. The Big Chill Burgers
44. Smashburger Express
45. Fatburger Superstore
46. Big Burger Brothers
47. A & M Hamburger
48. Hamburger’s & Co
49. Chop-A-Burger
50. The Burger’s Choice
51. Top Chop Burger
52. Mimi’s Burger Shop
53. Madcow Kings
54. Spicy Taps
55. Hero Burger
56. Smokey Burger Bar
57. All Burgers & Brews
58. Stucky Burgers
59. Burgers 4 All

Spicy and Unique Burger Names

If you’re looking to impress customers with bold, spicy flavors, consider these unique burger names:

The Firestarter: A beef patty with ghost pepper cheese and a jalapeño infusion

Sweet Heat: A combination of tangy BBQ sauce and spicy Sriracha

The Dragon’s Breath: Infused with chili oil and topped with spicy kimchi

Smoky Chipotle Tango: Chipotle mayo, pepper jack cheese, and freshly grilled poblano peppers

For more quirky burger name ideas, take a look at this link to keep those creative juices flowing.

Remember, when crafting your menu, think about the visual presentation and unique flavor combinations to attract attention and keep diners coming back for more. Enjoy the process of creating your one-of-a-kind burger experience!

Catchy and Funny Burger Restaurant Name Ideas

Discovering the perfect burger restaurant name for your business can be an exciting experience. Let’s explore some catchy and funny name ideas that will make your customers giggle and, more importantly, remember your brand with a smile.

Unique and Cool Burger Shop Names

Looking for something that stands out from the crowd? These unique and cool burger shop names are sure to turn heads:

The Burger Shack: A cozy and welcoming spot for all burger lovers.

Bazinga Burger: A geeky delight that pays homage to popular culture.

Hamburger Moments: For when you’re craving that perfect burger memory.

Earthly Delights: Emphasizing the natural and tasty ingredients of your burger creations.

It’s always helpful to mix up your names with varying degrees of seriousness, humor, and creative flair! Here are a few examples with some quirkiness thrown into the mix:

Bun Jovi: A rock-n-roll themed burger joint, perfect for music lovers.

The IceBurg: A play on words that’s sure to make your customers chuckle.

Burger Buzz: Why not name your hip, urban burger restaurant after the excitement it provokes?

Friendly Burger: Emphasizing the welcoming atmosphere of your burger haven.

As you explore your options, consider incorporating unique aspects of your restaurant, location, or menu into your name. For example:

Fifth Ave Burger: A classy burger joint in the heart of a thriving shopping district.

Kung Fu Cheeseburger: Combining the bold flavors of Asian cuisine with classic cheeseburgers.

My Dinner Your Bun: A clever pun that highlights the customization aspect of your restaurant.

Feel free to get creative with your naming process, as this will make your burger restaurant stand out and be remembered fondly by your patrons.

With so many catchy and funny burger restaurant name inspirations available, your burger joint is poised to become a classic destination!

53 Unique Burger Restaurant Names

Unique burger restaurant names are distinct and one-of-a-kind, setting the restaurant apart from others in the industry.

53 Unique Burger Restaurant Names

1. Tilapia Patties
2. Buzzed Buns
3. Better Burger Restaurant
4. Grilled Master
5. Brick House Burgers
6. Burger Cave
7. Superior Burger
8. Paradise Burger Bar
9. Burger Master Mike
10. Fatty’s Burgers
11. Queen Bee Burgers
12. The Grill Goddess
13. Keller’s Drive-In
14. Burger Chef
15. Blue Fish Buns
16. Burger Lady
17. Define Burger
18. Angle Burger Shop
19. Lucchese Burgers
20. Tasty And Spicy
21. Hot And Tasty
22. Nice Buns
23. Toasty Buns Burgers
24. Marble Brewery
25. Blockhouse Bay Fisheries
26. Boat Yard Eats
27. Amaziya Burgers
28. Salty Rooster
29. The Flying Kork
30. Ace’s Golden Rule
31. Best Burger II
32. South Philly Fries
33. Rôtisserie St-Hubert
34. Uppers Burgers
35. Lunch Box Burgers
36. Gourmet Squeeze
37. Sizzlers Plus
38. Stacked Pecans
39. La Lomita Express
40. Grilled As Hell
41. Fifth Ave Burger
42. I’m Hungry II
43. Frank’s Hamburgers
44. Greatburg
45. One Plus One Bites
46. Lucky’s Deli
47. Nacho Cheese Express
48. Furious Gourmet
49. One Burger N Such
50. The Strong Burger
51. Vegas Burgerz
52. My Big Fat Burgers
53. Slurp n’ Shave

