855 Chicken Restaurant Names To Make Taste Buds Dance

Choosing the perfect name for your chicken restaurant is an exciting and essential step in your journey to success. A catchy and memorable name appeals to potential customers and sets the tone for your establishment. 

Fear not, as we have gathered some fantastic chicken restaurant name ideas to spark your creativity and help you come up with something special.

29 Raw Chicken Restaurant Names
88 Clever Chicken Restaurant Names
5 Good Chicken Restaurant Names
136 Chicken Restaurant Names
117 Catchy Chicken Restaurant Names
120 Creative Chicken Restaurant Names
199 Cool Chicken Restaurant Names
161 Funny Chicken Restaurant Names

From unique and clever names like The Comedi-Hen to fun and creative options like Wing Dynasty, there’s no shortage of inspiration for your own chicken restaurant’s moniker. 

As you dive into the world of poultry-centric names, remember to stay true to your brand’s identity and connect with what makes your restaurant unique. Happy naming!

The Importance Of A Good Chicken Restaurant Name

Oh, the excitement of starting a chicken restaurant! But hold on a sec, you can’t begin without a fantastic name. Choosing the perfect chicken restaurant name can create a solid foundation for your branding and make your restaurant memorable.

You know, first impressions are crucial, and your restaurant’s name is one of the first things people will see. A catchy and unique name can attract customers and help them remember your restaurant when they’re feeling peckish.

Isn’t it great that a well-thought-out name can also hint at the experience they’ll have inside? A clever, fun name will charm customers into stepping through your doors, eager to savor the delicious, mouth-watering chicken dishes that await them.

But there’s more! Your lovely chicken restaurant name is going to be the cornerstone of your branding efforts. A consistent and unique brand will help your restaurant stand out from the flock and inspire loyalty in your customers.

Implementing clever, witty names can make your restaurant’s naming journey an enjoyable, memorable experience. So go ahead, let your creativity soar and pick a name that highlights your culinary skills while bringing your future customers’ taste buds to life!

Don’t worry, you’ve got this. Remember that a good chicken restaurant name is essential for branding, making an impact, and attracting customers. You’ve got what it takes to hatch a great name for your restaurant!

Types Of Chicken Restaurants

Fried Chicken Restaurants

Do you love the crispy, juicy taste of fried chicken? Fried chicken restaurants like Salma Chicken Restaurant are perfect for you. There, you’ll find delicious options like Alorda Chicken Wings or Adorn Chicken Wings that will satisfy your cravings. You can also keep an eye out for local favorites that serve mouth-watering fried chicken dishes.

Grilled Chicken Restaurants

Fancy something healthier? Grilled chicken restaurants offer flavorful, tender, and healthier options for you. Your taste buds will thank you as you dig into dishes like the perfectly grilled Tastos Chicken Wings. Seek out specialists in grilled chicken, and you’ll find no shortage of tasty menu items to enjoy.

Chicken Wing Restaurants

Are you a fan of wings? Chicken wing restaurants serve up all kinds of flavorful goodness. From traditional favorites like the House of Chicken Wings to newer sensations like Legends Chicken Wings or Pluckers Chicken Wings, you’ll find various options to satisfy your wing cravings. Whether you like them spicy or sweet, baked or fried, your next wing adventure is waiting just around the corner.

So go ahead and treat yourself to a fantastic chicken meal at the type of restaurant that suits your preferences best. Be it fried, grilled, or wings, you’ll experience satisfying and delicious flavors that’ll keep you coming back for more.

29 Raw Chicken Restaurant Names

Raw chicken restaurant names may not be suitable as raw chicken is generally not consumed as a stand-alone dish due to food safety concerns.

Raw Chicken Restaurant Names

1. The Chicken Hut
2. Cheeky Chickens
3. Happy Clucky
4. The Popcorn Chicken
5. Free-Range Chicken
6. Chicken ‘n’ Chips
7. The Fajita Chicken
8. Chicken Talk
9. The Chick Nook
10. Battling Breast
11. Chook-A-Doodle-Do
12. Chickalicious Chicks
13. Chick’n Out
14. Big Rigs Chicken Shack
15. White-Collar Chickens
16. Chicken in A Bun
17. Wicked Wings
18. Chicken Nuggetz
19. Chick-N-Mo
20. Chicken Lounge
21. Sun Chicken
22. Chick-Fil-Avenue
23. Castle Of Chicken
24. Thai Inspired Chicken
25. Chicken Cottage
26. Friendly Chicken
27. Fantasy Chicken Shop
28. Chicken Tenders
29. Chicken Pirates

Naming Your Chicken Restaurant

Creating Unique And Memorable Names

Naming your chicken restaurant is an important step in building your brand. You’ll want to choose a name that stands out and reflects the unique qualities of your eatery.

