25 Best Asian Street Food Recipes With Delectable Taste

Asian street food recipes is a culinary adventure like no other. 

From the bustling markets of Thailand to the night markets of Taiwan, these lively street food scenes offer a tantalizing array of flavors, aromas, and textures that are sure to delight the senses. 

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just looking to expand your culinary horizons, Asian street food is a must-try. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular and delicious street food dishes from across, so grab a bag, a set of chopsticks, and let’s dive into the vibrant world of Asian street food!

Best Asian Street Food Recipes: Quick Table 

RecipeCalories (Per Serving)Total Preparation Time 
Appam904 Hours 
TakoyakiN/A10 Min
Bao 2891 Hour 
Simit Bread N/AN/A
Samosas8230 Min
Pad Thai 45520 Min
Bakso N/AN/A
Lahmacun 2831 Hour 15 Min
Chana Masala 14615 Min
Vada PavN/A10 Min
Banh Xeo57610 Min
Butaman21515 Min 
Jian Bing N/A5 Min
Döner Kebab 42020 Min
Chicken Shawarma 41155 Min
Peking DuckN/A3 Hours 
TandooriN/A10 Min
Miso Ramen 49210 Min
Beef Rendang 57915 Min 
Oyakodon N/A5 Min
Karaage 40115 Min
Falafel 70 5 Min
KöfteN/A10 Min
Spring Rolls 14310 Min
Paratha 34460 Min

1. Appam


If you’ve never tried appam before, you’re in for a treat! 

These soft, pillowy pancakes are made with a fermented rice and coconut milk batter, and are a staple in Indian cuisine.

Calories Per Serving: 90

Total Preparation Time: 4 Hours

2. Takoyaki


Takoyaki is a savory snack from Japan made by cooking small balls of dough filled with diced octopus, tempura bits, and green onion on a griddle. 

The dough balls are then topped with a variety of savory sauces and garnishes, such as kewpie mayonnaise and fish flakes, creating a unique and delicious flavor experience. 

Takoyaki is traditionally eaten as a street food, but can also be enjoyed at home with the use of a takoyaki pan or griddle.

If you’re ready to take on a fun takoyaki DIY, make sure to check out the following recipe. 

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 10 Minutes 

3. Bao


Bao is a type of Chinese dumpling that consists of a soft, white bun filled with a variety of savory or sweet fillings, such as braised meat and vegetables or sweet red bean paste. 

They are often served as a snack or as part of a larger meal, and are a delicious and convenient way to enjoy a variety of tasty flavors. 

Calories Per Serving: 289

Total Preparation Time: 1 Hour

4. Simit Bread


Simit is a bread that is encased in a layer of sesame seeds, giving it a crunchy, nutty exterior. 

It is a popular street food in Turkey and is often enjoyed as a snack or breakfast food.

Try pairing it with cheese, tomatoes, boiled eggs or, if you prefer, some butter!

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: N/A

5. Samosas


Samosas are a beloved snack food in South Asia, and they’re quickly gaining popularity around the world. 

With their crispy, flaky crust and savory filling of spiced potatoes and peas, it’s no wonder they’ve been a favorite for centuries.

Calories Per Serving: 82

Total Preparation Time: 30 Minutes 

6. Pad Thai


Pad Thai is a popular Thai dish that mixes rice noodles, chicken, shrimp, or tofu, and a variety of vegetables into one delicious and impressive stir-fry.

This sweet, savory and sour street food makes for the perfect quick weeknight dinner and is sure to become a new family favorite.

Make sure to serve it with peanut sauce for the full effect! 

Calories Per Serving: 455

Total Preparation Time: 20 Minutes 

7. Bakso


Whether you enjoy them in a bowl of noodle soup or on their own as a snack, bakso is a delicious and satisfying treat that is sure to become a new favorite.

These savory, juicy meatballs are often served in a rich, flavorful broth and are a favorite street food throughout Indonesia.

