595 Chinese Restaurant Names To Satisfy Your Cravings

Are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure and open your very own Chinese restaurant? The first step is choosing the perfect name that will captivate your customers and set the tone for their dining experience.

With endless possibilities ranging from traditional to modern, playful to sophisticated, the options are as vast as the flavors in Chinese cuisine. Take inspiration from Szechuan, Shandong, Cantonese, and Huaiyang, as well as American Chinese culinary styles. 

20 Good Chinese Restaurant Names
50 Cool Chinese Restaurant Names
27 Indian Chinese Restaurant Names
184 Chinese Restaurant Names
6 Puns Chinese Restaurant Names
94 Funny Chinese Restaurant Names
44 Food- Based Chinese Restaurant Names
120 Creative Chinese Restaurant Names
50 Catchy Chinese Restaurant Names

To create a unique name that reflects your restaurant’s signature dishes and ambiance, get creative and let your imagination run wild. The names like Golden Peach Dragonfly and The Noodle Garden that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and embrace a whimsical approach when selecting your restaurant name. A touch of humor or wordplay can go a long way in making your establishment memorable.

Names like Wu-Tang Restaurant or Fire Sesame draw attention and spark curiosity, inviting patrons to step inside and discover the delightful dishes awaiting them.

Traditional Chinese Restaurant Names

When it comes to selecting traditional Chinese restaurant names, it is essential to consider the region from which the cuisine originates. In this section, we’ll explore different naming ideas for Cantonese, Sichuan, and Shandong restaurants.

Cantonese Restaurant Name Ideas

Cantonese food is known for its delicate flavors and fresh ingredients. When choosing a name for your Cantonese restaurant, you might want to highlight these qualities. Here are some name ideas to spark your creativity:

1. The Fresh Lotus
2. Pearl River Delights
3. Harmony Garden
4. Jade Palace
5. Golden Ginger

Remember to keep the names genuine and unique, as this will help create the perfect ambiance for your guests.

Sichuan Restaurant Name Ideas

Sichuan cuisine is famous for its bold, spicy flavors and the signature use of Szechuan peppercorns. To capture the essence of this robust cuisine, consider some of these name ideas:

1. Fiery Dragon Noodles
2. Red Lantern Spice House
3. Hot Duck Cascades
4. Peppercorn Paradise
5. Sizzling Sichuan Bistro

These names emphasize the rich, flavorful taste that Sichuan dishes are renowned for.

Shandong Restaurant Name Ideas

Shandong cuisine is known for its variety, combining both land and sea ingredients. For a Shandong restaurant, consider names that reflect this diverse culinary tradition:

1. Ocean Treasure House
2. Magic Noodle House
3. Imperial Feast
4. Shandong Delight Tavern
5. Golden Lotus Harbor

By choosing an appropriate name for your Chinese restaurant, you can make it easier for your customers to identify the specific regional cuisine you offer, and ensure a memorable dining experience in your establishment.

20 Good Chinese Restaurant Names

Good Chinese restaurant names are those that effectively represent the cuisine, culture, and ambiance of a Chinese dining experience. 

20 Good Chinese Restaurant Names

1. Level III Restaurant
2. Soho Hotpot
3. Nimble Table
4. Pure Thai Cookhouse
5. Chez Billy Sud
6. Party Fowl
7. Buddha Belly Noodles
8. Mad for Chicken
9. Desi Addicts
10. The Fresh Squeezed
11. Pita Pan
12. Super Supper
13. The River Seafood
14. L’Orchid of Heaven
15. East Coast Grille
16. Good Luck and Peking Duck
17. Pisillo Italian Panini
18. Lazy Bear
19. Dak Shuk-Tang
20. Spicy Pizza Kitchen

Creative Chinese Restaurant Names

When looking to open your own Chinese restaurant, one of the first steps is choosing a creative name that catches the attention of potential customers. Here are a few tips and examples to inspire you in selecting the perfect name for your restaurant.

To begin with, think outside the box and avoid common words like China, Golden, Garden, Wok, Dragon, and Panda that are frequently used in Chinese restaurant names.

Instead, focus on creating a unique combination of words that reflect the cuisine and atmosphere of your establishment. Let your creativity flow and consider elements of Chinese culture, cuisine, and mythology to come up with a fitting name.