For inspiration, you can look at some unique chicken restaurant names, or get clever with funny chicken restaurant names.

Consider incorporating your signature dish or theme into your name, like using catchy chicken shop names for a quick-service spot or fried chicken shop names for a place specializing in crispy delights.

Using A Business Name Generator

If you’re struggling to come up with a name on your own, a business name generator can help you find the perfect fit. These tools can generate names based on keywords, industry, and style preferences.

Some generators even focus specifically on chicken restaurant name ideas or top chicken restaurant names in the US.

When using a generator, be sure to customize the suggestions by adding personal touches or elements that reflect your restaurant’s character. This ensures your name remains one-of-a-kind and memorable to your customers.

Remember, the name of your chicken restaurant should represent your unique vision, so take your time, explore different options, and choose a name that both resonates with your target audience and stays true to your brand.

Happy naming!

88 Clever Chicken Restaurant Names

Clever chicken restaurant names are witty and intelligent names that play on words or cultural references to create a memorable and engaging brand identity.

Clever Chicken Restaurant Names

1. Bake wing Chicken
2. Divine Chicken
3. Almack Chicken
4. Crispy Crunchy Wings
5. Rock and Roll cafe
6. Cilli speare Chicken
7. Lonofy Chicken
8. Descort Chicken
9. Foodies Unites
10. Wings In Flight
11. Delightful Dining
12. Crispy Chicken Restaurant
13. Wingman At Work
14. Republic Chicken
15. Camper Chicken Restaurant
16. Tasty Time US
17. Sweet Snow
18. Shack N Spoon Restaurant
19. Fine Dining Delivered
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21. Fish man Chicken
22. The Mushroomhead
23. Try N Fry
24. Socio Chicken Wings
25. Dorra Chicken Restaurant
26. Messy Blessings
27. Tora tora Chicken Wings
28. Chicken Planet
29. Love Shack Foods
30. Empire Chicken Wings
31. Chicki Chicken
32. Lunch Chow
33. Satan Wings US
34. Spicy Chicks
35. Legends Chicken
36. Nutura Chicken Restaurant
37. Home aura Chicken
38. Yummy Chickens
39. Dinner Club
40. Home wing Chicken
41. Dining Divas
42. Wing World
43. Gofoodie ChickenDelitia Chicken Wings
44. Doroby Chicken
45. Wingland Restaurant
46. Long Eel US
47. Boogie bites
48. Food Villa
49. Blend Chicken Restaurant
50. Winghouse
51. Bite-Sized
52. The Winger
53. Sea Chicken
54. Wings Restaurant
55. Food Factory US
56. Foodconnect
57. Marginal Chicken Wings
58. Mannary Chickens
59. Resourceful Restaurants
60. Restaurant Rebels
61. Café N’ Chill
62. Rock grill Chicken
63. Winning Wings
64. Castle of Wings
65. Snail Chicken Restaurant
66. Bre wiz Chicken
67. Spirit Chicken Wings
68. Skate And Stay
69. Fingwing
70. Wing man Chicken
71. Shooters spoon Chicken
72. 10 Wings
73. Salma Chicken Restaurant
74. Dining Room Ready
75. Breakfast Champs
76. Fleshy Wings Café
77. Service Supplied
78. Sushi plate Chicken
79. West Wing King
80. Sunrise Café
81. Fire Wing Chicken
82. Hot Fly
83. Wings pizza Chicken
84. The Comedi-Hen.
85. Totally Peckish.
86. King’s Coop.
87. The Clucky Rooster.
88. FryIt Palace.

Popular Chicken Restaurant Names

You might have come across some catchy chicken restaurant names in your neighborhood or online. These names are essential to stand out and attract customers. Here are a few popular chicken restaurant names for you to explore.

Camper Chicken Restaurant: Adding the word “camper” to the name of a chicken restaurant instantly conjures images of friends and families gathering around a campfire, sharing delicious, hearty meals.

Hot Wheel Chicken: Who wouldn’t want a taste of chicken served in a fun and lively atmosphere? Hot Wheel Chicken incorporates excitement and adventure, perfect for those seeking a thrilling dining experience.

Groma Chicken Restaurant: Groma brings out the idea of creativity and innovation. This name suggests a unique dining experience where customers can enjoy their favorite chicken dishes in a novel setting.