Market and Competition

As you’re venturing into the burger restaurant business in the United States, competition is undoubtedly something on your mind. Well, worry not, as we’re here to assist you with some business name ideas and insights that’ll help you make a mark in the industry.

In the ever-growing burger market, it’s essential to stand out and make a unique impression. To begin with, consider choosing a name that reflects the vibe of your restaurant and hints at the delicious offerings you have in store.

For instance, names like Charming Touch or Sin City Burgers pique curiosity and make customers eager to sample your burgers.

As you think about your brand, remember that your customers are your top priority. In this highly competitive market, you must aim at delivering excellent quality products to keep them coming back.

According to a 2009 survey, 75 percent of burger fans consider meat quality their primary or secondary concern, so consider investing in top-notch ingredients to satisfy your patrons.

Moreover, your restaurant name should resonate well with your target audience. Unique and attractive names like The Golden Grill and Embroiderable Burger on Wheels can make your business memorable and appealing to your potential customers.

To further spice up your options, feel free to explore creative name ideas such as:

1. Barnyard Burger

2. Cheesy Buns

3. Catch N’ Eat

4. Shake Shack Burgers

5. Waffle on The Side Burgers

Taking all this into account, keep in mind the power of a whimsical and friendly name that captures the essence of your restaurant, setting you apart from the competition.

Stay true to your brand identity and prioritize customer satisfaction, and you’ll be on the path to success. Happy naming, and good luck with your burger restaurant venture!

Advice for Entrepreneurs

Choosing the Right Name

As an entrepreneur entering the burger restaurant business, picking the perfect name for your venture is essential. A cool and catchy name can make all the difference in attracting customers and setting your eatery apart.

Start by brainstorming ideas and go for something that is easy to remember and resonates with your target audience. Check out names like Burger Monsta and Gourmet Burger Kitchen for inspiration.

Don’t shy away from being creative or adding a touch of whimsy – just make sure it’s still relevant to your brand.

Maximizing Profit and Revenue

Your restaurant’s profitability is closely linked to its ability to generate revenue. To ensure success in the world of food businesses, focus on offering quality products, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing. A few ideas to enhance your revenue potential:

1. Create a variety of delicious and unique burger offerings.

2. Offer enticing add-ons like cheese-stuffed buns, artisanal sauces, or flavorful toppings.

3. Incorporate sides, beverages, and desserts to complement your burger menu.

Additionally, keep an eye on what is popular among other profitable burger joints to stay current and adapt your offerings accordingly.

Marketing Your Burger Restaurant

To successfully market your burger restaurant, make sure your brand message is consistent across all your channels – from your name, logo, social media accounts, and promotional materials, to your restaurant décor and ambience. Here are a few marketing strategies to consider:

1. Leverage partnerships with local suppliers or complementary businesses.

2. Showcase your unique offerings on social media platforms.

3. Innovate new menu items or unique limited-time promotions.

4. Engage customers in fun events or contests.

As you strive for success in the burger restaurant realm, remember that creativity and adaptability are key. By carefully selecting a memorable name and focusing on maximizing profits, you’ll be well on your way to establishing a thriving burger empire.

Choosing The Right Burger Restaurant Name

When you’re selecting the perfect name for your burger restaurant, it’s essential to consider a few key factors. One important aspect to keep in mind is your target audience. Make sure your chosen name is appealing, relatable, and memorable to them.

For some inspiration, you can explore burger restaurant name ideas from Soocial or quirky burger name ideas from Mobile Cuisine. Infusing creativity and uniqueness into your restaurant name can help it stand out in a competitive market.