For example, you could try names that play on traditional Chinese culinary elements or famous dishes, such as:

1. The Moonlight Noodle House
2. Fire Sesame Kitchen
3. The Sacred Bun Emporium
4. The Dumpling Garden
5. Blossom Egg Bistro

Or you can incorporate Chinese mythology, legends, and cultural symbols, like the following options:

1. The Dragonfly Palace
2. Lantern Street Cafe
3. The Rabbit Pot Delights
4. The Nested Temple Eatery
5. Jade Lotus Table

Another direction is to emphasize the fusion of Chinese cuisine with modern or local culinary trends. A few intriguing ideas could be:

1. Sun and Moon Fusion Restaurant
2. The Mandarin Way Bistro
3. The Gourmet Dragon Cafe
4. The Wok Food Hub
5. The Hot Duck Fusion Eatery

Keep your potential customers in mind while selecting your Chinese restaurant name. Choose a name that is easy to pronounce and remember, while still capturing the essence of your establishment.

By following these tips and keeping your creative juices flowing, you will surely come up with a memorable and captivating name for your Chinese restaurant.

50 Cool Chinese Restaurant Names

These names often evoke a sense of authenticity, tradition, and quality. 

50 Cool Chinese Restaurant Names

1. Neat Chinese
2. Hǎixi Express
3. Papa’s Fried Chicken
4. Le Hot Duck
5. Wok Palace
6. Sacred Bon
7. Le Grand Delite
8. True Bun
9. Le Kung-Fu Le
10. Nested Temple Cafe
11. Uncle Tetsu’s
12. Wild Sesame
13. Rice & Sizzle
14. Hot Dogs N’ Spicy
15. Pinnacle Hot Duck
16. I Eat Rice & Star
17. Enchanting Lotus
18. L & R Sacred Bun
19. Yuan Dynasty
20. The Rabbit Bistro
21. Lucky’s Palace
22. The Egg on the Way
23. Duck N Szechuan
24. Great Wall Bar
25. Lotus Garden Cafe
26. Peony Fountain
27. Pantastic Voyage
28. Buddha’s Herbology
29. Taste Mystic
30. Gong Chai
31. Xin Fu Lan
32. Cousins Cafe
33. Maa’s Sizzle
34. Chu Tian Ming
35. Vintage Western
36. Hundred Star Herb
37. Bun Chinois
38. Cafe Mystique
39. Taste of Immortals
40. House of Kegs
41. Sin City Spice
42. High Noon Dragon
43. Trinity Place
44. Hot & Crusty
45. Kung Fu Mystic
46. Hwang Kee He
47. Hai’s Hot Duck
48. Fujian Fried Rice
49. Ch’i Chue’s
50. Chen Family Cuisine

Chinese Buffet Name Ideas

If you are looking for the perfect name for your Chinese buffet? You are in the right place. Let’s dive into a few creative and catchy suggestions to make your restaurant stand out.

Consider including elements that evoke feelings of abundance, variety, and tradition when thinking of a name for your Chinese buffet.

Your customers should be enticed by the prospect of enjoying a wide range of dishes at your establishment. Here are some great options to kickstart your brainstorming session:

Wok of Fortune – This name plays with the iconic Chinese cooking utensil and a touch of luck.
The Jade Buffet – The jade stone is a symbol of royalty and purity in Chinese culture and represents the quality of your dishes.
Mandarin Feast – It hints at an extensive menu that includes dishes from various regions within China.

In addition to incorporating elements from Chinese culture, you can also think about playful and memorable names. Get inspired by these examples:

Bamboo Bonanza – The alliteration will create a catchy and exciting impression.
Your Lucky Noodles – A friendly nod to the delicious noodle dishes awaiting your patrons.
Golden Lotus Palace – A grand and sophisticated name that evokes imperial Chinese imagery.

You can also find inspiration in the different types of Chinese cuisine like Szechuan, Shandong, Cantonese, and Huaiyang. This helps position your buffet as an expert in a particular regional fare.

Remember, a name is just the beginning of your restaurant’s story. Make sure the dishes, atmosphere, and service live up to the expectations set by your chosen name.

Enjoy the process, and get ready to welcome hungry customers to your delightful Chinese buffet!