Bre Wiz Chicken: With a clever play on words, Bre Wiz Chicken evokes a sense of magic and enchantment, making you feel like you’re about to indulge in a one-of-a-kind culinary experience.

Crispy Chicken Restaurant: The name says it all – this spot is dedicated to delighting you with perfectly cooked, crispy chicken dishes that will leave you craving more.

Fire Wing Chicken Wings: Heat things up with a visit to Fire Wing Chicken Wings! This name suggests bold flavors and spicy options for wing enthusiasts who love to turn up the heat.

Remember, a great name can make all the difference in setting your chicken restaurant apart from the competition. Whether it’s whimsical, adventurous, or entirely straightforward, choose a name that reflects the atmosphere and flavors you want your customers to experience.

Suggestions For Chicken Restaurant Names

Hey there! Are you thinking of starting your own chicken restaurant and looking for the perfect name? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Consider something catchy like Candowave Chicken, a name that flows off the tongue and gives a unique vibe to your restaurant.

For those craving hot wings, you could go for a name like “Hot Wings Heaven.” This works well in capturing the spicy essence of the dishes you’ll be serving at your restaurant. How about something different like “Bake Wing Chicken”? This name signifies your dedication to unique cooking methods for your delicious wings.

Here are a few more name suggestions for your chicken restaurant:

1. Feathered Feast
2. Cluck & Crunch
3. Wingtopia
4. Chirpy Delights

You could also select a name based on themes relevant to your restaurant’s personality, such as the following:

Wing Dings: A fun, retro-themed spot

Flightless Flavors: Serves up tasty dishes minus the need for flight

The Clucky Rooster: A country or farm-inspired eatery

Keep in mind that when you suggest a name for a chicken restaurant, it should resonate with your target audience and convey the ambiance you aim to create.

Lastly, don’t forget to play around with words, incorporate puns, and get creative with it. Remember, a great name will set your chicken restaurant apart from the others and leave an unforgettable impression on your customers. Happy naming!

5 Good Chicken Restaurant Names

Good Chicken Restaurant Names

1. Chilli Chick’s Roadhouse.
2. Poultry Points.
3. House of Rôtisserie.
4. Pollo Hambriento.
5. CountrySoul Chicken.

International Chicken Restaurant Names

You might wonder which chicken restaurants have ventured beyond their borders and found success on an international scale. Fear not, because we’ve got you covered with a list of some scrumptious options.

Bonchon Chicken, for example, is a popular South Korean chain known for their mouth-watering crispy fried chicken. Their dishes are so loved that they’ve expanded all the way to the USA!

Everyone knows Buffalo Wild Wings, but did you know they’re also internationally acclaimed? With 1,000 international locations, their scrumptious wings are enjoyed by folks from the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

Intersecting your love for sushi and chicken, you’ll find fusion restaurants like Chicken Teriyaki Sushi, tossing up delightful sushi plates with chicken variations. It’s a perfect harmony of culinary creations!

In short, your choices are aplenty when it comes to international chicken restaurant names. Satisfy your taste buds and explore new cuisines – you’ll never run out of options!

136 Chicken Restaurant Names

Chicken restaurant names are unique and catchy names given to establishments that specialize in serving chicken-based dishes. These names often aim to capture the essence of the restaurant.

