25 Tasty Thai Street Food Recipes

A land of incredible scenery and nature, Thailand has long attracted tourists who want to experience the land and get to know its people and their culture. Now experience the tasty Thai street food recipes to try.

Food is, of course, a big part of a country’s culture, and Thai cuisine is characterized by its use of different, contrasting flavors. Coconut, mango, lime, red and green chilies, and turmeric are some of the interesting ingredients that are used in combination, and make Thai cuisine some of the most popular in the world.

Best Thai Street Food Recipes: Quick Table 

RecipeCalories (Per Serving)Total Preparation Time 
Guay Teow295840 Min
Pad Thai45520 Min
Pad See Ew2608 Min
Poh Pia TodN/A30 Min
Kai JeowN/A3 Min
Som Tam20120 Min
Gai TodN/A6 Hours 30 Min
Pad Kra Pao38310 Min
Kluay TodN/A15 Min
Khao Niao Mamuang41610 Min
Thai Coconut Ice CreamN/A10 Min
Thai Banana RotiN/A25 Min
Tod Mun Pla7510 Min
Moo Ping55540 Min
Sai Krok IsanN/A1 Hour 30 Min
Sai OuaN/A1 Hour 30 Min
Chicken khao soiN/A5 Min
Massaman CurryN/A15 Min
Chicken Satay24310 Min
Jok36310 Min
Pla PaoN/A20 Min
Khao Pad72615 Min 
Gaeng Kiew Wan Gai5885 Min
Khao Man GaiN/A30 Min
Khao Ka MooN/A10 Min

1. Guay Teow – Noodle Soup


Guay Teow is a favorite Thai soup. It has rice noodles and pork as its base. Mixed in are spinach and other vegetables as desired. Coconut milk, broth and garlic complete this flavorful Thai dish.

Calories Per Serving: 2958

Total Preparation Time: 40 Minutes

2. Pad Thai – Fried Noodles 


Pad Thai features vermicelli noodles, vegetables and shrimp. A quick stir fry that is seasoned with tamarind paste, fish sauce, peanuts, onion, garlic, sprouts, and pickled radish – so many amazing flavors burst into your mouth with every bite!

This is a great recipe that you can try at home!

Calories Per Serving: 455

Total Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

3. Pad See Ew – Flat Noodle Stir Fry


Pad See Ew is perhaps not heard of as often as Pad Thai. Both are Thai noodle dishes, and are readily available Thai street food, with the major difference between them being Pad Thai is sweeter and Pad See Ew is saltier with some sour notes.

Pad See Ew also features wide, flat noodles while Pad Thai uses a very thin vermicelli noodle.

It takes only 8 minutes to prep this delicious dish, so what are you waiting for?

Calories Per Serving: 260

Total Preparation Time: 8 Minutes

4. Poh Pia Tod


Made from just a few ingredients, this recipe for Thai spring rolls is simple and just asking to be made in your own kitchen!

Ground pork, carrots, onions, egg, and oyster as well as seasoning sauce are the things you need to roll up some delectable snacks!

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

5. Kai Jeow – Thai Omelet


If you think an omelet is an omelet is an omelet, think again. Super simple to make, this Thai omelet features fish sauce in the egg mixture, and is served on a hot bowl of steamed rice, topped with sriracha sauce! 

You’ll want to get cracking some eggs!

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 3 Minutes

6. Som Tam – Green Papaya Salad


Yes, you read it correctly, green papaya, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. This green (which means the papaya isn’t quite ripe yet) papaya salad is filled with amazing flavors, and is topped with a fabulous, tangy dressing with a little heat.

Don’t miss out on trying this at home!

Calories Per Serving: 201

Total Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

7. Gai Tod – Thai Fried Chicken


Marinated for 6 hours, this fried chicken is chock full of Thai flavor. Cilantro, coriander, white peppercorns, and oyster sauce will delight your taste buds.

After marinating, the chicken is dredged in a rice flour batter, then fried to perfect crispness.

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 6 Hours 30 Minutes

8. Pad Kra Pao – Basil Chicken


Light and deliciously flavored chicken with both sweet and spicy notes, this Thai basil chicken could become your go-to chicken family favorite.

Calories Per Serving: 383

Total Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

9. Kluay Tod – Deep-Fried Banana


Deep-fried bananas are a marvelous, tasty treat. Sliced bananas are coated in a mixture with rice flour and tapioca flour, and coconut – don’t you love them already?!

The banana slices are then deep-fried to a golden brown. Great on their own, you can also have them with ice cream for a truly decadent dessert.

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

10. Khao Niao Mamuang – Mango Sticky Rice


A delicious coconut-flavored sticky rice with sliced mango is a staple dessert in Thai cuisine.

Thai sticky rice and the right kind of mango are elements to pay attention to. Be sure to allow for time for the rice to soak – at least one hour.

Calories Per Serving: 416

Total Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

11. Thai Coconut Ice Cream


Refreshing and mouthwatering, Thai coconut ice cream is, in a word, divine.

Dust off your ice cream machine and give this a whirl. It’s super simple, and oh so worth the time to make it at home. Enjoy.

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

12. Thai Banana Roti


Roti is a Thai pancake. While this is not a recipe that you can whip up quickly, the time you put in will be worth it.

Roti are filled pancakes, so choose whatever you like – chocolate, fruit fillings, etc. This recipe features bananas! 