Naming Your Chinese Restaurant

Importance of Cultural Relevance

When choosing a name for your Chinese restaurant, it’s essential to consider the cultural relevance of the name. By selecting a name that reflects the authenticity and tradition of Chinese culture, you’ll connect with customers looking for an authentic dining experience.

Here are a few Chinese restaurant name ideas that showcase cultural relevance:

1. Golden Peach Dragonfly
2. Luminous Wok Cuisine
3. Bamboo Blossom
4. Szechuan Spice Spot

Remember to research and understand the meaning behind the name you choose to ensure it represents the cuisine and atmosphere you want to create.

Creating a Brand Image

Your restaurant’s name also significantly creates a brand image that sets you apart from the competition. A memorable name can attract customers and make them curious to try your dishes. Catchy Chinese food restaurant names like these can help you stand out:

1. Ming’s Bowl Buffet
2. Happy House Cuisine
3. The Jade Giant
4. Wok of Luck

In addition to being memorable, it’s wise to select a name that’s easy to pronounce and spell. It will help customers remember and recommend your restaurant to others.

To summarize, when naming your Chinese restaurant, focus on cultural relevance to connect with your target audience and create a strong brand image that differentiates you from competitors.

27 Indian Chinese Restaurant Names

Indian Chinese restaurant names are those that blend the flavors and influences of both Indian and Chinese cuisines, creating a unique fusion dining experience. 

27 Indian Chinese Restaurant Names

1. Thousand Noodles
2. Dragon City Express
3. Little Silk Court
4. Red Mango Bar
5. Wok On Point
6. Rich Rice Noodle Co.
7. Golden Horse Hakka
8. Hot King Hakka
9. Dragon City Dining
10. Golden Lotus Gourmet
11. New Hakka Legend
12. Hakka Lotus
13. Golden Noodle Bistro
14. The Golden Tooth
15. Hakka Bistro
16. Fusion Rice Box
17. The Dragon & Unicorn
18. Chef Wok & Roll
19. Hakka King Tasty
20. The Tiger’s Pot
21. Hakka Time
22. Golden Eagle
23. Hakka Curry Plus
24. The King of Noodles
25. Red Rice Gourmet
26. The Flame Dragon
27. Hakka Panda

Chinese Cuisine Types

When exploring Chinese restaurant names, it’s important to understand the different types of Chinese cuisine. With a vast country like China, diverse regional flavors and cooking styles exist, providing a plethora of amazing dishes for you to discover.

Take, for example, Cantonese cuisine. This is one of the most popular styles of Chinese food around the world, known for its fresh ingredients, light sauces, and delicate flavors.

As you taste Cantonese dishes, you’ll notice that they emphasize preserving the natural flavors of the ingredients, beautifully showcasing the true essence of each component.

Now, venture into Szechuan cuisine, which is famous for its bold flavors and spiciness. Originating from the Sichuan province, this type of Chinese cuisine incorporates a generous use of chili peppers, garlic, and the unique Sichuan peppercorn.

Szechuan dishes will warm up your taste buds if you enjoy a good kick in your food.

Another fascinating Chinese cuisine is Shandong cuisine. This style hails from the coastal Shandong province and heavily features seafood and fresh vegetables.

Known for its adept use of seasonings and precise cooking techniques, Shandong dishes provide a harmonious mixture of flavors and textures that’ll definitely impress your palate.

Let’s not forget about Huaiyang cuisine, one of the most refined styles in Chinese cooking. This cuisine focuses on the culinary traditions of the Huai and Yangtze Rivers.

Expect dishes that are beautifully presented, with an emphasis on preserving the original colors and tastes of the ingredients.

To sum up, Chinese cuisine is a vast world of delightful flavors and delightful dishes. As you explore Chinese restaurant names, don’t forget the regional specialties of each cuisine to truly understand the richness and diversity that Chinese food has to offer. Happy eating!

184 Chinese Restaurant Names

Chinese restaurant names are names that represent the cuisine, culture, and ambiance of Chinese dining establishments. 