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: N/A

8. Lahmacun


If you’re a fan of spicy and savory flavors, lahmacun is a must-try. 

Its bold and flavorful toppings, combined with seasoned minced meat wrapped up into crispy and chewy bread, make this Turkish dish a truly satisfying and delicious meal.

Calories Per Serving: 283

Total Preparation Time: 1 Hour 15 Minutes 

9. Chana Masala


Chana masala is a flavorful and easy Indian recipe that is perfect for vegetarians. It’s a one-pot dish made with hearty chickpeas in a delicious curry sauce. 

This delectable dish can be prepared in a short amount of time, as it does not require any meat to be marinated- less than one hour!

Calories Per Serving: 146

Total Preparation Time: 15 Minutes 

10. Vada Pav


Vada pav, also known as the “Indian burger,” is a popular street food in Mumbai and throughout India. 

It consists of a spicy potato fritter (vada) that is served inside a soft, pillowy bun (pav) and topped with a variety of flavorful chutneys and spices.

If you’re wanting a change from your standard American cheeseburger, we’d definitely be giving this recipe a try!

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 10 Minutes 

11. Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Crepe)

Banh xeo is a deliciously crispy crepe typically filled with shrimp, pork and vegetables.

Whether you’re a fan of seafood or just looking for a new and delicious snack, this crepe is a must-try.

Calories Per Serving: 576

Total Preparation Time: 10 Minutes 

12. Butaman


Soft, fluffy steamed buns filled with juicy, flavorful pork. What’s not to like?

These buns are often served at festivals and markets in Japan and are a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

If you’re a fan of savory, hearty snacks, butaman is a must-try.

Calories Per Serving: 215

Total Preparation Time: 15 Minutes 

13. Jian Bing (Chinese Crepes)


Jian bing is a Chinese crepe often eaten as a snack on the go. 

They are filled with a variety of ingredients such as eggs, meat, and vegetables, and are often served with a savory sauce or condiment. 

Jian bings are quick, easy and delicious!

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 

14. Doner Kebab


Döner kebab, a well-known Turkish dish, consists of juicy, flavorful kebab meat, cooked on a vertical rotisserie and combined with your favorite toppings. 

This recipe tastes as good as the real thing, but uses a slightly different method. 

Calories Per Serving: 420 

Total Preparation Time: 20 Minutes 

15. Chicken Shawarma


Chicken shawarma is a Middle Eastern dish that provides a combination of juicy, flavorful chicken and fresh vegetables, all packed into a pita bread and topped off with a delectable sauce. 

This shawarma recipe is easy, delicious and makes for a satisfying and delicious home-cooked meal.

Calories Per Serving: 411

Total Preparation Time: 55 Minutes 

16. Peking Duck


Peking duck is a traditional Chinese dish that’s known for its crispy, golden brown skin and juicy, succulent meat. 

The duck is slow-roasted to perfection and traditionally served with thin pancakes, scallions, and hoisin sauce for a truly mouth-watering experience that you won’t be able to get enough of. 

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 3 Hours

17. Tandoori


Tandoori dishes are a staple of Indian cuisine and are known for their bold and aromatic flavors. 

Tandoori are traditionally cooked in a tandoor- a clay oven that imparts a unique smoky flavor to the food.

This recipe calls for chicken and requires you to use a grill, but if you prefer a different kind of meat, that would also work perfectly fine!

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 10 Minutes 

18. Miso Ramen


This easy homemade ramen recipe is super comforting and full of flavor.

The broth is rich with umami and is balanced by the sweetness of the corn, the earthy flavor of the shiitake mushrooms and the fiery kick from the spicy miso. 

Ready in under 40 minutes, this ramen recipe is the perfect weeknight meal. 

Calories Per Serving: 492

Total Preparation Time: 10 Minutes 

19. Beef Rendang


Spicy rendang is a rich and flavorful Indonesian street food curry that is made with a blend of aromatic spices and slow-cooked until the meat is tender and falling apart.