Chicken Restaurant Names

1. Wing Wanderer
2. Thigh Tracer 
3. Chicken Gala 
4. The Chicken Waiter 
5. Ravishing Chick
6. Chicken Lavish
7. The Broiler Wall
8. The Clucking Native
9. Chick and Fork 
10. Chicken Pirate 
11. Good Cluck 
12. Cluck Pieces 
13. Spot The Wing 
14. Perry Poultry 
15. Chicken Spire 
16. The Oven Spy
17. Chicken Roast House
18. Licensed to Chicken
19. I Fancy Chicken 
20. Chicken Happened 
21. Whatcha Chick 
22. The Wicked Chicken
23. Chicks and Chilli
24. Cheeky Wrappers
25. The Poultry Poet
26. Roasted Rhymes
27. Buttery Chicks
28. Bratty Chicken
29. Cinderelly’s Restaurant
30. The Wing Wrecker
31. The Thymeless Cluck
32. Spiced Up Leg
33. Roaster Genre
34. Cindy’s Clucks
35. Chef Chook Restaurant
36. Spot The Chicken
37. Missing Wing
38. Sleepy Chicken
39. The Chicken Trial
40. Wingmore Chicken
41. Fryless Chicken
42. The Thigh Sanity
43. Drumstick Drill
44. Cluckson Chicken
45. The Chicken Matters
46. Filler Bee Chicken Diner
47. Apple Cluck Restaurant
48. Volcano Wings
49. The Chicken Hobby
50. Farmhouse Champs Restaurant
51. Chicken Shadow Restaurant
52. Classy Clucks
53. Crossdressed Chicken
54. Red Roasters Chicken
55. Poultry Theory
56. The Broiler Library
57. Bull Wing
58. Bacon Babe Burgers
59. Wingtopia
60. Wing cent Chicken
61. Eat Your Heart Out
62. White Napkin Restaurants
63. Wild Wing
64. The Dinning Room
65. All The Lights
66. Sea Breeze
67. Before The Bistro
68. Wing Life
69. Delitia Chicken Wings
70. Bengaluru Bites
71. Bodhisattva’s Garden
72. Roti Boti
73. Flavors of Punjab
74. The Paneer Pot
75. The Gandhi Restaurant
76. Biryani Bliss
77. Rikki Tikki Take-Out
78. Kabab Masala
79. Bombay Social Club
80. Cafe Malabar
81. Bay Leaf Modern Indian Cuisine
82. Curry Kitchen
83. Chutney Story
84. Kurry Kingdom
85. Mumbai Tummy
86. Delhi’s Belly
87. Indian Dynasty
88. Emperor of India
89. Paapi Pet
90. Chickpea Curry House
91. Madras Cafe
92. Seven Spices
93. Cinnamon Bazaar
94. Mumbai in Minutes
95. Bengali Bistro
96. Ram Bharose
97. Namaste Garden
98. Spice It Up
99. Namaste
100. Spicy Bite
101. Hurry Curry
102. The Blue Taj
103. Indian Jewel
104. Savya Rasa
105. Mumbai Diners’ Club
106. Bombay Tiger
107. Oh! Calcutta
108. Cumin & Curry
109. Spice ‘N’ Rice
110. Kabob Korner
111. Khana Khazana
112. Taste of Chennai
113. Spirit of India
114. Mild 2 Spicy
115. The Duke of Mumbai
116. Spice Shuttle
117. Mumbai Chef
118. The Punjabi Kitchen
119. Chais and Thais
120. Malai Marke
121. Hyderabad House
122. Passport to India
123. The Hot Hindi
124. The Imperial Indian
125. Royal Biryani
126. The Indian Palate
127. Kabob n’ Kurry
128. Roti Time
129. Biryani Street
130. Tandoori Time
131. Killer Kebab
132. Saffron
133. Killer Kabobs
134. Spice Is Nice
135. Mumbai Masala
136. Desi Dera

117 Catchy Chicken Restaurant Names

Catchy chicken restaurant names are attention-grabbing and memorable names that entice customers and create a strong brand presence. These names often incorporate wordplay, alliteration, or clever combinations of words to make them stand out in a competitive market.