184 Chinese Restaurant Names

1. MSG: Yeah You Know Me
2. China Grub
3. A Taste of Hong Kong
4. Green Leaf
5. Queenstown Public House
6. Basic Kneads Pizza
7. Water Grill
8. Golden Burgers
9. Farmhouse Inn Restaurant
10. Tibetan Treats
11. Citron Chinese
12. Firefly Restaurant
13. Oriental Espresso
14. Souper Won Ton
15. Famous Restaurant Names
16. Tall Wall Chow Mien
17. Spices from Ningxia
18. Industry Kitchen
19. Where’s the Beef and Broccoli?
20. Chinese Foodie
21. Jackie and the Dragon
22. Traditions Chinese Restaurant
23. Chinese Epicure
24. The Vegan Asian
25. Cute Restaurant Names
26. Organic Oriental
27. Halls Chophouse
28. Single Shot
29. The Lost Kitchen
30. The Elusive Emigrant
31. Grand Seafood Oriental Buffet
32. Amazin’ Asian Food
33. Top Shelf Lo Mein
34. Hard Rock Cafe
35. Kakao Garden
36. The Rosebud
37. The Eaters Republic of China
38. Yangzi is Delicious
39. Thai Me Up
40. Sparta Taverna
41. Indigo Grill
42. Trattoria Dell’Arte
43. The Mission
44. Union Square Cafe
45. Winning Chef
46. The Slanted Door
47. Dinner Side
48. Garage Kitchen + Bar
49. Sweet and Sour Dork
50. Divine lunch
51. Frenchette
52. Elevation: Gourmet Chinese Meals
53. Taiwan Yum Yum
54. Bocsby
55. House of Blues
56. Buvant Com
57. Chinese Chicken Wings
58. Toscana
59. Award Wieners
60. Rocco’s Cafe
61. Lox Stock & Bagel
62. Eight AM
63. Amelie Wine Bar
64. So Delicious Spa
65. Hot Duck Cascades
66. Spicy N’ Spice
67. Moonlight Chinese
68. The Hot Duck China
69. Soleil Thai Cafe
70. Moon Moon Heaven
71. Rice House
72. Dragon’s Gourmet
73. Cielo Rabbit
74. Le San Korean
75. Hǎixiān Flavor House
76. The Asian Critic
77. La Belle Province
78. A Fragrant Rose
79. Chinatown Egg House
80. Vermillion Hot Pot
81. The Mystic House
82. Witch’s Foot Inn
83. Sukiyaki World
84. New York Bo Ky
85. True China
86. Favor Flavors
87. Krazy Cuisine
88. Falafel Palace
89. Amelie Bar
90. Wei Wei Bao
91. Little Rabbit Pot
92. The Pottie Stop
93. Halo egg
94. Boulevard Pantry
95. Happy Duck Chinois
96. Cup n’ Bowl
97. Phoenix Mystic
98. Metro Cafe
99. The Egg Cherry
100. Chinexion
101. New Life Dragon
102. The Main Course
103. Homewood Chickens
104. Vitality’s Kitchen
105. Nine Moon Mystic
106. Yuna’s Kitchen
107. Yummy Asian Fresh
108. Rooftoop at E11EVEN
109. Sweet Flowery Rose
110. Staple & Fancy
111. Zheng’s Mystique
112. Fairy Lane
113. Soho Asian Express
114. Hundred Feet Heaven
115. Elysium Eaters
116. Shanghai Egg Co.
117. Chingi Lee Cafe
118. Sugar Paradise
119. Wu Wut An
120. Ginger Beef Taste
121. Fantastic Kitchen
122. Lunas Restaurant
123. The View Lounge
124. Mystic Hill Garden
125. Pokepot King
126. Chinese Noodle House
127. Elixir Chinese Food
128. Richie’s Kitchen
129. Sweet Chix II
130. Haven the Soul
131. Me Love Your Tofu
132. The Sumptuous Banquet
133. White Ribbon Palace
134. Panda Buns
135. Spirit House Wok
136. Da Wei Sesame Inn
137. Tcm In The Sky
138. Mini Kabob
139. The Sweet & Spicy
140. Boucherie West Village
141. The Mystic Hill
142. Le Roi des Bois
143. Sesame Noodle
144. Noodle Taste
145. Sacred Rice
146. Hua Hing
147. Sushi Azabu
148. The Flowery Leaf
149. Rock in’ and Ramen
150. Neat Temple
151. Sushi-Nouveau
152. Napoleon Gourmet
153. Crispy Cherry Bites
154. Aegyo Dragon
155. Hot & Sweet Chinese
156. Jabu House
157. Happy Egg Egg Cafe
158. HÈSHÀ
159. Hot Duck Bing
160. Fantastic Restaurant
161. The Chinese Chicken Spot
162. Hot Duck King George
163. Chez Panisse
164. Phoenix Pot
165. The Lazy Cow’s
166. Asian Egg
167. The Chow Chow
168. Go Mop Champaign Inc
169. The Sweet Delight
170. Mystic Hill Chinese
171. Hot Duck Heaven 2
172. Fog Harbor Fish House
173. Viral Dim Sum
174. Hot Duck Phoenix
175. Honey Egg Creamery
176. Red Willow Salsas
177. Oh Baby Noodle
178. Fork and Barrel
179. The Mighty Star
180. Lofty Leaf Cafe
181. Yogis Grill & Cafe
182. The Melting Pot
183. The Egg Place
184. Spring Egg Lovely