Additionally, think about using playful and descriptive words that give a hint of your restaurant’s specialty, such as Shake Shack or Patty Planet. Including words that evoke images of delicious food or a fun environment can help entice customers.

Remember to keep the name simple and easy to pronounce. Your customers should effortlessly remember it and be able to share it with their friends.

Lastly, before making a final decision, make sure your chosen name is available and has not been trademarked by another business. With careful thought, dedication, and a bit of whimsy, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the perfect burger restaurant name!

259 Burger Restaurant Names

Burger restaurant names are names specifically crafted for establishments that specialize in serving burgers. 

259 Burger Restaurant Names

1. Virgo Burgers
2. The Burger Awakening
3. Burger Wizard
4. Sassy Burgers
5. Cozy Burgers
6. Burger Hunters
7. Jazz Burgers
8. Picky Burgers
9. Mister Burger
10. Healthy Buns
11. Kickass Burgers
12. Spice Burgers
13. Cannon Burgers
14. Bill’s All-American Burgers
15. Bitchin Burgers
16. Bob’s Burger Barn
17. Bravo Burgers
18. Bunrise Burgers
19. Pounders
20. The Bigger Better Burger Joint
21. The Burger Bros
22. The Burger Experts
23. The Golden Grill
24. The Impossible Burger
25. The Smokin’ Grill
26. The Smokin’ Patty
27. Bob’s Burger Barn
28. Burger Bros.
29. Bigger Better Burger Joint
30. Burgers Ahoy!
31. Riley’s Smiley Burgers
32. Burger Basement
33. Hang 10 Burgers
34. The Burger Grille
35. Rockin’ Burgers
36. Beefcakes Burgers
37. Pitmaster Burgers
38. Dungeon Burgers
39. CrazyBurger
40. Burgers on 22nd Street
41. Bruce’s Burgers
42. Bug Out Burgers
43. Buzz Burgers
44. Patty Buns Burgers
45. The Smokin’ Patty
46. Smokin’ Burger
47. The Smokin’ Grill
48. Burger Smokehouse
49. GrillHouse
50. Bill’s All-American Burgers
51. Burgers-a-Billion
52. Hot Cross Buns
53. Burger Ferguson
54. We Know Burgers
55. We Love Beef
56. Buffalo Burgers
57. Knuckle Burger
58. BINGO Burgers
59. Bullseye Burgers
60. Bullhorn Burgers
61. The Burgery
62. Lucky Buns
63. Gypsy Rose
64. Sea Wave Treasures
65. Mouth Party
66. Joey’s Burger Kingdom
67. Chunky Monkey Burgers
68. Old Fashion Burgers
69. Hoperburger
70. Affinity Rose
71. Bee’s Knees Hamburger House
72. Chunk And Chip Burger Co.
73. Spicy Burger Shop
74. Sugar Rush
75. Zoodles Grill
76. The Hippy Gypsy Burger Shop
77. Good to Eat Burgers
78. Lily of the Valley
79. Aquarian London
80. Hittin’ The Grill
81. Patio, Sandwiches & Burgers!
82. Cupbearer’s Burgers And Fries
83. Original Patty Men
84. New Day Dawning
85. Fry King
86. Glamorously Green
87. Dolphin’s Finest
88. D-Town Burger Bar
89. Peter Pan Burgers and Fries
90. Golden Greek Burger Bar
91. Hot Kitchen
92 Citrine Gemstones
93. Broadway Poutine
94. Fatburger Diaries
95. Epic Burger Days
96. Hubcap Grill
97. Scorchie’s
98. Foodie Club Burgers
99. Golden Burgers
100. Bump In Burger
101. Pie ‘N Burger
102. Backyard Burgers
103. Fun Motive Burgers
104. 80/20 Burger Bar
105. D’Amiano Burgers
106. Crackles Burger
107. Burger Stapro
108. City Burger
109. Sliced Burgers
110. Roadside Burgers
111. The Scent Of Sunshine
112. Patty Deck
113. Partyzilla
114. Between The Buns
115. Invoke The Goddess
116. Parallel Burgers
117. Pattytastic
118. Easy Diner
119. 5 Napkin Burger