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 25 Minutes

13. Tod Mun Pla – Fish Cakes


Fish cakes are a popular food in many cultures around the world, each with their own unique flavors. These Thai fish cakes are no different. Red curry paste, and kafir lime leaves add a particular Thai quality.

Fried until crisp and golden, these fish cakes will become a household favorite.

Calories Per Serving: 75

Total Preparation Time: 75 Minutes

14. Moo Ping – Grilled Pork Skewers


Any food served on a stick is fun, right? Not only are moo ping fun to eat, but they are extremely tasty as well. These grilled pork skewers are tender, juicy pieces of marinated pork shoulder, and bring the taste of coconut from a coconut cream glaze – succulent.

Calories Per Serving: 555

Total Preparation Time: 40 Minutes

15. Sai Krok Isan – Isan Sour Sausages


Sai Krok are fermented pork sausages that also contain rice and a good portion of garlic. They come from the Isan area in Thailand, and have been a part of the diet of that culture for a long time. 

This recipe provides a step-by-step guide to making your own Sai Krok Isan.

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

16. Sai Oua – Northern Thai Sausage


If you like sausage that is robust in flavor, look no further than sai oua, a sausage that comes from the northern area of Thailand.  Turmeric, lemongrass, shallots, dried chilies, kaffir lime leaves, coriander, fish sauce and curry provide lots to get your taste buds dancing!

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

17. Chicken Khao Soi


A delicious broth with coconut milk and red curry paste, this wonderful dish packs a punch. Choose whether you want to add chicken, as in this version, or shrimp, or even tofu.

Garnish your khao soi with whatever you like best, maybe some fresh cilantro, wedges of lime, or roasted peanuts!

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

18. Massaman Curry


With chicken, potatoes, and rice, this is a filling and satisfying dish. There is a complexity to the flavors which produces both spicy and sweet. Ingredients which characterize much of Thai cooking are present: lime, peanuts, coconut milk, and red curry paste.

This curry delivers big on taste, yet takes little time to prepare.

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

19. Thai Chicken Satay


If you want spicy, this Thai chicken satay recipe is for you. A delicious peanut sauce coats this chicken satay that is marinated for maximum flavor.

Calories Per Serving: 243

Total Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

20. Jok – Thai Rice Porridge


Popular in Thailand as a breakfast food, Jok is great anytime. This Thai porridge is made from fragrant Jasmine rice, ground pork, with garlic and ginger. Soy sauce and fish sauce give additional flavor.

With all of this goodness to start your day, you can’t go wrong!

Calories Per Serving: 363

Total Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

21. Thai Salt Crust Grilled Fish


A whole fish with scales on is preferred for this impressive-looking fish. The salt serves to lock in the moisture. The grilling lends a smoky flavor.

This recipe also includes a tantalizing sauce that has incredible flavors – spicy, sweet, tangy, sour. 

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 21 Minutes

22. Khao Pad – Thai Fried Rice


Khao Pad, fried rice, is found everywhere in Thai street food. There are many different versions depending on whether it is made with chicken, pork, or shrimp.

Jasmine rice is the rice typically used. A sauce poured over the mixture lends lime juice, red chilies,  and fish sauce.

Calories Per Serving: 726

Total Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

23. Gaeng Kiew Wan Gai – Green Curry


A spicy green curry is a well-known Thai version of this ever-popular food. The distinctive green color comes from a few ingredients, namely green chilies in the paste, and also kaffir limes, and Thai basil. 

Thai curry typically consists of a protein, often chicken, or pork, or fish, and is enriched with any number of vegetables. In this recipe you will find bamboo shoots, baby corn, and eggplant.

Calories Per Serving: 588

Total Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

24. Khao Man Gai – Chicken And Rice


A list of popular street foods in Thailand would not be complete without the ever-popular Khao Man Gai, chicken and rice.

The basic elements of this favorite dish are rice, chicken and a sauce. These are accompanied by a side of chicken soup.

Check out this recipe to learn how to make Khao Man Gai in your own home and have it whenever you wish.

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

25. Khao Ka Moo – Braised Pork With Rice


Succulent is the only way to describe this enticing pork entree cooked low and slow for three hours. It will fill your house with the scent of sweet and sour and have you wishing three hours would pass more quickly.

Ingredients like cinnamon, coconut water, a mix of five spices, ginger, cilantro, and Pandan leaves combine to create a treat for the senses.

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Thai Food Recipes?

We provide some of the best and most delicious Thai street food recipes, from classic dishes like Pad Thai, to unique takes on traditional favorites like Green Curry.

Each recipe is written in an easy-to-follow manner with detailed instructions, illustrated photos and helpful tips. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced home cook, our Thai street food recipes will help you create amazing dishes for friends and family.

Can I Make These Recipes Without A Wok?

Absolutely! Traditional Thai street food can be cooked without a wok. All you need are some creative alternatives and you can easily recreate all the delicious flavors of Thailand.

For example, use large sauté pans instead of a wok to stir-fry noodles or use a baking sheet instead of a grill for pork satay. And don’t forget to check out our handy step-by-step instructions with helpful photos.

Can I Find Gluten Free Recipes On Your Site?

Absolutely! Our Thai street food recipes are created with customer health in mind.

All of our recipes include gluten free and vegan options, so you can still enjoy the rich flavors that Thai street food has to offer while still following dietary restrictions or preferences.

25 Tasty Thai Street Food Recipes

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