6 Puns Chinese Restaurant Names

Puns Chinese restaurant names are clever and witty names that incorporate wordplay or humorous references related to Chinese culture, cuisine, or language.

6 Puns Chinese Restaurant Names

1. Rockin’ and Ramen
2. The Wok Of Fame
3. Wok In & Wok Out
4. Filled of Dreams
5. Kung Food
6. Duck Duck Goose

94 Funny Chinese Restaurant Names

These funny restaurant names add an element of fun and playfulness to the dining experience and can be quite memorable.

94 Funny Chinese Restaurant Names

1. Wok ‘n Roll
2. General Zao’s Daughter
3. Soon Fatt Chinese Takeaway
4. Big Wong
5. Fu King Chinese
6. Fook Hing Restaurant
7. Hot Duck Wok
8. Pick Up Stix
9. Good Luck & Peking Duck
10. The Hot Chinese
11. Oodles of Noodles
12. Souper WonTon
13. Humpty Dumplings
14. Cluck Cluck Duck Duck
15. Bamboo Blossom
16. Szechuan Spice Spot
17. Wonton Wok
18. Cilantro Chinese Cuisine
19. Feast From The East
20. Wok n Talk
21. Beijing Bowl
22. Wacky Wok
23. Dragon Sweet BBQ
24. Great Chef
25. Duck ‘n’ Go
26. Cloak & Petal
27. Lotus Flavor House
28. Heritage Restaurant & Caviar Bar
29. Kum Den Bar & Restaurant
30. Crest Cafe
31. 3 Way Restaurant
32. Harvest Beat
33. China Baked
34. Noodle Soup & More
35. Kaleidoscope Fish
36. Ma’am Pot
37. Momofuku Ko
38. Le Bernardin
39. Gringos Locos
40. The Tasty Bowl
41 EastEnd Tavern
42. Abundance Chinese
43. Happy Hot Duck
44. Hot Pepper House
45. Fumo Harlem
46. Guangdong Gourmet
47. Loess Fusion
48. Crown Dragon Cuisine
49. Ching Pot Restaurant
50. California Pizza Kitchen
51. Metropolitan Grill
52. Asian Fusion House
53. So China
54. Coaster Saloon
55. Jean-Georges
56. Clinton St Baking Company
57. Balthazar Shop
58. Oodles of Chinese Noodles
59. The State Banquet
60. The Sesame Calf
61. The Asian Lettuce Wrap
62. Kanata Kitchen
63. Loa’s Neighbor
64. Plaka House
65. Seven Hills
66. Don Angie
67. The Precocious Peacock
68. Royal 35 Steakhouse
69. China Burger
70. Hot Duck Pot
71. Homestyle Hawaiian
72. Rainbow egg + toast
73. Feast Phoenix
74. Ming’s Hot Pot
75. Bean Nellies
76. Kaleidoscope Buns
77. Chinese Mystic
78. Congee Queen
79. Hot N Juicy
80. The Kensington Deli
81. Beef & Bubble Sesame
82. The Fantastic Fox
83. Spirit Hill House
84. Taste At Mystic Hill
85. Paint My Life
86. Taste Yuan
87. Eastern Mystic House
88. Nested Tasty
89. Mastro’s Steakhouse
90. Tut To The Max
91. Soleil-Arden
92. Kubble Korean
93. The East Gate Tavern
94. Wax on, Wax off Buffet

44 Food- Based Chinese Restaurant Names

Food-based Chinese restaurant names are names that directly reference specific dishes, ingredients, or culinary concepts from Chinese cuisine.