Catchy Chicken Restaurant Names

1. Dine Fine
2. Big Table
3. Kitchen Office
4. FloWings
5. BBQ Ranch
6. Wild Wings
7. Last Cake
8. Full Belly Bellas
9. Sugar Blast
10. Wings Loco
11. Wings And Things
12. New Crescent Café
13. Yellow Submarine
14. Wings Profi
15. Wingmind Chicken
16. Food Formula
17. Crusty Chicken
18. Restaurant Resources
19. Perfect Setting
20. Punch Of Flavor
21. Impera Chicken
22. Spicy Dragon
23. Dedicated Dining
24. Dodge City Wing & Ale House
25. Food stuff Co
26. The Healer’S Brewkeep Going
27. Midtown Goodies
28. Groom Hood Wings
29. Chops N’ Drinks
30. Here’S Your Wings
31. Green Land
32. Wing King
33. On Wheel Chicken Wings
34. Quick Eats
35. On The Dime Dining
36. Fish Thursday
37. Diamond Wings
38. Wings International
39. Coffee and Cake
40. Grub And Hud
41. WingsMan
42. Silver River
43. Big Chef
44. Instant Wings
45. Chicken’S To Go
46. Chickenlicious
47. Smoked Wings
48. Breakfast House
49. Plane Grill
50. Food Republic
51. Gigantic Wings
52. Formal Performance
53. Very Homemade Food
54. Cheesy
55. Juicy Wings Cafe
56. Food Box
57. North Umber Wings
58. Satisfying Chicken
59. Chicken Will Do
60. Golden Rooster
61. Chicken Tonight
62. Cheeky Chicken
63. Mighty Wings
64. Chicken Connection
65. Proper Nosh
66. Cheerful Chicken
67. Chicken Lovers
68. Foster Chicken
69. Wingin’ It!
70. Chicken Pop
71. Eight Clucks
72. Clucking Great
73. Colossal Chicken Co.
74. Chicken N Stuff
75. All Day Chicken
76. Muah! Chicken
77. Chicken Deli
78. Little Feathers
79. Fowl and Fortune
80. 567 Chicken
81. Tasty Nuggets
82. Chicken Barn
83. Mozzarella Chicken
84. The Little Chick
85. Hen-House of Fun
86. Chickens R Us
87. West Coast Chicken
88. Chick-N-Burger
89. Coop De Cluck
90. Golden Dishes Chicken
91. The Cock-a-Doodle-Doo
92. Chick N’ Pickle
93. Big Breasts Chicken
94. Tasty Chicken Legs
95. Chicken on The Bone
96. Perfect Hatch
97. Chicken Crunch
98. Chicken Dips
99. Tasty Side
100. Hot Spicy
101. Buzzing Chicken
102. Chicky Dippers Chicken
103. Fried Me Happy Chicken
104. Wing It Chicken
105. Wings n Things
106. Hot Wings
107. The BoiCluck
108. The Cluck Market
109. Lil Chickens
110. Drumsticks
111. Wing Street
112. Chicken Land
113. The Big Chicken
114. Chicky’s
115. Granny’s Chicken
116. Cluck-U
117. The Feathered Nest

120 Creative Chicken Restaurant Names

These names evoke a sense of playfulness and create a positive association with chicken and the dining experience.

Creative Chicken Restaurant Names

1. Like Home Restaurant Group
2. Chicken Imporium
3. Hell Wings
4. Dingers Chicken Wings
5. Fork’S N Knives Chicken
6. Steak House
7. Wingspan Wings
8. Red Wings
9. Tall Oaks Café
10. Meat Lovers Rejoice
11. Tastee Fried Wing
12. Persent Chicken Restaurant
13. Morning Bliss
14. Ready Restaurants
15. Prestige Restaurant
16. Spice Nice
17. Sea Miracle
18. Barbrosa Chicken
19. Finest Dining
20. Social Spot Chicken
21. Restaurant Warehouse
22. Five Star Restaurants
23. Bbq Blast
24. Remedy Chicken Wings
25. My Wings
26. Food Addict
27. Smitty Queen Chicken
28. Blizzare Chicken
29. Big Mountain
30. Foodland
31. Wings Sushi
32. Wing Wave Chicken
33. Bella Kitchen
34. Chicken roulette
35. Flavourful Chickens
36. Restaurant Recs
37. Forkfull
38. Rosewood Chicken
39. Wonder wings
40. Cuisine Catered
41. Chicken BBQ
42. Curated Cuisine
43. Kingy Wingy
44. Wings And Beef
45. Socal Chicken Wings
46. Good Taste
47. Full Wings
48. Wingilicious
49. Gramble Chicken
50. Beerburgers
51. Twin peacks Chicken
52. At Your Service
53. Monty Fried Chicken
54. Clucky Wings
55. Wings City
56. Shooters Chicken
57. Spaghetti House
58. Plucking Chicken
59. Horizone Chicken
60. Golden Grills Chicken
61. Zaxby Chicken Restauran
62. Wings Coven
63. Delight Chicken
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65. Guru of Wings
66. Weheartfood
67. Cluckoos Chicken Wings
68. That Restaurant
69. Sweet Wing Chicken
70. Spak Chicken Wings
71. Willy’S Wings
72. Wing stop Chicken
73. Last Time Restaurant
74. Three Forketeers
75. Forks And Wings
76. Wings Palace
77. Wings Ranch
78. Bistro Builders
79. Winner Winner
80. Your Cook
81. Hot Box
82. Wings Club
83. Food County
84. Good Food
85. Table Tops
86. Drop Shadow Chicken
87. Little London
88. Napkin Know How
89. Madrina Spicy Wings
90. Gofoodie Chicken
91. Moonlight Eats
92. The Wing Man
93. Fabulous Wings
94. Luxura Chicken Restaurant
95. Well Winged
96. Hot Risotto
97. Alpine Meadow
98. Down street Chicken
99. Wingsy Kitchen
100. Alorda Chicken Wings
101. Goodbite Restaurant
102. Plump Chicken Restaurant
103. Robust Chickens
104. Velocity Chicken
105. Atlanta Chicken Restaurant
106. Food Court
107. Big Boo’S Burgers
108. Brownie Bites
109. Let’S Wing It
110. Spice Villa
111. Chick ‘n Flick.
112. Daily Cluckwork.
113. The Friendly Hen.
114. Carved Express.
115. Poultry-Go.
116. Country House Fowl.
117. The Fresh Coop.
118. Pollo’s Famous.
119. Stuffville Chicken.
120. Forked Poultry.