120. Epic Burger
121. C & D Burger Shoppe
122. Burger Works
123. Night And Day
124. Honest Burgers Brixton
125. Euphoria Burger
126. Pitstop Burgers
127. Tasty Wave
128. Beefhut
129. Moon & Lotus
130. Juicy Lucy Burger Shop
131. Lost In Burgers
132. Broadway Burger Bar
133. Build To Burger
134. BBQ Burger
135. Beef Bank
136. Burger Joint Near You
137. Jungle Burgers
138. Honey Bunny Burger Store
139. Potato Skins Burger
140. Billy Burger Shack
141. Cosmo Burgers
142. Sin City Burgers
143. Loochin King
144. Good Eats Grill
145. Cool Breeze
146. First Class Burger
147. Crush Burger Shop
148. Gypsy
149. Urban Diner
150. Aroma Steamers & Candle Making
151. Sloppy Joes Burgers
152. The Wanderer
153. Bs Burger Cafe
154. Burger 123
155. Beef Bunch
156. Grindhouse Burgers
157. Yeah! Burger
158. Furious Burrito
159. The Shady Corner Burger Shop
160. Platter Pixies
161. Kettle Burger
162. Furious Burgers
163. Burger-A-Burger
164. Chunky’s Burger
165. Beaded Green
166. The Habit Burger Grill
167. Rouge Burger
168. Cabin In The Woods
169. The Juicier Burger
170. Silk Cocoon
171. French Fry Burger
172. Deuce Burger
173. The Paddy Wagon Burger Shop
174. Hamburger Charlie’s
175. Bite Me Burger
176. The Cheese Burginator
177. Fresh Meat & Bread
178. Burgers and Shakes
179. Peri Grill
180. Burger Plus Restaurant
181. Spicy Food Station
182. The Fast Food Kitchen
183 Honest Homemade Burgers
184. Black Bear Burger
185. Dip & Flip Battersea
186. Street Burger
187. Burger Crush
188. Happy Grill and Cuisine
189. Fatty Patty
190. Beers and Bets
191. Fatburger
192. PrimeBurger
193. The Burger Hub
194. The Crispy Bun
195. Fried Chicken
196. Red Robin Gourmet
197. Applebee’s Grill + Bar
198. Greens and Proteins
199. Healthy Burger Restaurant
200. Blinders Burgers
201. Hollywood Burger
202. Yummy Donut and Top Burger
203. World Famous Hamburgers
204. Burger Lounge
205. The best burger
206. Furious Burger II
207. Bud’s Hot Dog
208. Burger St-Denis
209. Roast Burger Company
210. Furious Burger Shop
211. The Burger Grit
212. Le Hot Burger
213. Lovable Burgers
214. Biscuits & Burgers
215. Boomer’s Burgers
216. Mike’s Burger Bar
217. Smoke’s BnB
218. Romeo Beef
219. The Crave Burger Co.
220. C-Town Burger Co
221. Big Bite Bistro
222. Red Hots Restaurants
223. Bratwurst Burger
224. Truly Burger
225. Bunch of Paws
226. Big Bite’z Burgers
227. Kommer Bros Burger
228. Habibi Burger
229. Coq Cent
230. Smokey’s Burgers
231. One Brother Beef
232. Grande L’Vine
233. The Burgman Kitchen
234. Papa’s Meat Shop
235. Burg’z The Bull
236. Burger on the Move
237. Berger Fresh Burgers
238. Choppy Burgers
239. Original Bitez
240. Burgers N Bistro
241. Red Star Burgers
242. Glorified Burgers
243. Big Chill Burgers
244. City Wide Burger
245. Gurgle Burgers
246. Scrappy Burgers
247. The Grilled Grub
248. Spicy N’ Chilly
249. Copperleaf Burgers
250. Blaze Fast Burgers
251. Sizzleburger Cafe
252. Fry Burger Guyz
253. Fantasy K-9 Burgers
254. Burgerimbers
255. Eddie V’s Big Burgers
256. A Burger’s Life
257. Greenslice Burgers
258. Big Jack’s Burger
259. Burger ‘n Bites

146 Catchy Burger Restaurant Names

Catchy burger restaurant names are designed to be memorable, attention-grabbing, and distinctive. These names often incorporate clever wordplay, alliteration, or intriguing references that capture customers’ interest. 