44 Food- Based Chinese Restaurant Names

1. Oyster & Plum
2. The Egg Roll Bowl
3. The Dumpling Boys
4. Golden Rice House
5. The Great Bao
6. No Mo Tofu
7. Dynamite Dim Sum
8. Fantastic Fried Rice
9. Chuckling Chow Mein
10. Ginkgo
11. Noodle Empire
12. The Sichuan Basin
13. The Thousand-Layered Cake
14. Ginger Noodle
15. Dumpling Hut
16. Dragon Noodles
17. I Love Tofu
18. Dim Sum Duck
19. Dumped by Dumplings
20. Crab Hut
21. Rockin’ Ramen
22. The Noodle Garden
23. Noodle & Peach
24. Dim Sum Palace
25. Bun House
26. Century of the Egg
27. Snakes & Snails
28. Sweet and Sour Spork
29. Jolly Noodle
30. Lucky Fish
31. The Lion’s Head
32. Golden Peach
33. The Pickled Hare
34. Dumpling Cafe
35. The Peanut & The Prawn
36. Teriyaki House
37. The Vegetarian Goose
38. Noodle Bowl World
39. Rice Republic
40. Egg Roll House
41. Red Star Noodle
42. Duck House
43. The Stinky Tofu Lounge
44. Noodle Village

120 Creative Chinese Restaurant Names

Creative Chinese restaurant names are unique and imaginative names that stand out from the crowd and capture the essence of the dining establishment. 

44 Food- Based Chinese Restaurant Names

1. The Lively Mandarin
2. Chozhan Express
3. Dragon Castle
4. Little Flame Wok
5. Dragon of the East
6. Red Garden
7. Chopstick On Fifth
8. The Hungry Empress
9. Bamboo Forest
10. The Flame of China
11. Red Crane Restaurant
12. The Great Wall Cafe
13. Dragon Table
14. Chop & Roll
15. Chinese Medicine
16. Black Belt Restaurant
17. The Corner of Chow and Maine
18. The Sweet Chinaman
19. Yin and Yummy
20. Taste of Hong Kong
21. Savory South China
22. The Road to Tibet
23. Passport to Shandong
24. Year of Delicious
25. The Family Dragon
26. The Vegan Buddhist
27. The Cabinet of Confucius
28. Kung Fu Cuisine
29. The Zen Garden
30. Bamboo Dynasty
31. Shanghai Duck
32. City Wok
33. Pei Wei Asian Diner
34. Mr. Chow
35. The Great Rabbit
36. Chop Chop Restaurant
37. The Scratch Kitchen
38. Sesame World
39. Szechuan Plum
40. Serenity Inn
41. One Lucky Duck
42. Nested Little Temple
43. Dragon Boat BBQ
44. Little Sesame
45. Beijing Kitchen
46. Chopstick House
47. Tea Garden
48. Peking Inn
49. The Skinny Mongolian
50. The Good Moon
51. Hot N Fang
52. Eternal Sun Temple
53. Emperor’s Choice
54. Moon Palace Restaurant
55. Dragon Chef
56. Red Lantern Restaurant & Lounge
57. Silver Star Oriental
58. Fancy Noodle Co.
59. Happy Panda Kitchen
60. Sunny Dragon Express
61. The Panda and Chef
62. Mandarin of the East
63. Lotus Garden Dragon
64. Sun Dragon Express
65. The Grand Noodle
66. Fortune’s Garden
67. House Of Feng
68. Shaolin Palace
69. Gold Fortune Garden
70. The Famous Panda
71. The Golden Chop
72. Bamboo & Co
73. Silver Panda Bistro
74. Golden Joy Palace
75. Hot Star Hong Kong
76. The Spring Dragon
77. Chow Mein
78. New Shanghai
79. Golden Chai House
80. Lucky Wok Palace
81. The New Chinese
82. Golden Hao
83. Mandarin Noodle King
84. Little Gold Panda
85. My China Corner
86. Funk Dragon
87. Mandarin Kitchen
88. Pig Heaven
89. Terra Cotta Warrior
90. Imperial Treasure
91. Golden Bull
92. Five Star Chinese Food
93. Golden Turtle House
94. Canton Element
95. Kowloon Bistro
96. Golden Crown Palace
97. Dragonfly China
98. Bamboo Supreme
99. Taste of the Lotus
100. Wu-Tang Restaurant
101. Big Lantern
102. Luminous Wok
103. Imperial Chopsticks
104. Little Golden Palace
105. Chop Sesame
106. Bamboo Gate Buffet
107. Grain House
108. Chow House
109. Chopsticks & Bowls
110. Wok Of New World
111. The passion of the Panda
112. Spicy World
113. Feng Shang Princess
114. Kung Fu Chop
115. Bowl Palace
116. Sea Dragon
117. Pine and Crane
118. Panda Hut
119. Good Fortune Garden
120. The Wok Master