This recipe requires a little more cooking time than some of the other dishes, so make sure you plan ahead!

Calories Per Serving: 579

Total Preparation Time: 15 Minutes 

20. Oyakodon


Oyakodon is a quick and easy dish that is perfect for busy weekdays. 

It is made with tender pieces of chicken that are simmered in a sweet and savory broth and served over a bed of warm rice. 

The dish comes together in just a few minutes in a single pan and is topped off with a soft egg scramble. 

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 

21. Karaage


Karaage is a Japanese dish that consists of small pieces of chicken that have been marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, garlic, and ginger, then coated in a light batter and deep-fried until crispy. 

This recipe is ready in just 30 minutes and is a breeze to make at home.

Calories Per Serving: 401

Total Preparation Time: 15 Minutes 

22. Falafel


Falafel is a delicious and popular Middle Eastern street food made of spiced chickpeas or fava beans that have been ground into a paste and formed into balls or patties. 

The patties are then deep-fried to create a crispy, golden exterior and a soft, flavorful interior. 

Whether served on their own as a snack or stuffed into a pita with vegetables and sauces, this falafel recipe is a tasty and satisfying treat that is sure to please. 

Calories Per Serving: 70

Total Preparation Time: 5 Minutes 

23. Köfte


Köfte: a dish that is as tasty as it is easy to make. 

Turkish meatballs are combined with potatoes, peppers, and a simple tomato sauce and thrown into a roasting pan. 

This recipe is great as a main course, or you can serve the köfte and vegetables as a side dish. 

Either way, it’s sure to be a hit! 

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Total Preparation Time: 10 Minutes 

24. Spring Rolls


Spring rolls are a popular appetizer in many Asian cuisines, and for good reason! 

They are made by wrapping a variety of fillings, such as vegetables, meat, or seafood, in a thin, delicate wrapper. 

Serve this dish as an appetizer at your next dinner party and watch your guests revel over every crunchy bite!

Calories Per Serving: 143

Total Preparation Time: 10 Minutes 

25. Paratha


The paratha is a delicious and versatile flatbread that is perfect for any meal. 

It is known for its crispy, chewy, and buttery texture, which is created by the numerous flaky layers that make up the bread.

Not only does it taste delicious, but it also only requires 4 simple ingredients!

Calories Per Serving: 344

Total Preparation Time: 60 Minutes 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Asian Street Food Popular?

There is a high demand for convenient and tasty food that can be eaten quickly due to the busy lifestyles of many people. 

This is often the case for those who have migrated from rural areas or other countries and may not have the time or resources to cook at home. 

As a result, there is a need for affordable, ready-to-eat meals that can be easily purchased and consumed on the go. 

This trend has led to an increase in the popularity of street food and other quick, tasty options that can be enjoyed by people with busy schedules.

What Is Meant By The Term Asian Street Food?

Street food is a type of food that is typically sold by vendors who operate small carts or stalls, often located on the street or in other public areas. 

These vendors often specialize in a particular dish or a small selection of items, and they typically prepare the same dishes night after night, allowing them to become experts in their craft. 

Street food is known for being affordable, convenient and laid-back (opposed to a formal restaurant setting). 

What Makes Street Food Different? 

Street food is often a reflection of local cultural traditions and can come in a wide range of options. 

The ingredients and methods of preparation for these foods and drinks are also highly diverse.  

Street food vendors often set up their stands in outdoor or easily accessible areas, such as under a roof or near the street. These stalls provide convenient access to a variety of snacks, drinks, and meals.

25 Best Asian Street Food Recipes With Delectable Taste

Recipe by Denise Zanman Course: Street Food Recipes

Asian street food encompasses a diverse range of delicious and flavorful dishes from across the continent. These are a staple of the street food culture in many Asian countries.


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