146 Catchy Burger Restaurant Names

1. Bazinga Burger
2. Hamburger Moments!
3. Burger Mantra
4. Earthly Delights
5. The Great Burger Co
6. Bite Me! Burger
7. Big Bagel Burger
8. Big Daddies Burgers
9. Yo Burgers Yo
10. Burger Boy
11. The Passionate One
12. Cakes & Burgers
13. Uncle Burger
14. Pretty Pastels
15. Sizzle Burger
16. Grilled Pleasure
17. Get Beefy
18. Patty Shack Burgers
19. Big Cheese
20. Rusty Reindeer
21. Büü Burger
22. Robert’s Hamburgers
23. Potbelly Sandwich Shop
24. Big Burger Corp.
25. A&W All American Burger
26. Alto Chic
27. Rollie’s Original Burger Basket
28. Blissful Baskets
29. Dough Burger
30. Burger Moms
31. Beef Burger
32. The Juicy Double Cheeseburger
33. The Burger Place
34. Mom and Pop’s Burger Shop
35. Romano Burger
36. Embroiderable
37. Burger on Wheels
38. Charming Touch
39. Earth and Sky
40. Barnyard Burger
41. 5 Guys Burgers
42. Burgers, Fries and Shake
43. Burger X
44. Shake Shack Burgers
45. Big Boy Burger Place
46. Lovely Garden
47. Confetti Creativity Co
48. Gassy Burger
49. Three-Alarm Fiery Burger
50. Patty Stop
51. Backyard Bbq Burger Shop
52. Grill Master Burgers
53. Dash of Darling
54. Burgers Only
55. Bunting Traveler
56. The Red Burger
57. Kid-Friendly Burgers
58. Diner on Wheels
59. Daddy’s Burger Shop
60. Burgers and Fries
61. Best Buns in Town
62. 3G Burgers
63. Secret Kitchen
64. Hawk Farms & Hayleys
65. Cornflower Creamery
66. George’s Burger Stand
67. Bites Diner
68. Double Decker Burgers
69. Woodchuck Marketing
70. Burger Party
71. The Burger Grill
72. Thick And Juicy Burgers
73. Salty Dogs Bbq
74. Burgers & Brews
75. Smokin’ Buns Ii
76. Blaze Burgers
77. Burger Hero
78. Cheesy Burgerz
79. Burger Bites N Grill
80. Hamburger Paradise
81. Burger Snack
82. Cheesy Burger
83. Winning Grills
84. Fierce Bee Organic Soap Co.
85. Fattboy Burgers
86. Hot Cow
87. The Burger Rush
88. Burgers N Baskets
89. Burgers 4 You
90. Krusty’s Hamburgers
91. Crazy Rich Burgers
92. Hot Sauce Shoppe
93. Taste of Tastbread
94. Tru Burger Kitchen
95. Mafia Burger House
96. The Lazy Dog Burger
97. Eat More Burgers
98. The Burger Factorie
99. Ho Ho Burger
100. Carnival Burgers
101. Big Mo Burgers
102. Blazing Fast Burgers
103. Lucky’s Burger House
104. Tropical Smashburger
105. Old Town Hamburgers
106. EastEnd Burgers
107. Bold Roast Burgers
108. East Valley Burger
109. Lunch Time Burgers
110. Red Meat Burger
111. Fasterburger
112. Ziggurli Burgers
113. Go Burgers
114. Krazy Burgerz
115. Scoops & Sausages
116. Mad Jack’s Burgers
117. Burgers N Such
118. Go Burger Toronto
119. King City Burgers
120. Let’s DO The Burgers
121. Spicy Keg
122. The Bite N Burger
123. Wendy’s Burger Shop
124. Chompy Burgers
125. Fistilicious
126. Burg-Star Bistro
127. Big Shots Burgers
128. Venture Burgers
129. Urban Burger Kitchen
130. Two Cousins Burgers
131. Sliderz N’ Burgerz
132. Unlimited Burgers
133. Lick’s Philly Burgers
134. Hot & Spicy Burgers
135. The Roasted Lamb
136. FIVE Guys Burgers
137. Kazmak Burgers
138. The Strong Burgers Shop
139. Lucky’s Cuisine
140. La Grillerie Burger
141. Saucy Burgers & More
142. Ike’s Burger Joint
143. The Kuff Eats
144. The Burger of Kings
145. Burger on a Stick
146. Cravings Burger Restaurant

132 Cool Burger Restaurant Names

Cool burger restaurant names are trendy, stylish, and evoke a sense of modernity and innovation. These names often reflect the restaurant’s unique concept, atmosphere, or target audience, creating a hip and appealing brand image.