199 Cool Chicken Restaurant Names

Cool chicken restaurant names are trendy and modern names that exude a sense of style and appeal to a hip and diverse customer base.

Cool Chicken Restaurant Names

1. Rocket Restaurants
2. Wilson Chicken Restaurant
3. Ole Jon Wings
4. Amazing Chicken
5. Blue Cuttlefish
6. Andrew plat Chicken
7. Restaurant Reel
8. Dazzy Chicken Restaurant
9. President Wings
10. Tabletop Restaurants
11. Dirty Bird to Go
12. Simply Chickens Seaforth
13. Let’S Ketchup
14. Powerful Punch
15. Dine Dime
16. Wing Fry
17. Fried Chicken Restaurant
18. Pennsylvania Chicken
19. 5 Min Cafe
20. Knight’s Chicken and Waffles
21. Delish Dishes
22. Nation Chicken
23. Smitty Shine Chicken
24. Reliable Restaurants
25. Cheesy Bites
26. Superior Poultry
27. Church’s Chicken
28. The Rowdy Ones
29. Five Oceans
30. Yummy Delights
31. Hot Wings Chicken Restaurant
32. Mysteries of the East
33. Perfect Place
34. Saucy Chicken Wings
35. Red Tablecloth
36. Mad Butcher
37. Service First
38. Wing And A Platter
39. Wing Me
40. Adorn Chicken Wings
41. Best Wings
42. Burgers And Stuff
43. El Pollo Loco
44. Fire & Food Urban Grill
45. The Corner House
46. East Wing
47. Big Bills
48. Spinning Chickens
49. Flame Coal Chicken
50. King Poultry
51. Paradise Chicken Shop
52. Perfecto Chicken
53. Spicy Chicken Wings
54. Pelicana Chicken
55. Groma Chicken Restaurant
56. Crablegs Baby
57. StickyWings
58. Wings And Drinks
59. Wings grill Chicken
60. Pie’S Up
61. Flora Chicken Restaurant
62. Fish & Chicks
63. Wings Samurai
64. Chicken Cottage Tooting
65. Formal Foods
66. Fresh Poultry
67. Crescent Live Poultry
68. Perfect Dish
69. Spoon show Chicken
70. Vertica Chicken
71. Wings Delight
72. Marginal Chicken Wings Camper Chicken Restaurant
73. Great Meals
74. Mama’S Diner
75. Epidemic Chicken
76. The Wing Shack
77. Wing Royalty
78. The Steggles Shop
79. South City Kitchen
80. Royal Wings
81. Chicken and Grill
82. The Chicken Shop
83. Wicked Chicken
84. Alaska Wings
85. Food Galore
86. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
87. Chicken Empire
88. Good Morning
89. Forker Chicken Restaurant
90. Sloppy’S
91. Krispy Krunchy Chicken
92. Excellent Experience
93. Roasted Chicken Wings
94. Chow Down
95. Performance Dining
96. Midnight Chicken
97. Wings Gallery
98. Wing cent ChickenFavorite Chicken & Ribs
99. Chickenyard
100. BBQ Night
101. GarField Chicken Restaurant
102. Picken Licken Chicken
103. The Bacon Diet
104. Food O’Clock
105. No Rest Restaurants
106. Platina Chicken Restaurant
107. Wall Of Wings
108. Grit And Griddles
109. Fork wing Chicken
110. Compeh Chicken
111. Square Queen Chicken
112. Spork Chicken Wings
113. Phoonk Chicken Wings
114. Mess Hall
115. Delicious Chicken
116. Angry Chicken Wings
117. Wings N More Wings
118. Bbq Heaven
119. Spectra Chicken Wings
120. Greta Spoon Chicken
121. Rooster Shack
122. Antilopers Chicken
123. Cripko Chicken Restaurant
124. Tastos Chicken Wings
125. West Wing
126. Heaven Taste Chicken
127. Fowl Paradise
128. The Wingsbucket Bushy’S Wings
129. Heaven Spoon Chicken
130. Downtown Chicken
131. Slime Chicken Wings
132. Green House
133. Night Hide Wings
134. Pulk Spike Chicken
135. Wildmerry Wings
136. Gem Café
137. Daily Delight
138. Slim Chicken Chicken
139. Wings Master
140. Oregon Chicken
141. Street shine Chicken
142. Slicky Wings
143. The Food Place
144. Candella Chicken
145. We Made Chicken
146. Full Wing
147. Chicken And More
148. Wings Pro Chicken Wings
149. Barden Chicken Restaurant
150. Flavortown Wings
151. Yummy Yummy
152. Five Star
153. Nova breed Chicken
154. Epic Chickens
155. Delight spoon Chicken
156. Roadside Pickups
157. Salsa Chicken Wings
158. Slim spoon Chicken
159. Sausage and Wings
160. Mid bar Chicken
161. Andora Chicken Wings
162. King Of The Wings
163. Horizone Chicken Wings
164. Candowave Chicken
165. Warm Delight
166. Delight Chicken Restaurant
167. Wing Thing
168. Wing Yard Chicken
169. Hot Dogs and Wings
170. City Wings
171. Spoon LY Chicken Restaurant
172. Doublemunch Restaurant
173. Red Sauce Chicken
174. Foxwing Chicken
175. Red gives Chicken
176. Barbecue Wings
177. Wild West Fowls
178. House of Chicken Wings
179. Unique Meals
180. Hunger Chicken Wings
181. Kitchen Corral
182. Food Town
183. Snack Packs
184. Wild West Wings
185. Spoonery Chicken
186. Sweet Dreams
187. Restaurant Resale
188. Brick House Stackhouse
189. Buffalo Wing Chicken
190. Spot Spoon Chicken
191. Asiad Chicken Restaurant
192. Noah Chicken Restaurant
193. Green Chili Chicken
194. Red Mood Chicken
195. Hope’S Fried Chicken
196. Pluckers Chicken Wings
197. Leg piece Chicken
198. Dana’S Wings
199. Wingology