50 Catchy Chinese Restaurant Names

These catchy restaurant names often combine cultural references, clever wordplay, or innovative concepts to create a memorable brand identity.

50 Catchy Chinese Restaurant Names

1. Rice-Chomp
2. Hot Cappuccino
3. Kung Fu Garden
4. Sakura Sushi
5. Girl & the Goat
6. Luminous Soul Cafe
7. Mong’s Magic Broth
8. The Big Rabbit Hut
9. Hibachi Red
10. Freshly Hoisted
11. Temple of Wok
12. Sunrise Egg
13. Tasty On 5th
14. Amazing’ Asian Food
15. Villa Madina
16. Fresh Bamboo
17. Hot Duck King
18. Le Grand Chinese
19. Peking Garden Cafe
20. New York Pastie
21. Inns China Shop
22. Barefoot Sizzle BBQ
23. Chingon Pho Siam
24. Little Blossom
25. Bouley at Home
26. Yunnan Flavor
27. Chua’s Famous Hotpot
28. Moonlit Retreat
29. PM Fish & Steak House
30. Egg Spot
31. The Yuzhen
32. Pho Noodle
33. The Sweet Spicy
34. Fiery Noodle
35. Magic HILL
36. Wish Moon
37. Papa Sam’s
38. Chuyang Hot Duck
39. My Mystic Hill
40. Black brick
41. Hot Duck Hotdog
42. OZ’S Kitchen
43. Ho Ga Hue
44. Watami House
45. North Street Kitchen
46. Spicy N’ Sweet
47. Hot Duck Chowan
48. Eternal Restaurant
49. Crown Crown China
50. Good Taste of Japan

Key Takeaways For Naming Chinese Restaurant

When naming your Chinese restaurant, it’s essential to consider a few key factors to attract customers and create a memorable dining experience.

First, you should focus on the type of cuisine you serve.If you specialize in Szechuan or Cantonese dishes, incorporate that into your restaurant name, like The Sichuan Basin. It will help your patrons know what to expect and create a sense of authenticity.

Next, try to use popular keywords associated with Chinese restaurants like “dragon,” “fortune,” or “garden.” These words can evoke a sense of tradition and familiarity for your customers, as seen in names like Good Fortune Garden or The Grand Noodle Fortune.

You can also get creative by incorporating more unique and whimsical names, as shown in The Rabbit Pot or The Nested Temple. This approach can help differentiate your restaurant from the competition and make it stand out in customers’ minds.

Lastly, don’t forget the importance of simplicity and clarity. Choose a name that is easy to pronounce and remember, so your customers can easily share their positive experiences with friends and family.

Remember these key takeaways, and you’ll be well on your way to choosing the perfect name for your Chinese restaurant. Happy naming!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cute name for a restaurant?

A cute name for a restaurant is a playful and endearing name that evokes a sense of charm, friendliness, and whimsy. It often reflects the restaurant’s ambiance, menu offerings, or the desired customer experience. Cute restaurant names can use clever wordplay, incorporate adorable or delightful imagery, or simply be catchy and memorable.

Is orange chicken Chinese food?

Orange chicken is a type of Chinese food. It is a popular dish in American-Chinese cuisine, which is a distinct style of Chinese cuisine that has been adapted to suit American tastes. Orange chicken typically consists of battered and fried pieces of chicken that are coated in a tangy, sweet, and sometimes spicy orange-flavored sauce.

What was the first restaurant in China?

The first restaurant in China is believed to be the Taotaoju, which was established in 1151 during the Song Dynasty. Taotaoju was located in Kaifeng, the capital city at the time, and served a variety of dishes to the public. It was a popular dining establishment that catered to both locals and travelers.

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