132 Cool Burger Restaurant Names

1. Flippin’ Burgers
2. Burger Chill
3. B.B.Q. Burger
4. The Charlie’s Burgers
5. Cheeseburger in Paradise
6. Chill Burger
7. Red Hot Chili Burger
8. Lucky Mud Pie
9. All-American Burger
10. Flower Crown and Woodland Animals
11. Bacon Cheeseburger
12. Swanky Burger Shop
13. Chatterbox Wonderland
14. Fairy Dusts Creation
15. Burg-O-Rama
16. Hammy’s Hamburgers
17. Garden of Eden
18. Burger Court
19. Hamburger Heaven
20. Boogie Boyz Burger Palace
21. B-Luv
22. Bacon Habanero Burgers
23. Classic Diner Burger Shop
24. Phoenix Rising
25. Brooklyn Burger Shop
26. Billy Burger
27. Bling Burger
28. Chomp-A-Bundle Burger Company
29. Rainbow Jade
30. Big Bertha Hamburger Shack
31. Twigs and Honey
32. Burger Cottage
33. Blazin Burgers
34. Grind Me Fresh Burgers
35. Burger My Style
36. The Meaty Madness
37. Jamie Oliver’s Burger Palace
38. Beaches & Bunns
39. Bite & Roll
40. Cheesy Boys Burger House
41. Wedding Bells
42. Boulevard Burger & Chili Shack
43. The Cheeseburger
44. Big Daddy Burger
45. Cheeseburger Palace
46. The British Bulldog Burger Shop
47. Kiwi Burger
48. Schneckenburger
49. Winnie Burger’s
50. Rolling in Dough
51. Dry Creek Rocks
52. Deli Style Burger
53. Burger Alley
54. Catch N’ Eat
55. Scratch The Taco
56. Hometown Burger
57. My Dinner Your Bun
58. Jalapeno Thickburger
59. Whisper Dreams
60. Suck It Burgers
61. Waffle On The Side Burgers
62. Burgers And Beer
63. Bite Binge
64. Bite Me Burgers
65. Fries Burgers
66. The Great Burger
67. Krazy Burger
68. Bobby’s Burger Palace
69. Red Rooster
70. Sliders Downtown
71. Boneyard Burger
72. Big Mouth Billy’s
73. Pile Em Up! Burger
74. Burger Rehab
75. Backyard Burger
76. Wild Grill
77. Bean Burger Express
78. City Burger Restaurant
79. Chippy’s Burger
80. Five O’Clock Burger
81. Burger & Chill
82. Fry Out Burgers
83. Lincoln Burger Restaurant
84. Punch Out Burgers
85. Burgers 101 Cuisine
86. BRAVO Burger Grill
87. Boar’s Burgers
88. Stacked Burgers II
89. Vons Burgers & Co
90. Brunch Bro Burger
91. Big City Burgers
92. The Burgers Biz
93. Big Dogs Burgers
94. Madtown Burgers
95. Gorgeous Burgers Co.
96. Turtle Rock Grill
97. The Burger Band
98. Burger ‘n Butter
99. The Burger Fix
100. Dapper’s Burger Co
101. Sliced Cheeseburger
102. Spicy Meaty Burgers
103. Eggs & Burger
104. Cora’s Burgers
105. Spicy Glaze Burgers
106. Bubbles N Burgers
107. Raw City Burgers
108. Rock Hill Burger
109. Boogie Burger Co
110. The Kutz Burger
111. Zaxby Oakville
112. Craziness Burgers
113. King T’s Burgers
114. Burgerz And Buns
115. Sweet Smiles Burger
116. The Breakable Burger
117. Burgers ‘n Brews
118. Burger N Bites
119. Maad City Burgers
120. K & G Burger Joint
121. Tasty Burger Deluxe
122. Big Le Co Burger
123. Crazy Shuttles
124. Vegas Hotz Burger
125. That Burger Co.
126. Big Brothers Famous
127. A Burger Co.
128. Moe’s Hamburgers
129. City Roll Burgers
130. WWE Burger Shop
131. Hot Chicken D’or
132. Burgers in A Hurry