161 Funny Chicken Restaurant Names

Funny chicken restaurant names are humorous and lighthearted names that bring a smile to people’s faces and create a playful atmosphere. 

Funny Chicken Restaurant Names

1. Hot Ones
2. Quarter Chicken Restaurant
3. Chicken Now
4. Lucky’s Lunch Counter
5. Wing Dings
6. Farmhouse Chicken
7. Slice Queen Chicken
8. Crown Crest
9. Chicken shake Restaurant
10. Creta Fork Chicken
11. Ghost Fried Chicken
12. Crown’S Fried Chicken
13. Inter Chicken Restaurant
14. Taste of Tennessee
15. twin waves Chicken
16. Ride The Wing
17. Street Shore Chicken
18. Luscious Blue Caffino
19. Taste of Texas
20. Weggie Wings
21. Sloppy Eats
22. Chicken King
23. Co Wings
24. One N Ten Chicken
25. Doctor Wing
26. Wholesome Wings
27. Royal Chicken & Pizza
28. Nerds Eat First
29. Greta tatse Chicken
30. Escape the Egg Ranch
31. Butter chicken factory
32. Wing Things
33. Choicewings Chicken
34. American Pie
35. Monster Chicken
36. Pro taste Chicken
37. Wonder Chickens
38. Tasty Meals
39. FireBirds Chicken
40. Wingsy Chicken Spot
41. Lappy wings Kitchen
42. The Sparrow’s Mill
43. Wings of Glory
44. Ohayo Chicken Restaurant
45. Homey Hospitality
46. Vocal Chicken Wings
47. Wings Unlimited
48. Cross Road Chicken
49. House of Wings
50. Chicken and Farm Shop
51. Fries And Chicken
52. Sticky Fingers
53. Serious Service
54. Red Dragon
55. The Flame Broiler
56. Slim Chicken Wings
57. Queen Wings
58. Koi’S Sushis
59. Chicken’S Love
60. Groot Chicken
61. Tasty Things
62. Fast Food Corner
63. Busy Bee Cafe
64. Roseberry Chicken
65. Full Service Dining
66. Nine Seas
67. Fast Chow Wings
68. legends Chicken Wings
69. Peppa’s Jerk Chicken
70. Finger Wings
71. Crispy Fried Chicken
72. Jolly Chickens
73. Spicy Wings
74. The Fields Chicken Shop
75. Wingz Ready Chicken
76. Dave’s Hot Chicken
77. Wing Universe
78. Wagbeore Chicken
79. Chick Filler
80. Delicious Bites
81. Drink And Dive
82. Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours
83. Waba Chicken Wings
84. FastFood Chicken
85. My Chick
86. The Alleyhouse
87. Chicken Boy
88. Corner Shadow Chicken
89. Taste Aura Chicken
90. Rice Chicken
91. BBQ Wings
92. Worldwide Wings
93. Fifty Chicken Wings
94. Chicken Shop & Dirty Burger Tooting
95. International Wings Factory
96. Hot Wheel Chicken
97. Chickenaroma
98. Champs Chicken
99. Dining Delight
100. East Meets West
101. Thirsty Bird
102. Twin Chicken Wings
103. Eagles Wings
104. Mr BBQ
105. A Wing In Time
106. Rock & wing Chicken
107. Cookies Chicken
108. Hot Spring Chicken
109. Souper Chicks.
110. Cluck o’ Time.
111. WingIt Restaurant.
112. Fowl Play Co.
113. My Fry or Die.
114. Just the Chicks
115. Fowl Play!
116. Just Poultry
117. Naughty Chicken
118. Bird in Hand
119. The Frying Squad
120. Chicken on The Way
121. Mr. Chicken Man
122. Chicken on The Run
123. Cluck Cluck Boom
124. Cockadoodledoo
125. Birds of a Feather
126. Chicken Seekers
127. The Cluckish Coop
128. Clucky Delights
129. The Clucky Egg
130. The Chicken’s Nest
131. A Passing Chicken’s Fancy
132. Yummy Chook
133. Popup Chicken
134. Chicken Out
135. Prime Feathers