146 Funny Burger Restaurant Names

Funny burger restaurant names are designed to bring humor and playfulness to the dining experience, creating a lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere.

146 Funny Burger Restaurant Names

1. Seventeen Burgers
2. Bistro Burger
3. Hanger In Groove
4. Awakening Beauty
5. Hungry Guy’s Burger Shop
6. Mountain Top Sunrise
7. Caveat Emptor
8. Dreamcatcher Trading Co.
9. Sizzle & Spice
10. Chow Down Burgers
11. Giddy Up
12. Bronx Cheeseburger
13. Earth Child Natural Products
14. Gorilla Burgers
15. Airport Burgers & Dogs
16. Big Burger
17. Swishing Silk
18. Atomic Burger
19. Sparkles and Butterflies
20. Double Tower Burger
21. Bloom Shack
22. Green Earth Trader
23. Greasy Spoons
24. Bitin Burgers
25. Bohemian Kreations
26. Bob’s Burgurgers
27. Ankh Flower
28. Cosmic Consciousness
29. Bites by Nestor Burger
30. Best Urban Burgers
31. Delish Burgers and Fries
32. Áuð Áu-Burger
33. Sweet Sea Goddess
34. Dawn’s Destiny
35. Kitchen Sink Burger
36. Noble Rose
37. Burgess Burger and Sandwich Bar
38. Happy Burger
39. All American Burger Bar and Grill
40. Blue Cheese Burgers
41. Cowboy Burgers
42. Hangover Burgers
43. Burgers ‘n Fries
44. Burgers Go Here
45. Big Bitez
46. Cheesy Willy’s
47. Classic Burger Joint
48. Bismuth Bangle Incorporate
49. Local Legend Burgers
50. The Bun Is Redder
51. Flame-Broiled Burgers
52. Bull’s Delight
53. Jersey’s Favorite Burger
54. Deep Dish Pizzeria
55. Butterfly Verde LLC
56. Tasty Treats Burger
57. Burlington’s Burgers
58. Good Vibes
59. Amsterdam Avenue
60. Chewy Chew-Toonie Burger
61. A Dash of Pink
62. Time Machine Burger Stop
63. Busy Burgers
64. Smells Like Freedom
65. Blue Hawaiian Burger Shop
66. The Honest Burger Company
67. Buns of Steel
68. Classic Burgers
69. Just Burgers
70. Mystical Touch
71. Burgers and More Burgers
72. Hungry Cow Grill & Burgers
73. Big Bad Beef Burgers
74. Cream Dream
75. Breakfast Of Burgers
76. The Diner On Wheels
77. Burger ‘N Biscuits
78. Cheese Please Burger Co.
79. Fat Man’s Burger
80. Burger Snacks
81. Cheesy Buns
82 Bruh Now
83. Bite It Burger
84. Big Burger Fresh Meat & Bread
85. Hugs ‘N’ Kisses Burger Shop
86. Cute And Silly
87. Greasy Burgers
88. Bite & Eat
89. Bunch Of Burgers
90. The Great Burger Bar
91. Slash Run
92. Crazy Burger
93. Burger Bounce
94. The Local Burger Bar
95. Slapdash Burger Bar
96. The Bitch Burger Hut
97. The Burger Boss
98. Hungry And Hungry
99. Satisfying Burgers
100. Street’s Fine Chicken
101. Whale’s Burgers
102. Hungry Jack’s Burger
103. Beef Buddies
104. Burger Me Up
105. Cheeky Buns
106. Burger Head
107. The Meat Mentor
108. Royal Stacks
109. Burgers Neutral Bay
110. Big Daddy’s Burger
111. Urgent Burgers
112. Burger Couples
113. Rude Boy Burgers
114. The Road Burgers
115. Crispy Burger House
116. Soul Burger
117. Burger on Beach
118. Burger
119. Happy Ending Burgers
120. GoodPast Burgers
121. Saltwater Burger Bar
122. Groomers Hamburger
123. Food Truck Garage
124. Lord of the Fries
125. MVP’s Grill and Burgers
126. Brunch Boulevard
127. The Burger Genius
128. Burger-N-Swap
129. Big Dog’s BBQ
130. CoCo Fresh Burgers
131. Flock Burger Co
132. Bite It Burgers
133. The K-Stroken Bull
134. Bite It Restaurants
135. Ez Burger Express
136. The Burger Factor
137. Spicy Spuds
138. R & K Burger
139. Grand Avenue Burgers
140. Raw Boys Burger
141. Doughboys Restaurant
142. Big Burger Shoppe
143. Frosty’s BocaChi
144. Biter Burgers
145. Jabz Burgers
146. Burger Kicks

60 Good Burger Restaurant Names

Good burger restaurant names are effective in capturing the essence of the restaurant, attracting customers, and reflecting its unique style and offerings.

60 Good Burger Restaurant Names

1. Savor Sweet Burgers
2. MadTown Burger
3. Rockin N Burger
4. The Flame Grilled
5. Upper Crust Burgers
6. Flock the Steak
7. My Grill Guys
8. Bad Burgerz II
9. Z Burger Canada
10. Sensi’s Burgers
11. Smashburger Downtown
12. Rudy’s Burger Shop
13. Lone Wolf Burger Co.
14. Crazy Mo’s Burgers
15. Red Rock Burgers
16. Big Beef Burger
17. Laguna Fresh Burger
18. Uppercut Burger Co.
19. Burger Fever Fastx
20. The Burgers Outlet
21. Alone Boy Burgers
22. Nifty Burger Company
23. Blandman’s Burgers
24. Mad Max’s Burgers
25. Carlos Burgers
26. Top Dog Burger
27. A Burger’s Worth
28. The Slower Burger
29. U Hungry King Burger
30. Smarter Burgerz
31. I’m A Burger
32. The Real Meatburger
33. Uncle’s Burger Shop
34. Delic’s Hamburgers
35. Big T’s Burger Steak
36. City Me Burger Restaurant
37. Pop’s Grilled Cheese
38. Burger Jerk Shop
39. The Hill Burgers
40. Sliced & Spicy Co.
41. Chill Food
42. My Burger Joint
43. The Hungry Man
44. Taste Buds Burgers
45. Cheap Burger Cafe
46. The Cheeseman’s Grub
47. Lobster Burger Joint
48. Fry’s Burger Food
49. Pour Burgers 2 Go
50. The Burgery Kitchen
51. MVP Burger Grill
52. EAT the Gravity
53. Burgers Shop
54. Tilted Kilt Burger
55. I Do Burgers
56. Spicy Burgrito
57. Gourmet Burgers Only
58. Grum’s Hamburgers
59. The Real Burgers
60. Kebab Burger House

Frequently Asked Questions

Who started burgers?

The concept of combining ground meat into a patty and cooking it is believed to have originated in ancient times. However, the modern burger as we know it today, served between two slices of bread or a bun, is often attributed to the United States.

Ground meat patties have been consumed in various forms across different cultures throughout history. 

What is a cute name for a restaurant?

Choosing a cute name for a restaurant can be subjective and depend on the theme, cuisine, and ambiance of the establishment. Here are a few suggestions for cute restaurant names:

1. Sweet Bites Café

2. Cozy Corner Diner

3. Whisker’s Delight

4. Sprinkle & Spice Eatery

5. Honeycomb Kitchen

What is bistro?

A bistro is a type of small, casual, and unpretentious restaurant that originated in France. Bistros are known for offering simple, home-style cooking in a cozy and relaxed setting. The term “bistro” is derived from the Russian word “bystro,” meaning “quickly,” suggesting that bistros originally catered to customers looking for a quick meal.

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