136. Chick-Eye Express
137. Chick-Cue Chicken
138. Chick-Aholic
139. Chicken Heels
140. Bigger Chicks
141. The Clucking Place
142. Po Chicken
143. Big Bird
144. Angry Birds
145. Greasy Knee
146. Penguin Fried Chicken
147. Cuckoo Clucks
148. Bone Appetit
149. Chick-ceptional
150. Fowl Service
151. Feckin Fowl
152. Fawkin Amazing
153. The Coop of Fun
154. Chicky D’s
155. Cluck and Dine
156. Chicken Piggy
157. Mc Zingers
158. Little Chicks
159. Fried Chicken Kingdom
160. Meat in Motion
161. All Chicked Out

Chicken Restaurant Names – The Essentials

Starting your own chicken restaurant is an exciting venture, but coming up with a name that captures the essence of your eatery can be tricky. In this section, we’ll guide you through some essentials to keep in mind while brainstorming for catchy and creative names.

To begin with, think about the type of chicken dishes you’ll be serving. Names like Chilli Chick’s Roadhouse and Wings Delight give customers an idea of your specialty, whether it’s spicy or focused on wings. Remember, your name should represent your cuisine.

Next, consider adding a touch of humor or wit to make your chicken restaurant stand out. Clever names like The Comedi-Hen and Chicken Nuggetz Castle can add a whimsical vibe to your eatery, attracting customers who appreciate a pun or two.

Think about incorporating your location or a local landmark into your restaurant name. This not only makes your chicken joint unique, but also establishes a connection with your community. Names like Pencilvwnia Chicken and Sugar Land Chicken are great examples of this approach.

Lastly, brainstorm names that capture the atmosphere of your chicken restaurant. If your eatery has a cozy, homestyle vibe, consider names like Homey Hospitality. On the contrary, if you’re going for a sleek and modern ambiance, names like White-Collar Chickens would be more suitable.

Now that you have these essentials in mind, go ahead and start brainstorming your perfect chicken restaurant name. Remember, creativity and originality will make your eatery stand out in a sea of chicken joints!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Restaurant Names?

Here are some restaurant names:

1. The Flavorful Fork
2. Spice Fusion
3. Bistro Bliss
4. Urban Bites
5. Delish Diner
6. The Fresh Fare
7. The Gastronomic Grill
8. The Rustic Retreat
9. Zesty Zestaurant
10. The Gourmet Garden

How Important Is A Restaurant Name?

A restaurant name is highly important as it helps establish the brand identity, differentiate from competitors, create a first impression, attract customers, aid in marketing and promotion, and foster a sense of cultural relevance.

How Do You Write A Restaurant Name?

When writing a restaurant name, keep it concise, memorable, and reflective of your concept. Choose words that evoke positive emotions and describe your unique offerings. Ensure it aligns with your brand identity, is easy to pronounce and spell, and is legally available. Test the name with others and consider its visual appeal.

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